Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Left to Right - Jay Knight, Craig McNair and "FEMA Phil" Fitzgerald

Here we go again Liberty County voters. It is not likely, but it is possible that we re-elect someone who in his past record of public service so publicly violated ethical behavior.

Since news story after news story from the Cleveland Advocate to the Houston Chronicle to all of the Houston television channels covered then Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald’s million dollar plus arrangement with his brother-in-law to fill their pockets and profit off of the county’s response to a hurricane and FEMA money, this will be Fitzgerald’s third time to try to win elective office.

As amazing as it is that Fitzgerald thinks of himself as a viable candidate, if voters are new to the county or too busy to keep up with the news, he will be right there on the ballot for anyone to cast their vote for. The Republican Party has to allow him to run. In his first attempt to run after embarrassing scandalous news reports were broadcast all across southeast Texas attaching Liberty County to FEMA fraud when people were struggling just to get a roof over their heads and food for the day, Fitzgerald continued to run with President Obama as a Democrat as he asked voters to leave him in the cat bird’s seat as County Judge. Multiple scandals, including but not limited to stories about a mail theft and effort to fraudulently discredit a district judge and cash payoffs in the courthouse for unethical legal referrals left questions about Mark Beausoliel and Phil Fitzerald- questions that heretofore have left them unelectable, but not for a lack of trying.

The 2018 Republican primary ballot will include three men who have served one term as County Judge. Jay Knight, the incumbent, Craig McNair, the County Judge that was edged out when Judge Knight was elected, and Phil Fitzgerald. The unapologetic defiant County Judge before both of these men that spent some of his ill gotten gain wearing out the federal courts and successfully staying out of jail.

The Republican Party was never Fitzgerald’s home before because like a captain on a sinking ship he was so proud and considered it an honor to continue to run as a Democrat way beyond the time candidates that were really more like Republicans or those who did not care about party affiliation had switched. But after being stomped in a primary by an unknown carpetbagger, Fitzgerald ran in the party he had ridiculed time and again... as he ran and lost badly in a congressional race.

FEMA contracts for clean up can be quite lucrative and securing a bid is cause for celebration I suppose. Forced to allow Fitzgerald to spend more of his cash, Republicans have no choice but to print Fitzgerald’s name on the ballot. All three of the candidates can be very charming and have all had the public’s trust at one point. But Republicans need to make the rare move of informing the public that Fitzgerald’s charm needs to be kept in the private sector and no where near where Beausoliel’s stack of $100 bills or the county’s mail room or big contracts let by the county.

The voters, not the party, should choose the next county judge. But they deserve to know local Republicans who have worked hard to get competitive candidates to help make this county strong, did not seek him out and do not want him to be seen as representative of their efforts. The message should be, “Stop running for office Phil!” We have two candidates and either of them will make us proud. Be thankful for your freedom and avoid temptation.

By - Staff Contributor

Friday, December 29, 2017

He's back......

Hi Liberty County.  I've been away working on national races and investigations for the past few years. But, I've missed Liberty County and if I could give you a big hug I would...

The upcoming races in Liberty County have peaked my interest and I will be unofficially looking into these races.

For now... one of the races that has attracted my attention is the Chap Cain and Mark Beausoleil District Judge race. It's interesting how the garbage dumpster has popped opened for this race and Mark Beausoleil has crawled out to run for office. If you ever want to know where Mark is, just follow the slime trail from the dumpster to the Liberty County corruption swamp, you will find him there with others. The others of whom I've referred to will be looked into and talked about in the coming days and weeks.

When I first came to Liberty County there was one token Republican (Bobby Rader). To all those who tried to put me down and/or silence me, you only made me stronger.

Love you guys and gals... and The Reaper will expose the Liberty County swamp creatures.  Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Ray Akins
Republican Activist, Investigator and Contributor - www.libertydispatch.com

Thursday, December 1, 2016

When One Falls Another Rises

The elections have passed. Liberty Dispatch is certainly glad Mr. Trump won the election. Liberty County moved along. The local Republican Party, under new leadership, became more active and the ending term of the outgoing Chairman Ken Coleman, filled with sharp criticism, settled down. Hence, the less troubles to report on for us here at Liberty Dispatch. We appreciated the break. 

