Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Luck Officer Harkness!

Cleveland Police Officer Zack Harkness began a one-year leave of absence on Monday, September 14. Harkness, a five-year member of the Coast Guard Reserves, learned he was being called to active duty last month.

Harkness expects he will be stationed at the Air Station in San Francisco until January at which time he will be deployed to Kuwait for six to nine months. He has been told he will be part of a unit performing port security in Kuwait and the Bahrain area.

Story courtesy HCN- Cleveland

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Anonymous said...

We salute you at my house Officer Harkness. We believe not only in the soldiers but in their missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember when that group that lives in fairy tale land (the Democrats) start bad mouthing the war that you and people like you are why this nation has become the greatest freedom fighter country in the history of the world. Your willingness to risk your life that others may be free links you to people like George Washington and William Travis. Thank you, we will be praying for you.