Tuesday, May 8, 2018

What Congressional Committe Oversees the Border and Immigration: by Andrew McCreight

The Judiciary Committee oversees the Border and Immigration.

The Judiciary Sub-Committee for Border and Immigration are as follows:


Chairman: Bob Goodlatte


Raul Labrador        (Idaho)
Jim Sensenbrenner (Wisconsin)
Lamar Smith          (Texas)
Steve King             (Iowa)
Jim Jordan              (Ohio)
Mike Johnson        (Louisiana)
Andy Biggs            (Arizona)


Zoe Lofgren             (California)
Luis Gutierrez          (Illinois)
Pramila Jayapal        (Washington)
Sheila Jackson Lee   (Texas)
David Cicilline         (Rhode Island)

Monday, May 7, 2018

May 2018 Local Election Results-Galveston Texas: by Andrew McCreight

Galveston Mayor James Yarbrough was reelected with 2920 votes.

Unopposed Council Positions:

District 1 council person Amy Bly was reelected with 170 votes.

District 2 council person Craig Brown was reelected with 294 votes.

Opposed and Vacant Council Positions:

District 3 was won by challenger David Collins with 421 votes versus incumbent Frank Maceo who could only muster 416 votes.

District 4 was won by Jason Hardcastle with 214 votes.

District 5 will require a runoff that will be held on June 16, 2018. The two top vote getters were Carol Holloway (225 votes) and John Paul Listowski (354 votes). Neither candidate garnished 50% of the vote thereby triggering a runoff election.

District 6 saw an unexpected upset. Challenger Jackie Cole received 610 votes versus incumbent Carolyn Sunseri who only managed to receive 522 votes from her constituency.

Op-Ed: Andrew Mccreight

The interesting race for me was District 6. I did not endorse Jackie Cole but I did vote against Sunseri. I felt she had been unresponsive to inquiries that I had made and also the supporters on her web page came across as arrogant and overbearing. In my eyes " Incumbency has a tendency to begat Arrogance".

Also, I would point out that Council Person Sunseri and State Representative Faircloth used questionable campaign tactics and I deplore a politician that takes the low road! THEY BOTH LOST!

Finally: I acknowledge and thank the City of Galveston web page for their public media information page. I could not have written this article without them.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Questions for Robert Mueller: by Andrew McCreight

Applying the standard that Robert Mueller used to formulate questions for President Trump, I present the following questionnaire to the Special Counselor:

1. How did you feel when you first entered into the Conspiracy to take down the Trump Presidency?

2. When did you feel the need, personally, to teach Trump a lesson? Was it when he declined to appoint you as the FBI Director?

3. After conspiring with Comey and his deceitful and treasonous crew, when did the idea of appointing you as the Special Counsel come into the equation? Did you come up with that idea or was it Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Loretta Lynch, or Obama himself?

4. Where you involved in the presentation of the Russian Dossier to the FISA Judge?

5. Who came up with the idea to not give the FISA Judge a true picture of how the Dossier was conceived? Who came up with the plan not to tell the FISA Court that the Dossier was bought and paid for by the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton?

6. How did you feel when Rod Rosenstein authorize you to make an end run around the Client/Attorney privilege and attack President Trump's Attorney at  HOME,  at his OFFICE, and confiscate Communications between Trump and Cohen!

7. Tell me, How will it make you feel when you finally take down Trump and subvert the Will of the American people!

8. And Finally...How will you feel when you have accomplished your goal of becoming the KING OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Mr. Mueller, this website has a comments section so feel free to answer my questions and ramble on about how great you and your team of misfits are and how you conspired to Void the 2016 presidential election.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Deep State Conspiracy: by Andrew McCreight

I am not going to tolerate the election of Donald Trump. I don't care what the American People think!

Loretta: Sir we cannot legally change the outcome of the Election.

Barrack: I never mentioned what is legal and what is not! Do what you have to do!

Loretta: Yes Sir. I will handle this through the DOJ and the FBI. It may get complicated if we are discovered overthrowing the Will of the American people.

Barrack: Do what you must!

Loretta: Jim, I need you to consult with the DNC and Hillary to create some sort of diversion to undermine Trump's Presidency. Barrack will not tolerate his lurch to the left being undone!

Jim: Ok Loretta...I will get with Peter and his lover Lisa. They have expressed a desire to come up with a plan to stump Trump just in case he wins the Election.

Loretta: What about the email mess that Hillary has created?

Jim: Don't worry...Andy and I have covered this situation up and no one will be able to find out about it unless a smoking gun such as a Weiner Leak occurs!

Loretta: Who would be stupid enough to leave sexually oriented material on their phones or computers!

Jim: Well...Anthony is pretty sick in the head...Just Saying!

Monday, April 30, 2018


Today I called the office of Randy Weber, John Cornyn, and Ted Cruz. I expressed my concern with the Caravan Situation on our Southern Border. I then asked for a communication from them via their office representative about what the Congress and Senate are doing about making a law to fix the Catch and Release, Catch and Deport, Catch and Detain immigration policy that we have now.