But, as with most of the political history and corruption in Liberty County, as soon as one beast is slain another rises. 

Once the past Chairman was gone, a new hope fell over us here for the Republican Party. Perhaps differences would be put aside and work could begin to build a strong, united party. As the party kicked into gear it looked very much that way. Most of the fallen that remained, three at most is all that was left, seemed to lick their wounds. They didn't show up for any of the party meetings which lead to, for the first time in recent memory, committees being formed, resolutions being passed, events being planned. Positions that were empty started to be filled. The State convention produced a group of delegates that worked together and did Liberty County well. Those who remained from previous leadership did what was expected and fell down on their obligations to attend convention as delegates, which in the end lead to a more solid group of delegates working for purpose. 

All parties must come to an end. The cracks started to appear as the Elector, Art Sisneros, elected to represent this area with a vote in the Electoral College, decided he would not support the party nominee. That unleashed untold amounts of anger. Sighting his religious views didn't do much for covering his betrayal to his oath to represent us and vote for Donald Trump. The current Chairman did do a good job of not jumping the gun and calling for heads to roll and clearly stated he felt Mr. Sisneros should do his duty and vote for Mr. Trump. There were plenty of us doing that. In the end, Mr. Sisneros resigned from the last Liberty Dispatch has seen. There seems to be confusing information, but we will still get our representation and our Elector for Trump as we should. Liberty Dispatch agrees Mr. Sisneros was way off. He was to represent us, he should have been removed.

But, the biggest problem Mr. Sisneros caused was his actions feed the deflated old rulers just enough food to retake to the public platform of calling for heads to roll and misplaced anger and blame. This has made the perfect environment for the most socially awkward member left from the old guard in the party, Paul Newton, a soapbox. Mr. Newton has taken to the social media wasteland to proclaim that now somehow all of this is a failure of leadership on the part of the new Chairman and Vice Chairman and a group of Libertarians which he proposes is Jeff Leblanc, Mr. Sisneros and Keith Strahan just to name a few. 

Liberty Dispatch, as first, was actually in agreement with Mr. Newton, and this is how this investigation started. But, as we set out on this report and spoke to party members, we noticed there was much more at play in all of this. Being Liberty County as it was, this wasn't shocking. 

Mr. Newton is a precinct chairman in the local party. We have found he rarely has attended most meetings since new leadership took over the party. The party now, since new leadership has taken over, has moved to having monthly meetings, not just quarterly meetings as the past leadership had. it seems Mr. Newton has only made tow of those meetings. This was out first clue something wasn't right. If Mr. Newton hardly invests in the party, how can he claim there is some group influencing leadership? Additionally, surely Mr. Newton is not naive enough to think that local leaders could change anything Mr. Sisneros did on his own. Mr. Sisneros, according to news reports, was getting calls from all over the Nation. If that didn't force him to honor his role, we doubt Mr. Daniel or Mr. Bush could have. At this point, as some have pointed out, Mr. Newton seems like a rabid dog chasing a bone. Clearly, Mr. Sisneros was elected at convention not by them alone. He was elected at convention by over 400 delegates from all around this area. And these are solid republican delegates. So, placing this blame on local party leaders is asinine.

At this point, Liberty Dispatch has to wonder just what Mr. Newton's angle is? He shares his contempt for the party leaders while he serves as a precinct chair in the very group he tears down. His actions have gone far beyond some personal issues he has with his political adversaries to an outright liability himself to the local party. He's harming all outreach the party is trying to accomplish. No one wants to be involved with the train wreck he is trying to paint of  a party. Liberty Dispatch's biggest issue here is why does Mr. Newton still serve in the party? His own actions, in our opinion, have now become more harmful to the party's future than anything Mr. Sisneros might have been. His actions are almost schizophrenic. Liberty Dispatch did see where some have actually questioned whether Mr. Newton is even a Republican. If he is, why cause the party harm? According to his voting, record he did vote in the democratic primary in 2008, which was the rise of Obama, so perhaps those rumors aren't unfounded? Perhaps Mr. Newton has other agendas in mind. Perhaps if he tears the party down to shreds he can place the blame on the current administration so he can suggest he can be the savior and same the day come next election cycle? No matter his reasons, the harm he is causing the party is criminal and he should be ashamed of himself.

