Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Great Conspiracy: by Andrew McCreight


The Democrat Party has demonstrated a Win at all Cost strategy to create a Oligarchy.


1. Government of the few.

2. A government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes.

3. An organization under oligarchic control. The country is an oligarchy.



Friday, March 16, 2018

Implications of the Firing of Andrew McCabe: by Andrew McCreight

It is time for the Robert Mueller Investigation to come to an end.

The Firing of Andrew McCabe tells the tale of what has been going on at the FBI and the Special Prosecutors Office concerning the investigation  of Collusion between the Russians and the Trump Organization. The tale is that no collusion exists. The tale is that the whole matter was dreamed up by the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Barrack Obama, The FBI and the DNC. We are tired of the lies (it has been found that McCabe has lied under oath) that have been the driving force to attack President Trump.

It is time to put an end to the attempt to Over Throw The Government of the United States by the Deep State and the Democrat Party.

We who elected Donald Trump are outraged by the slow rolling of the investigation into the corruptness of the FBI and the Special Counsel!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

Free Money From Challenger Candidates ...

Facebook criminal Troll Mike O. Smith has been the subject of past posts here with his Felony conviction. Felons are not uncommon but ones who campaign for local candidates are. Mike O. Smith is in fact a convicted Felon and he is campaigning for Donna Brown and Mark Beausoleil. If Mike O. Smith being a Felon and representing those two candidates isn't enough, he is now offering people money to vote for them. Of course his actions are indicative of the acts of a Felon so no big surprise here. You can safely assume you can collect your money from Mike O. Smith, Mark Beausoleil and/or Donna Brown. Please see below... the new Facebook screen shot and his criminal record.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

House District 23 Faircloth-Supporter of Joe Struas: by Andrew McCreight,_2018/Factional_conflict

According to the above website Texas House District 23 Representative Wayne Faircloth falls into the Pro-House Speaker Straus column. According to the same website Future Texas House District 23 Representative Mayes Middleton falls into the Anti-House Speaker Straus column.

What is the significance of this category assignment? Speaker Straus has been criticized as an anti-conservative political figure in Texas Politics. Therefore  Rep. Wayne Faircloth falls into the same mold as the departing Texas House Speaker.

After reading the Article I surmise that the reason for the Texas House Speaker's departure is because Conservative Law Makers such as Gregg Abbot and Dan Patrick have given him a run for his money in the pursuit of Political Control of the Texas Legislature. That being a surge to the right of the political spectrum in Texas Politics. Having said that (electing a supporter of Joe Straus such as Wayne Faircloth) will not serve the best interest of Texas Conservatives. The election of Wayne Faircloth will not serve the best interest of Texas TParty Patriots. The 2010 wave election that flipped many counties in Texas from Democrat to Republican will begin to wane if we do not elect more Conservative Politicians to the Texas House and Senate.

I give a full endorsement to Conservative Mayes Middleton in Texas House District 23. We must continue to elect Conservative Candidates and not Re-Elect politicians who are Republicans In Name Only as exemplified by the support of Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus by Wayne Faircloth.

I strongly urge the voters in Texas House District 18 to vote for challenger Emily Kebodeaux Cook instead of Pro-Texas House Speaker Straus-Ernest Bailes. Let's set a trend and replace Straus Supporters with a new brand of Texas Politicians. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Turning Point of the Republic: by Andrew McCreight

It has become quite apparent that Attorney Jeff Sessions is a clear and present danger to the continuance of the Republic. He is a danger for allowing the Deep State to continue the onslaught against President Trump. Sessions has sat on his hands and allowed Special Prosecutor Mueller to step outside the boundaries of his assignment. Mr. Sessions has also allowed Rosenstein to continue his attack on the Trump administration from the start by signing a continuance of the FISA document that started this crap in the first place.

As an American who voted for President Trump I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

If Jeff Sessions will not appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate how the Deep State (Mueller and Company) manipulated the FISA COURTS, then he should be fired! I call on members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to Petition the President to fire Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller. Members of Congress put your name on the line and give President Trump the strength to fire these people without retaliation from Congress!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ALLEGED FRAUD: Lawsuit filed against past Liberty County Assistant Attorney, Mark Beausoleil and Liberty County Judge Assistant, Lisa Fregia

Again, Liberty Dispatch would like to instill reminders of Beausoleil's past when Republicans go to vote in the May runoff. Crooked past Democrat Party leaders don't belong in Republican clothing. Here's something from back in 2010.

Reaud, Morgan & Quinn seeks investigation into libel claim

12/9/2010 12:00 PM By David Yates

Mark Beausoleil, local Liberty Attorney
The Beaumont law firm Reaud, Morgan & Quinn has filed a petition to investigate a potential lawsuit, believing two Liberty County residents may have conspired to commit fraud against the firm.

Alleging Mark Beausoleil and Lisa Fregia may have knowledge about libelous statements made about the firm in 2010, managing partner Glen Morgan filed the petition Dec. 7 in Jefferson County District Court.

In the petition, RMQ states it anticipates the pending lawsuit will include allegations of fraud, conspiracy and libel.

"Mr. Beausoleil and Ms. Fregia may have knowledge about libelous statements made about petitioner during calendar year 2010," the petition states. "They may have knowledge regarding fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud against petitioner."

