Thursday, March 25, 2010

HELL NO! That’s What He Said!

I officially have a new hero! Minority Leader John Boehner is stepping up to the plate as a leader and growler of the National Republican Party.

It is wonderful to see the passion that Republican Leaders are exhibiting in an effort to champion the cause of Freedom by telling the Democrat Party we are not going to buy into their Socialist Reformation.

There have been voices out there who have challenged the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid reign of terror in the past few months (It seems as though the Obama Administration has been in power for much longer than a year) but the fervor of patriotism is being ramped up to a level that I never thought could be achieved. I believe that we can now understand how the Founders of this Country felt when they realized what a blessing the formation of the United States was for the patriots who were alive during those early years.

It is becoming quite obvious that the only way for the American people to awaken out of this political nightmare is to find a message, communicate that message, and continue to energize opposition to the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid tyrannical take-over of the American way of life.

The message is quite easy to identify. We need to elect Conservatives in the upcoming November Election. We need to ask for the help of and assimilate the Tea Party Supporters, Independents, and any other freedom loving political group to unite in a concentrated effort to repeal the recently passed Health Care Bill.

This concentrated effort needs to emanate from the Bottom Up. The only way to change back the hand of time in November is to identify and elect Conservative Candidates from the local level up to and including National and State Congressmen and Women.
Time is of the essence. Set your heart on fire and become involved in the political war that is going to occur during the few months remaining before the November Election.

Posted By: Andy McCreight


Anonymous said...

This has to be the most lame brain Democratic scam these people have came up with. Then they are going into hiding and wondering why people are shooting at them,throwing bricks thru their office windows and sending faxs with a hanging noose on it. I don,t think this is the way to protest this healthcare issue, but they sure have made some people fighting mad. (HAWK)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you FINALLY have a new headline. i was getting sick of looking at Barry and the wicked witch of the west.

Anonymous said...

They create conditions for a massive storm and then at the first sign of a little rain they start crying for umbrellas.

Anonymous said...

Since the Democrats choose to keep saying they are "doing the will of the people" because of the last election, we must give them nothing to hang their BS on after November.

Anonymous said...

Mr. McCreight, now we are talking! After moving my family here 2 years and two months ago from Louisiana I have to confess I have wondered if being a Christian in Texas meant you could not be bold and loud and proclaim what is right and what is wrong. We love the Democrats but hate their policies and we need leaders like yourself to show them some tough love. The world is watching and if we just appear to be nice and sweet it will make onlookers think we are all the same and that it makes no real difference. We are not! Let the truth shine and let our differences be known. If they hate us for it, we are big enough to deal with there hatred and still press on and let those who are looking see the difference.

Anonymous said...

Akins don't grow too weary, the finish line is near. Obama and the tea partiers are helping daily. You are prepared. The turkeys ave laid their necks to the blocks and it is near time for the axe.

Anonymous said...

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."