Tuesday, December 29, 2009

EXCLUSIVE REPORT- Blood on the hands of Liberty County Adult Probabtion

Liberty Dispatch has learned that Liberty County resident and accused murderer, Stevie Ray Walder was on probation from Harris County. We have learned that Liberty County adult probation was tasked with the reporting and ankle bracelet monitoring of Walder. Liberty County adult probation failed to execute the Harris County Court ankle monitoring order.

It is alleged that if Liberty County adult probation was preforming as ordered by the Harris County courts, the murder in question would not have occurred.

Our investigation continues...


Berry, KenLiberty Unit Supervisor
O'Brien, Karen Liberty Supervision Officer Asst.-Interstate Compact
Cheatham, Jodi Liberty Clerical
Green, Sharon Liberty Supervision Officer II- Substance Abuse
Jones, Jason Liberty Supervision Officer II
Key, Reagan Liberty Supervision Officer II
Majors, Diane Liberty Clerical
Manek, Diane Liberty Supervision Officer II-CCF/ISF
Mayfield, Dale Liberty Unit Supervisor
McAdams, John Liberty Fiscal Director
Nelson, Don Liberty Supervision Officer II Pre-Trial Officer
Patton, Jon Liberty Supervision Officer II
Scott, Donna Liberty Supervision Officer II
Phelps, Sheri Liberty Chief Probation Officer

Liberty/Chambers County Adult Probation History

The Liberty-Chambers Counties Community Supervision and Corrections Department was originally organized in 1972 by the District Judge of the 75th Judicial District. The department was originally funded through a combination of Federal Grant Funds and local funds and was comprised of a probation officer and two clerical staff for both Liberty and Chambers Counties.

In 1974, the department was reorganized and staff was increased to a Chief Probation Officer, a probation officer and two clerical staff to serve these two counties. The department was again funded through Federal Grant Funds and local funds.

In 1977, the Texas Legislature created the Texas Adult Probation Commission (TAPC) as a separate agency charged with overseeing the Adult Probation Departments of the State of Texas. In May 1988, 110 of the 115 adult probation departments in Texas participated in programs supported by state funds distributed by the Texas Adult Probation Commission.

In 1989, the Texas Adult Probation Commission, the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC), and the Board of Pardons and Parole were combined by the Legislature into one agency - the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Under this merger, the Texas Adult Probation Commission became the Community Justice Assistance Division (CJAD).

The department currently is considered an arm to the State as far as standards and guidelines are concerned, however, the department personnel are classified as county employees for payroll and retirement benefits. Funding is received from the state through grant procedures for specialized programs and through a per-capita basis for regular supervision. Approximately 60% of the operational funds are collected from probationers in the form of probation fees, program participant fees and other fees ordered by the court.


Anonymous said...

Here is KSHN's twisted reporting for the last bday of 2009: "Suspected killer Stevie Ray Walder of Liberty was not on court ordered supervision by Liberty County Adult Probation Department when he is alleged to have shot and killed storeowner, Naushad Virani at Ridgewood Happy Chaps store on Christmas day." As much as Bill Buchanan may want to protect Cain and Hight and everyone else attached to the probation department, his story trying to smooth over the fact this killer was on HARRIS COUNTY probation and that Liberty County was to execute the oversight as an ankle bracelet was to be administered, the facts are what they are.

Anonymous said...

If you get into trouble in another County and are placed on probation. Usually the County you live in, is requested to supervise your Probation and make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do. We are not all ignorant Country Hicks that beleive some of these Gurgitate and Spin stories.

Anonymous said...

How does it feel Liberty Co. Probation to be humiliated while having to claim your innocence? Its no fun when the shoe is on the other foot is it?

Anonymous said...

Their people are too quick to ramp-up innocent people and claim its their job. Part of the corrupt good ole boy network who help corrupt actions by judges without question. 75% of what they do is straight up, the other 25% of what they do is pure corruption.

Anonymous said...

Donna Scott is an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Donna Scott--Official misconduct, conspiracy. Lives off taxpayer money. (Enforcer--Level 5)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually found out if Waelder was under supervision of the Liberty County Probation or Harris County probation departments? If it is Liberty County Probation, then everyone commenting here has a legimate right to complain.

Anonymous said...

good ole boy corruption and drug smuggling cover-ups In Chambers County TX. How many have they framed!!!