 Liberty Dispatch suggests to Mr. Newton he resign his position immediately, just as Mr. Sisneros did. If he believes the party is as bad as he has been stating, why stay and destroy its good works? If he doesn't want to resign, Liberty Dispatch suggests he either join party efforts or local leadership take a rightful role, in this local situation unlike with Mr. Sisneros, and consider censure of Mr. Newton and his removal from office. As far as the future, voters in his district should be desperately seeking a man of character and a spirit of optimism bold to replace him next election cycle. As with before leadership change, and still after, Mr. Newton claims so many others are causing problems, perhaps someone needs to get him a mirror.

 Our message, get over your personal feelings, Mr. Newton and do the job you were seated to do. And, that job was to help build a party, not destroy it.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


As the new leadership begins moving in, Liberty County prepares for its long standing home advantage to the State  Representative to be moved to another home county in the district. Perhaps this is a good thing in one light as it gives the new leadership in the local party time to rebuild what was burnt to the ground by the outgoing leadership. In this unique instant, Liberty County GOP can rebuild with more than a system of old Democrats running a conservative party. Chances of voter outreach and building of coalitions can begin without the added pressure of a sitting State Rep. being in the business of the party as well as a senior staffer of said Rep. serving as a party official. On the other hand, comments by incoming State Rep. Bailes of "I don't need the Liberty County Republican Party" upon invites and new leadership reaching out to him,  may come back to haunt him in time.  Ernest Bailes was the clear winner in the runoff. As such, the office and Ernest himself, deserves respect. However, if the one holding that office doesn't respect the enormous gift given to him to represent an entire district, whether he agrees with them or not, will only cause hurt feelings of primaries to linger instead of moving on with the people's business.

Either way, Mr. Bailes has a grueling first session coming up. Like it or not, like the individuals or not, Liberty County and HD 18 in general has strong grassroots activists that work the legislative session very hard. That includes people in San Jacinto, Liberty and Walker Counties. The groups vary from Republican Clubs to Tea Parties and others. The key is they all work together for common Conservative advancements over infighting. Their connections flow through many Representatives and Senators besides 'needing Mr. Bailes' if the tables are turned and his attitude is returned to him. If only some put as much effort in battling liberal agendas as they do in fighting each other with the same beliefs, great things could come out of the new leadership in the Statehouse and the local party.  Simply listening, with respect, even if Mr. Bailes disagrees with the context and principle, will go a long way to serve him and all of HD 18 Republicans. After all, running in two years with a record, conservative or not, will make a lot of difference.  

Liberty County also embraces new Republican leadership and Democrat leadership in each party here as well. New times and new strategies are needed. An active Democrat party may be in the beginning stages here. While Republicans have claimed a solid red plot in Liberty County, do they do so in principle, or only in riding the Anti-Obama wave? It's a valid question. To say finding Republicans that were so long before the change is an understatement. In fact, they can be counted on less than two hands. Incoming leadership finds itself in a new cycle where they will have to stand on their beliefs and platform and hope the voters in this county have truly opted into conservatism and not Democrats who simply like guns and dislike abortion. In effect, some of those old Republicans that left the party in disgust during the Lester Ray and Coleman years may need to regain some strength and return to fighting for Conservative causes. Something the last few chairs have not had to do. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Chairman Sworn In LCGOP

New days are here for the local Republican Party as on June 13, 2016 a new county chairman was sworn in to take over the Liberty County Republican Party. This clearly marks the beginning of the transition of the party to a new generation of Republicans as Ryan Daniel will be one of the youngest county chairmen in recent memory. 

