Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter to the editor- KING CAIN

King Cain?

While I was not present at Tuesday’s Commissioner’s Court meeting, I was able to view the video feed found on another county website. To say that I was astonished by Chap Cain’s total disrespect for the position of County Judge would be a huge understatement. Even when realizing that there has been some bad blood between these two judges in the past few months, the impertinence shown by Cain surpassed his normal arrogant self. His actions and behaviors in that Court were nothing short of insolence, pure and simple.

I have been present in hearings in Cain’s court in the past years when he has rapped his gavel many times interrupting a party’s tirade as they were trying to get their point across. I have heard him threaten to have his bailiff remove the party from his court if they failed to heed his warning. The actions by Chap Cain as he tried to get his point across in Tuesday’s meeting superseded any outbreak, any tirade, any outburst that I have ever heard him allow in his courtroom. I strongly suggest that Liberty County constituents not try to mimic Cain’s behavior in his court or you will be held in contempt and jailed…which is what should have happened in Tuesday’s meeting.

Let me also say that the actions by Judge Fitzgerald were not without blemish. He, clearly, was using his position as budget officer for the county as a means to retaliate against Cain for disagreements between the two of them as they related to Fitz’ monetary gains during the clean-up after Hurricane Ike. However, Cain’s refusal to provide budget requirements for his court and personnel, as requested of each department head, gave Phil leeway to do just that.

One of Cain’s arguments against having the salaries of his personnel cut was “It’s always been that way!!” (Whine, Whine) Perhaps, having been in politics for these many years has caused Chap to forget that just because something has been wrong for all those years, does not mean that it should stay wrong. It has always amazed me that Chap’s court, the 253rd District, received the same pay as Judge Hight’s court, the 75th District, when Cain’s personnel only worked for Liberty County 75% of the time. Cain chose to cry foul stating that his court is assigned the same number of cases as the 75th District, which is true. However, he failed to acknowledge that he and his court only work for Liberty county 75% of the time, while working for Chambers County the other 25% of the time.

Bottom line…Cain is ticked off that his personnel will now only make the same salary as the 75th personnel rather than the 25% or more that they were receiving when combining the 100% salary from Liberty County with the additional 25% or more salary from Chambers County.

Can anyone say “It’s time for a change”?




Anonymous said...

The parents have gotten the kiddies off to sleep and now they can snort, sniff, and smoke. But uh oh now they are fighting so loud they have woken the little ones from their sleep and are standing in the doorway watching what goea on all of the time when they sleep. "Do as I say they!" here Daddy Cane say. "Shut up or else!" Momma Phyllis hollers back. What are the kids to do? They now have a small whiff of what the rulers of their domain are like when the doors are closed. Should they just go let them work it out, or should they just go back to bed? The saga continues. The house that Cane built begins to seem dingy and dirty. The children survey btheir options. Tune in next week.......

Anonymous said...

I am certain KSHN will cut lose on these boys and start exposing them for what they are any minute. NOT! No KSHN and that lispy former sheriff and his sidelick Chip were busy early on trying to turn the private business matters of the people that run this website into something criminal........ and wh en the evidence pointed to possible crimes against the people that run this website, they just ignored the evidence. KSHN has reported just enough of the Cain/Fitzgerald allegations to try and fool the Rip Van Winkle crowd into believing they investigated it. With so much deception going on in and around the courthouse, who would be surprised if KSHN won the "most deceptive" award..... thbey pose as a radio news station.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt bunch of asinine fools, the FBI should clean them all out of the courthouse like so much rubbish. All the judges and prosecutors have proven they are corrupt and have been gotten to. It will all catch up to them sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

I admire Cain as drink my cold glass of koolaid

Anonymous said...

This town ain't big enough for the two of us Chap .......... in fact I am not sure bthis town is big enough just for you. Please call 1-800-big-head and simmer down.

Anonymous said...

If the FBI,FEMA and the IRS don't get off their *** and get this investigation done these people wont even be in office by the time they decide what they are going to do. I wouldn't be too sure some of these Federal people are not involved in some of these money scams. SURE IS TAKING A LONG TIME FOR THIS INVESTIGATION. Does anyone know how long it takes to get this information, read it, investigate it and determine if any charges should be file? Well thats too long.