Tuesday, March 16, 2010

National Democrat Party Arrogance Results in Political Revolt

If you are not watching what is going on with the National Debate about the Health Care Bill, here’s your update.

The Democrat Leadership (President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid) are apparently searching out every questionable procedural ploy that they can muster in an effort to jam President Obama’s Socialist Reformation of America on the American People.

The polls are still indicating that a majority of Americans do not trust the intentions of our National Government when it comes to government programs. Apparently, the old adage of “We are from the Government and we are here to help” does not resonate with the American people.

The continued push by the President to reform America is paramount to political suicide for Democrat Office Holders all across the United States. I hate to tell the National Democrats that they are marching into oblivion on behalf of the President, but you people are crazy!

If you continue to march in Lock-Step with Barack, you will lose your Power, your $175,000 a year salary, your Cadillac insurance program, your travel expense account, and your ability to change America into your idea of how it should exist. If you were smart, you would back off of this cliff-hanging experiment and understand that the only chance you have to bring the kind of change that you believe in is in incremental steps. You Democrats are blowing the whole deal!
Having said the above, I implore you to continue with your mind-boggling self-imploding Party pursuits. It is going to be fun to watch your faces on election night in November.

P.S: If you want to survive, you not only need to put an end to this cataclysmic event that you are on the verge of creating but you need to immediately replace Nancy and Harry.

I really hate trying to help save your jobs but after all, you are Americans.
The following article was posted on the Tea Party Movement website.
NJ court OKs tea party group's bid to oust senator

The Associated Press

TRENTON, N.J.—A New Jersey appeals court is allowing a conservative tea party group to proceed with an effort to throw a Democratic U.S. senator out of office.

The three-judge panel Tuesday ordered the secretary of state to accept the group's petition seeking to recall Sen. Robert Menendez. That allows the tea party activists to begin collecting the 1.3 million voter signatures they need to get a recall on the ballot.

The court set aside the larger question of whether voters have a constitutional right to recall a federal lawmaker.

New Jersey is among 18 states that allow recalls of statewide elected officials. There is no right to recall congressmen and senators under the U.S. Constitution.
The court says it would take up that question if the petition drive succeeds.

Posted by Andy McCreight


Anonymous said...

Some people may be shocked at how they have treated the handful of pro-life Democrats that have tried to stand up against the expansion of government into supplementing the abortion industry. Some of us are not. The powers that be in the Democratic Party have used those pro life people to show how big their party is and how Christians should feel welcome. But they have effectively gagged and bound these people for years. Thye will now have to rely on their "we help the poor" appeal to Christians. of course Democrats help the poor with your money.A perverted version of what Christians believe.

Anonymous said...

They have ham sandwiches in Washinton too!

Anonymous said...

You people are small minded and view everything from your idealogical point of view. Where are the comments on here from Democrats? You also have too many people comment on here coming from their theological point of view. Where are the comments from people who do not believe so much in your religion?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they will lost their $175,000 a year job, their benefits, and go to work for a former constituent doing even less and making even more.

Anonymous said...

I note the 6:00 A.M. news this morning saying they like 11 votes to push thru the Healthcare Bill. Maybe the Democrats are now getting the message,we don't want anymore of their Government run programs. It is always some plan to help the poor and indigent. What about the average working person that is footing the bill with their hard earned tax money. If the Government runs the Healthcare program, it will be like Social Security and our National Debt. Our Government needs to spend the money they have comming in and live within their means, instead of spending our money like a drunken sailor. I don't know about you, but I am FED UP. P.S. One thing I noticed this year on my income tax return is, you can now get a write off credit for your property Tax, whether you go short or long form. This is not much,but it helps. this is the kind of things the working people need.

Anonymous said...

They may not have enough votes, but some politicians, will not blink at a scheme that gets them what they want. If they think lawyers can keep them out of hot water, they will rip the taxpayer and the voter and their Grandma. Sounds familiar, with what we have around here.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Andy, Pelosi and Reid need to be replaced ASAP. Our government is beginning to overload the working people of this country with their TAXS on everything they can think of to put a TAX on. They have just about run out of things to TAX, so I am wondering what they will do next. Already gunshy of this bunch we now have running things. (TAX bound and tied)

Anonymous said...

I hear they also have BOLOGNA sandwiches in Washington as well !!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have bologna sandwichs in Wasington, that is what they will start handing out to the working people after they have starved us or should I say TAXED us to death. I am now wondering how much they are going to TAX us for their Healthcare Plan. Since they have run out of things to Tax us for, the Healthcare Plan is something new, so a new TAX.

Anonymous said...

OK, I think bologna, soup,whatever people decide to eat maybe u never been hungry your day is coming complainting TAXES what about school taxes and all the other the other taxes we play everyday on things in the stores.So when the people get sick just died for u rich people.