Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The greatest struggle for human beings is not how much money they will make or trying to achieve a lofty social status but rather it is "knowing when to give up the ghost".

By this I mean knowing when to make decisions that are base on reason and what is the norm for right and wrong.

This comparison could be used in conjunction with passing from this world to the next and accepting glory with a glad and content heart when the time comes, but that is not what I mean in this case.

The "knowing when to give up the ghost" in this instance is the coming to a POLITICAL understanding that the Power of the Liberty County Democrat Party has passed.

It is coming to an understanding that the core values of the New Conservative Movement of Liberty County Texas will not tolerate a repressive and over bearing Judicial System.

It is understanding that those who worked in conjunction with each other to consolidate Political Power have been layed low.

It is understanding that the inner circle of the Liberty County Democrat Party has been decimated.

The point of this message is that the Hold Over Liberty County Democrats should Give UP THE GHOST and "Set our Fellow Republican Activists Free"!

It is time to give Ray Akins and Eddie Shauberger back their lives! It is time to stop punishing these men for political reasons!

It is time to stop spending Tax Payer Money on Political Persecution and Personal Agendas!

It may appear that I have a personal bias for these gentlemen but I assure you that I would not put up with this kind of behavior if it were directed at any fellow citizen of Liberty County!

It is time to "Give Up the Ghost" Liberty County Judicial System!

It will be sad to see those involved in this scheme be embarrassed on Judgement Day in November 2012!

Yesterday, they were such fine men in our eyes but they will fade into political darkness because they are too hard headed to give up the ghost.

Reprint courtesy-
By Andy McCreight, Liberty County Republican Chairman


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately rather than prosecute the people who forged checks and tried to cheat Mr.Shauberger, Liberty County's D.A. is choosing to continue his search for some reason to continue to laud over his political nemesis.

Anonymous said...

Old habits are hard to break!

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of man hours that could have been spent on other cases have been wasted on this one. Judge Hight shares the blame in letting this go on for years.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we have a case of "having the tiger by the tail". It will be interesting to see what happens when the tail is let go of......

Anonymous said...

Aren't we on like day seven hundred and something waiting for Mike Little to tell taxpayers what the results of the handwriting analysis is?

Anonymous said...

Andy McCreight and Richard Pegues have been a real inspiration to the conservative right in Liberty County and beyond.

Their hard work has not gone unnoticed in Austin and at the national party level.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your statemant Andy. 2012 will be a time to move on to a better Judicial system in Liberty County.

Anonymous said...

lousy discernment, author. Those dem's aren't in possession of 'ghosts' to 'give up.' Try: give up the DEMONS

Anonymous said...

Try,get out and stay out at the next election. (HAWK)

Richard said...

Again, Republicans, true Republicans, should applaud Andy McCreight. When two party activists have trumped up politically motivated charges against them filed by a Democrat D.A., it is incumbent on all in the party to be vigilante. This D.A. knows the signatures that are key to his case are forged. He has delayed the proof of that by acting like it has taken two years and he still doesn't have the results of handwriting analysis. Chairman Wright is as sick of it as every taxpayer should be. the money wasted, the time, the injustice all cast a shadow over Liberty County.