Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oak Island, Texas Residents Sing The Fraud Blues

In a breaking news story Liberty Dispatch has learned that sub-contractors hired to help build the Neil Diamond homes in Oak Island aren't being paid for their services. In what at first seemed to be real blessing has turned into a nightmare for the twelve families in Oak Island chosen to receive Neil Diamond homes. The homes were started back before Thanksgiving and the people were promised they would be in them by Christmas. Now no one knows when or if they will get the keys to their new homes. The Chambers County Long Term Recovery Committee were given the responsibility to oversee the building of these twelve homes along with Sarah Cerrone Chambers County grant coordinator. We have heard from one contractor in particular who hasn't received any money although his services were provided long ago. On top of that many of the recipients paid extra for his services and their money never made it to the contractor.

This is a real shame and embarrassment for the honest folks of Chambers County. It appears their elected officials are incapable of being trusted to administrate what was to be a great gift provided by legendary singer Neil Diamond. Liberty Dispatch calls on the FBI to immediately look into this situation before all the money is lost.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I am not surprised. We all know who heads up the Long Term Recovery Committee....GUY ROBERT JACKSON. He needs to be investigated if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

This must be the biggest den of thieves in Texas. Evry time you turn around someone is Scamming money in this Corrupt Chambers County den of thieves. Another Chambers County MAFIA scam to steal honest peoples money.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, Neil Diamond don't ever send anymore money down to Chambers County. As I have always said "If you want anything done right, Do it yourself"

Anonymous said...

What a shame, when Mr. Diamond put such caring into this gift !
Local red tape ?

Anonymous said...

Those who are so in love with County Judge Sylvia here in Anahuac may ought to by some Neil Diamond music. Like this one:

"Oh no, no, no, no
Baby, something's wrong
Oh no, no, no, no
That old time fire is gone
It's not so much the things you say, love
It's what you don't say I'm afraid of

I got the feeling'
I'm hearin' goodbye
Don't have to say it
It's there in your eyes
Oh why, oh my

Oh no, no, no, no
You don't smile the same
Oh no, no, no, no
Like you been hidin' pain
I love you so much, I could taste it
But girl, your eyes tell me it's wasted

I got the feelin'
I'm hearin' goodbye"

This may help prepare you for the feedback investigators may give our county and the judge about what went on during the FEMA clean up. Buy it, you can always sell it to the folks up in Liberty so they can hear Neil kiss their county Judge's rear end good bye.

Resident of Oak Island said...

If it is free and you are one of the dozen that got chosen what do you have to bitch about? Neal is the only that can bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave wilcox needs to be ask afew questions and we need to know who spent the money to help the sick here.the Sheffi duty made a lot of money why are the not being ask!randy Venderventer Ceilce Oldham, Jimmy Kala

Anonymous said...

who owns the big new hotel in Oak Island? What is the large white building beside it?