Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Editor

I have noticed over the years how Nancy “Pelosi” Archer and John “Edwards” Archer have been big advocates for all that is Democrat, including everything from abortion to big spending and from Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama and everything Democrat in between and their candidates whisper in the corners of public political meetings how there is no relationship between the local Democrat party and the state one and the national one. As absurd as it has been they have actually been able to convince some people …… they are snake oil salesmen and probably could convince people that the foundation of their house has no relationship to the well being of the roof.

I have noticed how they have given a thumb down to trying to clean up election fraud by requiring a picture ID and how they have been quick to minimize discovery of any wrongdoing by those running our local government and they have had their pals in media help them with damage control rather than fix areas that are corrupt.

Over the last 15 years I have noticed how they were very successful at promoting straight ticket party voting until recently and now that Republicans are for the first time outpolling them in straight ticket voting they don’t seem to be as big on it. They now seem to be finally allowing their partners in the media to inform the public about how you can vote for the individual candidate even if you didn’t vote in their primary.

I have noticed, and I hope others have noticed, the Archer’s cozy relationship to their counterpart Lester Wisegerber, and how Republican County Chairman Wisegerber promotes some of their candidates behind the scenes.

You have made a believer out of me. I will vote straight “R” in November. I see no other way to get the people out of the system that are trying to rig the elections to get all of their picks in office.

Awakened Citizen Ready to Vote


Andy McCreight said...

Does'nt it feel great when the hood-wink is taken off and you can see what is going on around you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and then the light will show you which way to go. (HAWK)