Thursday, May 26, 2011

Liberty County "Hinched" By Terry Fairchild, Chip Fairchild and Mike Little

Liberty Dispatch has ran stories in the past concerning Terry Fairchild who along with her husband Chip and her brother-in-law Russell Fairchild have been operating a trucking company in Terry's name in order to hide assets from the bankruptcy court in Beaumont. Their actions stem from John Stockton of Coldspring, Texas trying to collect on a judgment he obtained against Russell Fairchild in the 75th district court in Liberty County. Terry and Chip Fairchild have systematically used their positions in the law enforcement community to shield Russell Fairchild and to operate Chip's Enterprises tucking company illegally right under the noses of both the law enforcement and judicial system in Liberty County. In fact in a recent expose' printed on Liberty Dispatch by the Outsiders, overwhelming evidence shows that Terry Fairchild has used her name to help Russell defraud the orders of the bankruptcy court in Beaumont. Liberty Dispatch has learned the Outsiders story prompted an internal affairs investigation to be launched by the Liberty County Sheriff's Department which found that Terry has violated the code of conduct required of officers to wear a badge in that department. We now know that due to great pressure from the S.O. investigation, Terry has had to resign from the Liberty County Sheriff's Department. We have also learned that Terry has landed on her feet by obtaining employment in the Liberty County District Attorney's office having been hired by corrupt Liberty County DA Mike Little.

This conduct is outrageous and shows the level of corruption within Liberty County government- in fact we have reason to believe that Mike Little was made an offer he couldn't refuse by Chip Fairchild because he has knowledge sexual and criminal activities by Mike Little that would further damage his spiraling career. We also see signs that County Attorney Wes Hinch is trying to keep this move secret from the public at large in falsifying the commissioners’ meeting agendas and violating the Texas Open Meetings act. The public should ask themselves just how long this corruption will be allowed to continue.

Liberty Dispatch has ran many stories regarding the corruption in the Liberty County DA's office but we are now finding out the Liberty County Attorney's office under the leader ship of Wes Hinch is just as corrupt. County Attorney Wes Hinch has used his influence to help secret this move by Ms. Fairchild to the DA's office. It is rumored that Mr. Hinch looks up to Mike Little as some sort of mentor and has attempted to help Mr. Little switch over to the Republican Party.

Wes Hinch is a Republican who was elected to the office of County Attorney in November of 2008 but careful scrutiny of his term shows a man that lacks the experience and judgment to fulfill the office he was duly elect to. Mr. Hinch has failed to provide prosecutors to the JP courts which have caused an endless backlog in the case load of the JP's. He has also along with Mike Little refused to prosecute certain individuals for crimes they committed. The most notable selective prosecution act by Little and Hinch was when District Judge C.T. Hight left office at the end of last year and at the same time the Liberty County owned law books in his office left the courthouse with him. Mr Hinch found the law books were in the office of Zach Zbranek and his partner Richard Baker. He called Judge Hight and asked they be returned and then sent jail inmates over to the Zbranek & Baker Law offices and returned the books to the courthouse. Yet Mr. Hinch refused to refer any charges against Judge Hight or Zack Zbranek and Richard Baker for the theft. These actions show the corrupt nature of both the Liberty County Attorney and the Liberty County DA. It also reveals the continued pattern of official misconduct and selective prosecution that is destroying the justice system here in Liberty County.

We have also been given information that Mr. