Saturday, September 19, 2009

Comments to Editor

(D) Mike Little, Liberty County D.A. = (F) Head of the snake- CORRUPTION in Liberty County... Lives in sudo sicko world of revenge, selective prosecution, intimidation, trickery and tyranny, old school style.) (Revenge against Ray Akins)
(D) Mark Beausoleil, Asst Liberty County DA = (F-) (Dumb Head and inflated ego)
(R) Wes Hinch County Attorney = (B-) (Good man but sheepish against others in the Courthouse)
(D/?) Tommy Chambers, Asst Co. Atty = (B+) (Cool as a cucumber and professional, should be DA)
(D) Chap Cain = (B) (Good man, wrong party)
(D) County Judge, Fitzgerald = (D) (Poor Phil, never enough money)
(D) Commissioner Pct 4, Norman Brown = (F) (He wanted trains in Dayton, but he missed his)
(D) County Auditor, Harold Seay = (A) (Man of great integrity, should be County Judge)
(R/?) County Treasurer, Kim Harris = (B) (No party loyalist)
(R) Justice of the Peace Pct 1, Bobby Rader = (B-) Should be more proactive for party and help conservatives from local corruption)
(R) Justice of the Peace Pct 2, Ronnie Davis = (B) Good guy, needs to join with Rader to upset corruption applecart)
(D) Republican Party Chairman, Lester Ray Wisegerber = (F-) (This man is the worst republican chair in history of the party, only helps himself and give retarded advice to candidates) link to Son-in-law Judge -Revenge against Ray Akins.
(D) Frank Huff, Texas Ranger = (F) (witness tampering, manufactures evidence, hides evidence, trades evidence, works in consort with Mike Little to manufacture evidence and lie to juries.) Pimple on the rear of an otherwise distinguished group of historical officers. (Revenge against Ray Akins for getting Greg Arthur booted from office)

The grade sampling is based on a formula of several factors including, lack of ethics, full of themselves, judicial misconduct, corruption, greed, lack of party affiliation, lack of party contribution, retaliation, political persecution, malicious prosecution, tampering with witnesses selective prosecution and civil rights violations -or lack there of!

Sent in from JD

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