Friday, February 26, 2010

Victim of PERVERT Houston Attorney, John Fason


Sex Offender Stories

Houston Attorney John Stewart Fason, was arrested March 2008 for indecently exposing himself for purposes of sexual gratification in the Rice University area. Following his arrest, Attorney John Fason was convicted in March 2009.

The victim of Fason's crime is college coed Priscilla P. Perme, who lives at Aberdeen Forest, Sage Road, Houston Texas.

In our next story, stay tuned for the interview and statements of Ms. Perme surrounding the circumstances of John Fason's crime, the trauma she has suffered, along with future legal action against John Fason.

Update: John Stewart Fason has a special relationship with the Texas State Bar.  Because of his special relationship with the Texas State Bar he has been able to keep his bar license.  John Fason shows us how the Texas State Bar has been infiltrated by sexual deviants able to practice law in Texas.  The bar in Texas is not a model for any state when they allow people like Fason to practice law in Texas, who knows what else they are allowing.  The Texas State bar appears corrupt and wholly ineffective. 

John S. Fason Texas State Bar Link and Photo

Notice on his Texas State Bar link the corrupt coverup by The Texas Bar stating: "No Public Disciplinary History" after he was found guilty of showing his penis to college coeds at Rice University. -OUTRAGEOUS- Proof the Texas State Bar is in fact corrupt!

Corrupt criminal pervert freak as approved by the Texas State Bar!

State Bar of Texas President, Mr. Buck Files
State Bar of Texas
Texas Law Center
1414 Colorado Street
Austin, Texas 78701 

Main phone: 512.427.1463
Toll free: 800.204.2222
Main fax: 512.427.4100

John Fason's current websites and

Current photo of John Stewart Fason:

Texas Attorney John Fason found guilty of sexual deviancy by Harris County Court.

Don't get suckered into Fason's rigged online reviews all a front to hide his his sicko perverted acts. Report this pervert to the Texas State Bar, let the bar know they shouldn't allow perverts like this to practice law in Texas or any state.


Anonymous said...

This guy is a piece of $hit, why is candidate CT Hight befriending this man?

Anonymous said...

I hope she sues this scumbag for everything he has, slam dunk suit.

Anonymous said...

What a google eyed pervert.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the victims face. Its nice to put a face on this mans crimes. She is a nice young college coed who was obviously victimized by this man Fason. I hope the state bar of Texas disbars him immediately.

Too many times these pervert's crimes are faceless. I pray for her and wish her the best. I hope to hear from her about how this man has damaged her and then see her sue him.

Please keep us up to date on this story and her comments.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Rusty is befriending this scumbag because he is Lawyer Brother. Lawyers stick together, like docters.

Anonymous said...

Well John, you have gone and done it now. Shame on you for showing you peanut in public. Don't you have any sense at all. It looks like you being a suposedly educated lawyer that you would have better sense that to do a thing like this. Good Bye John, see you in about 10 years.

Anonymous said...

What a sicko, whoever hires him can expect this guy to expose himself.

Anonymous said...

She did not befriend him......... she was running in the area and he got her attention by honking his horn. There is clearly something wrong with a person that enjoys exposing himself to random girls. BTW he also had a 10-12 inch dildo in his car when they stopped him just another bit of information in case anyone was curious.

Anonymous said...

Wow great comment. I worked with this guy and he did some things I cant believe. I had to get away from this pervert.

Anonymous said...

She said he had a tiny penis and was holding a big dildo. Read the links to the prosecutors comments about Fason. The real question is, who does he know at the State of Texas bar to be able to keep his bar license? How can a sex offender be licensed to practice law, what a screwed up world.