Tell them to fix this mess and help President Trump by funding a Border Wall!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Illegal Immigrants Applying for Asylum in US: by Andrew McCreight

I do not understand why the United States allows caravans of foreign nationals to enter our country using an asylum claim based on fear of returning to their home country.

I wonder why we allow individual claims of political or terror based reasons to enter our country illegally.

Why do we not evaluate the Political and Suppressive state of their home country as a whole and then base Asylum into the United States on that information. It will bring an end to caravans of illegal immigrants showing up on our border, lawyers getting involved on an individual bases, and then individuals having to wait for a hearing with an immigration judge to decide their fate. It would also alleviate the catch and release, catch and hold, catch and deport system that is currently Not Working. Not to mention, the cost of all the individual claims of asylum and the appeals system.

It is time to change individual asylum claims to a holistic home country evaluation.

If the home country is treating their people in a manner that causes them to walk hundreds of miles to our borders then we should initiate Sanctions against those countries!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Attorney General Sessions: by Andrew McCreight

Unless I misinterpreted Attorney General Sessions recent comments concerning Robert Mueller's Special Counsel, I think it is time for Jeff to instruct Rod Rosenstein to close the investigation and send Robert Mueller into retirement.

I have been researching the appointment and dismantling of a Special Prosecutor and it is very complicated. I think somebody along the way muddied the water to make it confusing about who has the authority to fire a Special Prosecutor. But...one thing I did understand about who has the power to hire and fire someone for this position is the Attorney General of the United States. Although, Mr. Seessions ceded his power to Rod Rosenstein in order to comply with close connections rule to the person being investigated, I think it is still clear that Attorney General Sessions has the power to instruct Rod Rosenstein to end the current Special Counsel status of Bob Mueller.

Mr. Sessions stated that he is reluctant to appoint another Special Counsel to investigate the current Special Counsel because it has turned into a mess. (my word not his). but that's what I got out of his comment. Having said that...if Jeff Sessions is speaking out loud what we are all thinking...then it is time to get rid of Robert Mueller and close the books on this goofy Russian BS thing.

Or, Mr. Sessions, in the name of fairness you need to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Clinton email scandal and her tie to the DNC and the Russian Dossier fiasco.

Attorney General Sessions:

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Judge Napolitano and Trusting the FBI/DOJ: by Andrew McCreight

Fox News Commentator Judge Napolitano continues to beat up on Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, and those who seek to out the corruption in the FBI/DOJ leadership.

It has been demonstrated by the Stupidity of Comey's Book; the Firing of McCabe;  the Sexting Scandal by FBI agent and FBI legal counsel;  the approval of the lies that were presented to the FISA court by Rod Rosenstein; and the Mueller Witch Hunt, that we cannot trust the Deep State. They have attempted to overthrow the Trump Presidency and install their own form of Government.

Judge Napolitano: Why in the hell do I care if the Deep State does not trust Congress to keep secrets when it is plain for all to see that the Deep State will Lie, Cheat, and Steal! (get it...steel dossier).

Judge Napolitano: I have always found your commentary to be on point and very informative but in this instance I would advise you to place most of the untrustworthy blame on the Government Employees in the FBI/DOJ and not on those who are seeking to shed light on a very dark Deep State!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Paul Ryan: by Andrew McCreight

The announcement by Paul Ryan that he will not seek reelection  to his Congressional Seat has created a situation of weakness in the Republican Party! He must step down now as the Speaker of the House!

With the upcoming 2018 Congressional Election the Republican Party will be seen as ham stringed by Paul Ryan. The Democrats will be able to paint the picture that the Republican Party has been placed in a weakened position because the Speaker of the House has been placed in a Lame Duck position.

Paul Ryan should resign immediately as the Speaker of the House and allow the Republican Party to reorganize and elect a new leader.

The Party should elect Devin Nunes as the new Speaker of the House! We need a strong leader! We need a non-swamp leader!

The next announcement from Congress should be that Senate Majority Leader McConnell is going to resign. We need a new brand of Republican Party! We need leaders who will not lead from behind! We need leaders who are not running scared from the likes of Pelosi and Schumer!


The Robert Mueller-Rod Rosenstein-FBI-DOJ conspiracy to take down an American President (in broad daylight and in front of God and the American People) is an American Travesty!

Mr. Mueller, Mr. Rosenstein, Mr. Sessions:

It is time to end this charade. We the American people demand that you disband the Special Counsel and allow Donald Trump to perform the duties of the President of the United States without the Deep State attacking him like a pack of wild dogs. YOU ARE WILD DINGOS IN MY EYES! YOU ARE DANGEROUS TO OUR DEMOCRACY! I HATE YOU WITH ALL THE PASSION THAT I CAN MUSTER!

The sunrise attack on the office and home of President Trump's personal Lawyer was an attack on me!