Sunday, December 20, 2009

The New Democrat Mega-Tax Health Reform

The Democrats are selling the new Health Care Law in terms of reducing the National Debt. They do not offer the how and why the deficit will be reduced. There is no discussion about how they are going to pay for Health Care and the Reduction of future debt that will supposedly result from placing this new financial burden on the American people.

It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure out how the new Government Health Care Law will be paid for and the alleged budget reductions that are being touted.

The money will come from higher taxes, period. This financial model will follow the government loans made to the financial institutions and their amazing ability to turn new profits and begin the process of paying back their federal loans. The government expectation was that it would take considerable time for the Banks to pay the money back.

How did the Lending Companies make such a quick turnaround? They were given the mandate to fix their financial plight. The lending companies went through a process of reevaluating the credit worthiness of their customers. This resulted in much higher interest for credit and a stronger scrutiny of the borrowers.

The Government Health Care Reform Model will follow the same line as the financial lending program. Tax Rates will be raised much the same as interest rates were raised by the lending institutions.

Nothing is free. American tax-payers are not stupid. They understand what will happen as demonstrated by the Tea Party Movement and the resurgence of Fiscal Conservatism.

Contributor: Common Cents


Anonymous said...

Tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend- DEMOCRAPS

Anonymous said...

I wondered about how these financial companies, all of a sudden started making enough money in a recession to pay back their loans. They took this government money just because it was offered to them. These companies thought they would not have to pay the money back. Now that rules have been attached to their loans, they want to give the money back and get out from under Government regulations. What is our Government doing with these billions of pay back dollars? They should be putting this money back where it came from. All these loan and heathcare deals sounds like some Bernie Madof Scheme to me. This Healthcare deal may seem like a good thing, but how the hell can you pay a monthly premium for the new Healthcare Scheme if you are unemployed or you don't make enough money to pay for this Scam. This is really just another Government TAX in disguise.

Anonymous said...

This Government run Healthcare System will be like our Government run Flu Vaccine Program. Most of this Flu Medicine was made in other Countries and then ship to the US. Here it is, nearing 2010 and still not enough medicine to get everyone immunized. Medicare run by the Government, you pay for Medicare out of your payroll TAX and then when you ae elgible for Medicare, you have to pay over $100.00 per/month for Medicare. Medicare doesn't pay for everything, so you have to pay for a supplemental Insurance to cover what Medicare doesn't cover. PAY,PAY,PAY, but get the same results if you dropped Medicare and bought your own Health Insurance. The State of Texas may be better off, if the did become thier own Country and got away from the USA.