Some embrace this change and some don't, as always. However, the reality of the situation is the Republican Party youth are coming of age and while the hard work of elders is respected, we must carry on. The conservative message remains strong. Even our founders pondered these issues. "The question, Whether one generation of men has a right to bind another..." said Jefferson in a letter Madison. Additionally, "The generations of men may be considered as bodies or corporations. Each generation has the usufruct of the Earth during the period of its continuance. When it ceases to exist, the usufruct passes on to the succeeding generation free and unencumbered and so on successively from one generation to another forever. We may consider each generation as a distinct nation, with a right, by the will of its majority, to bind themselves, but none to bind the succeeding generation, more than the inhabitants of another country." Jefferson to John Wayles Eppers.

And so, we're proud to see the party move forward. The new Facebook page is already up and functioning, censor free, finally. https://www.facebook.com/libertycountyrepublicans/. Also, it appears the official GOP page that was once used to slander candidates and conservative organizations is being updated. We're excited to see its replacement, a page that will serve its original intent and purposes. Great job on the new leadership of the LCGOP, and good luck!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have read both accounts of Mr. Coleman’s actions at the local county convention. As tired as some of you may feel and as reluctant to go through the events one more time, you need to revisit the whole situation as soon as the new chairman takes over and proper discussion can occur.

“Why do this?”, some may ask.

“Let it go.” ,  others may express.

But the fact of the matter is, Ken Coleman made allegations against some of the most active people in the party. They are tarnished. From Mr. and Mrs. LeBlanc to Keith Strahan. They made these people and others and all that believe like them sound like nuts. 

They sent a message to the public, “ We will embarrass you if you believe like these people and come to party meetings.”

With Robert’s Rules of Order followed and everyone given notice, you can restore the image of the party by publicizing the results. By letting the public now that the local party has an order to it and it will be followed and people do not have to worry about this kind of authoritarian, cliquish behavior.

If you leave this alone, I believe Ken Coleman and his control over the website for weeks after this will leave a poor image in the public’s mind. You can be generous in allowing Coleman his say and it will make the public know all the more that the party is fair and that the people Coleman accused are a vital part of the party.

Name witheld by request 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Election Commentary

One Democrat was solidly defeated and one snuck in, here in Liberty County last night.

We are thrilled to see Matthew Poston take the County Attorney position. We wish him well.

Mark and Liz Beausoliel should perhaps consider returning to the Democratic Party and taking Todd Fontenot with them.

Ernest Bailes proves once again John Otto's dirty lobby money can buy anything around here. We will keep our eyes on Mr. Bailes to a level he cannot even imagine going forward. Next cycle, Mr. Bailes will have a record he will have to defend. And, if we were betting people here at Liberty Dispatch, we'd bet it'll be fairly horrible enough to make him easily beatable.

Liberty Dispatch holds high hopes that Mr. Daniels, the new incoming Republican Chairman, can create a decent and respectable party that has been desperately needed in Liberty County for some time. Liberty Dispatch has it on good word Mr. Daniels will be a fair Chairman and we can expect a professionalism outgoing Chairman Ken Coleman seems to have all but lost.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Letter To The Editor

This reader actually included his name and said we could use it. Refreshing change!

Dear Liberty County Voters,

As of tomorrow, it will all be over. We all will get a much needed break from political ads and mailers. Those that work on campaigns will get a much needed break as well. However, the results will matter and have a lasting impact. I have no doubt Ernest Bailes is a great man. I know Keith Strahan is. I have decided to send this out to a few friends on behalf of the vote tomorrow. In addition, I have also sent calls out to my entire precinct this evening to help turn out voters for Keith Strahan.