The petition fails to state what alleged libelous statement or action prompted the firm to take action.

Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court, has been assigned to the case.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Judges doing Judge Business...and those who would try to soil them... UPDATED


Local Judge Candidate Mark Beausoliel is challenging sitting Judge Chap Cain. Challenger and Husband of past Democrat chairwoman Liz Beausoliel- Candidate Mark Beausoliel is seeking to damage the sitting Judge by saying he is hearing cases from contributing law firms. Like usual, Mark Beausoliel is trying to pull one over on the voters by making a sitting Judge look like he is doing something wrong, when he is not... It’s very common practice for judges to take contributions from many, many law firms. Judges like Cain treat all cases the same and with correct judicial oversight.

Mark Beausoliel and his wife Democrat chair Liz Beausoliel are a blight on the Liberty County community, over the years they have tried everything they could to “steal” political positions and offices from the voters through more than alleged intimidation, theft, fraud and deceit. The last major drama they were involved in was stealing Judge Cain’s US Mail in an attempt to prove he was doing something wrong - THAT'S THE ONLY CRIME HERE!

What’s crack-house rat crazy now is that Mark Beausoleil is going on a internet radio blog by Jeff Leblanc and peddling his and his wife’s theft as some kind of new revelation of wrong doing by Judge Cain when the only story here is a conspiracy to intercept and steal the US Mail by the Beausoliels.

If Liberty County ever elects any Beausoliel’s they will doom Liberty County to criminal culture of extreme corruption... Voter Beware!

Houston Chronicle Story-

  • Houston Chronicle: "But the faxed letter has raised questions about the privacy of mail in the courthouse. Cain said that he noticed that the window pane on the envelope had been pried up, but at the time he did not think anything about it."
  • Chap Cain: “I feel like whoever did this violated my civil rights. They violated my trust. You expect people to respect your privacy and rights, but I can’t say that I am surprised. A person with any scruples would know not to do that sort of stuff,” said Cain."
  • Houston Chronicle: Once the parties involved in the fax and mail tampering have been identified, they could face the federal charge of Obstruction of Correspondence, which could lead to fines and imprisonment of up to five years, or both." 

The Beausoliels along with Phil Fitzgerald got away with this crime....
Special thanks to Jennifer Regen for the inspiration ...

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dear President Trump: by Andrew McCreight

Dear President Trump,

I am writing to implore that you not get caught up in the Gun Removal Debate. No matter how hard you try to appease the Left it will not be good enough. You will only alienate your base. Stop waffling to and fro about the Gun Issue. It is a Non-Issue when it comes to mass shootings.

The problem is that we are not solving the problem of protecting our children from wackos and hateful violent people. Let us address that problem.

I am calling on President Trump to cut spending in any manner necessary and fund a Gate Keeper Initiative that protects at all cost students and staff who are attending our Public Schools.

I am calling on President Trump to provide permanent funding to place Officers in our schools to protect our most precious National Resource...Our Kids!

I am calling on President Trump to provide a Gate Keeper who is armed with whatever level of fire arm as is necessary to stop violent murderous intruders. The only thing that I ever heard Barrack Obama say that I agreed with is "If someone brings a knife to a fight, then we should bring a gun". Following this logic I am proposing that the Gate Keepers of our children should be armed with Automatic Weapons and are to be instructed to stop perpetrators at all cost. If in doubt, take the son a bitch out!

Please hear my cry for the protection of our children President Trump!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Vote for Mayes Middleton: by Andrew McCreight

I am voting for Mayes Middleton as my District 23 State Representative.

One of the major reasons that I am voting for Mr. Middleton is that he is endorsed by Governor Greg Abbott. In an article in the Texas Tribune, Governor Abbot says that he is endorsing Mayes Middleton because "In the next legislative session, we have an opportunity to make Texas even better". He also says "To do this, we need leaders who will work with me to advance a conservative agenda". He continues "That is why I am endorsing Mayes Middleton for state representative".

Another reason that I am voting for Mayes Middleton is that I believe Wayne Faircloth is a RINO verging on being a Liberal Democrat. The reason that I say this is because of his recent personal attacks on Mr. Middleton. I heard the word "Extremists" being used in one of his adds when referring to Mayes. This is a word that is routinely used by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and all the other left wing Wackos when referring to Conservatives. I associate the word "Extremist" to anti-capitalist, anti-conservative, and anti-TParty when used by the Wacko-Leftist, therefore; I MUST ASSUME THAT WAYNE FAIRCLOTH IS A LEFT WING ACTIVIST!

One other reason that I am voting Against Wayne Faircloth is that we worked the Phones for Wayne Faircloth in the previous election at his 61st Street Galveston Office. During the course of conversation with the people who were running the office I a remember making a comment that we must stand on principle when it comes to Politics. I remember being told that Wayne Faircloth believed that crossing the isle and working with others is the key to making things happen. This placed a doubt in my mind about Mr. Faircloth but I held my nose and voted for him because he was an R. I have a choice this election cycle and I will not vote for him again.

Mr. Faircloth has gone very ugly in his attack adds against Mayes Middleton. It tells me that Mr. Faircloth must be Polling very badly and it also tells me that like all Liberal Democrat office holders, he will do anything to hold on to his office.