Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Let me be the first to tell you, I am not a politician. I am a lawyer who has spent the last 33 years working hard to acquire the legal knowledge and experience required of a District Judge. Moreover, I am a conservative Republican who strongly believes that we must restore a traditional conservative approach to our judicial system; an approach that will ensure consistency in judicial decisions through strict construction and application of our laws. All citizens of Liberty County are entitled to a level playing field when they come to court.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in a small town in New Mexico; however I got to Texas as soon as I could.

My college education was interrupted in 1969 when I entered the U.S. Army. Thirteen (13) months of my service was in Vietnam. Upon my return from Vietnam and after a period of recuperation, I resumed my college work. With the help of the GI Bill and working at nights, I graduated from New Mexico State University, with honors, in 1975.

After college and while my heart was set on law school, I was broke. I worked construction, saved every dime I could save and entered South Texas College of Law in 1977. Once again, I worked my way through law school and graduated from South Texas, cum laude of my class. During law school I received various academic awards, including being named to the Deans Honor List each year.

I started my legal career in 1980 in the law office of Price Daniel, Jr. in Liberty. I have practiced law in Liberty and surrounding Counties for 30 years, and have tried hundreds of criminal, civil and family law cases throughout the State of Texas. I have also successfully argued numerous cases before the Courts of Appeal, including the Supreme Court of Texas.

The mid-term elections in November provide us, as voters, an opportunity to make a statement in support of conservative principles. This is a critical time for America, and I strongly believe that we must act to restore a conservative approach to the affairs of government, starting at the local level. If you agree with me, I am your conservative alternative for Judge of the 75Th District Court and I welcome your support.

Mark Morefield

Mr. Morefield is a distinguished gentleman, Vietnam veteran, attorney extraordinaire and true conservative. Additionally, Liberty Dispatch has endorsed Mr. Morefield as our premium candidate for the Liberty County 75th Judicial District Court. Posted by: Ray Akins, Contributor


Anonymous said...

Mr. Morefield I have always pulled a straight ticket for Democrats until the last election. You will benefit by my change sir. I wish you much success.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Morefield I want to warn you. By watching who is putting up signs and where they are putting them up, there is a Democrat in the Republican woodpile. Merendino (Cains opponent), has strong ties to Hight and even stronger to Fitzgerald and some his relatives that are wrapped up in the FEMA scandal. She may sound Republican but she lost me when i saw who she is working with.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mark is an excellent attorney, has a brilliant legal mind, and he is a good guy too. He will make an excellent judge.

Andy McCreight said...

I have been watching and listening to the Candidates during the Political Forums held in Cleveland and Dayton.

My observation concerning Mr. Moorefield is that he came out of the blocks (track and field analogy) stating that he is a long time Conservative and a Republican.

He did not have to be pushed or coerced into telling us who he is and what he believes.

Mr. Moorefield will give the Democrat Party fits in the General Election. He will be elected as the Judge of the 75th District Court.

The Republican Wave will inundate Liberty County and a new political era will begin.

Andy McCreight

Anonymous said...

Good prediction Andy, My very same thoughts. (HAWK)