While both men can be great men, that we have to choose from tomorrow, they cannot both win. I can attest, personally, that running for public office is not an easy task. Whether it be a simple Precinct Chair race or a race for a seat inside a grassroots group, you give it your all and you believe in your reasons for running. I have not known Keith Strahan as long as some in this community. I have known him as long as I have been involved here in the local Republican Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus.  Knowing the pressure and hardship one goes through to seek this office, I am immeasurably proud of him for doing this. Keith did this because of his love of this community and his love for the people of Texas - Nothing more, nothing less. He sees what many Conservative Republicans see in our Texas House, and have seen for years. A heavy air of dysfunction hangs over that pink dome. We have Republican Leadership allowing the murder of babies while our speaker kills all legislative advancements to stop abortion in Texas. We have a Republican led House that continues to saddle unsuspecting Texans with more and more debt. We have a border that pours in illegal immigrants and human trafficking in untold numbers. We have had past representation here in HD 18 that has given little, if any, attention to the true needs of this district. Mr. Otto’s newspaper blurbs about doing something in Austin, which was usually beneficial to some special interests, served as a brief reminder that someone in a city far away was doing things that failed to represent home.

What we must break free of, in our county, is this obsession that because we know someone and that someone is a good Christian man he's the right man. That doesn't mean that person is right for the job of leadership. Also, stating facts, that may be uncomfortable to hear by candidates and their followers, isn't mud-slinging when they are true statements and they will impact the behavior of that person in the job for which he is applying.

Ernest Bailes lives in San Jacinto County and Keith Strahan lives in Liberty County. I don't care what you hear, both of those facts are true. I know how Keith has fought to educate an electorate in our area. I have seen him at local Republican meetings. I have seen him on forums and panels discuss his belief system and his vision of government from Houston to Beaumont to Dayton. I have had many discussions with him on Conservative topics and local issues for years. I have never seen Ernest Bailes at a Republican event until he decided to run for office. I can count the number of Republican events I have missed in the last 8 years on a few fingers, so I can tell you factually, Liberty County Conservatives were of no concern to Mr. Bailes prior to this election. The Republican Party was also of no concern to Mr. Bailes prior to this election. I saw him show up at one meeting and simply regurgitate a line or two from a County Chairman who was recently defeated, which included the belief that property tax abolishment was not a Republican belief. For a point of information, this is actually a legislative priority in the 2016 Republican Party of Texas Platform.  

I have been involved in enough elections to know how to follow money and to know, no matter what a candidate says, who will be controlling those votes. It was for this reason, though I found Wes Hinch a nice guy, his being 97% funded by John Otto made him a poor choice for State Representative. Mr. Bailes has huge amounts of funding from leadership PACs in Austin. The worst, I am sure everyone has seen by now, was the donation by Charles Butt of HEB of $15,000.00. Mr. Butt has worked endlessly spending his fortune fighting Conservatives in the State of Texas. He has fought open carry of firearms, he has fought school choice and he has supported amnesty and illegal immigration. Texas Farm Bureau, though a great support system to local farmers, has given Bailes a huge sum of money while they have advocated for amnesty and illegal immigration in Texas.  So, while I can clearly forgive some offhand backers that may be bad apples, when I see a candidate clearly bought and paid for, I take an issue with that. I take an issue when a man I have never seen invested in the Conservative Movement runs for office and is backed by all of the money that has been spent to literally kill and stop all Conservative advancements in the Texas House. I take an issue that he claims to represent the Conservative issues that are important to my party, but hasn't sat in on a party discussion or event in the last 8 years.

This, my friends, is not mud-slinging, these are the facts of the election before us now. We can reclaim our district and send a true Conservative to Austin, or we can continue to send future lobbyists in training like Mr. Bailes to Austin. We have the chance to add to the numbers of members fighting for Conservative legislation in the House, or we can send someone, to get along with the Democrats and corrupt leadership, who will work to stop true Conservative policies in Texas from becoming law. Please, choose the only Conservative Republican in this race. Please, vote for Keith Strahan for HD 18 Representative.

In Liberty,
Jeff LeBlanc
Chairman - Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas
Precinct Chairman Elect- Precinct 10, Dayton Texas

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Election Law? Maybe its a math inefficiency?

We have great readers here at Liberty Dispatch. We appreciate all the information we receive. Clearly, some think Election Law doesn't apply to them, practice common core math, or just don't know feet? If Ernest Bailes' campaign can't follow Election Law, how can he be trusted to make law? Hopefully, this good citizen informed the Election Judge as well as us.

*All electioneering must done at least 100' beyond polling locations, by law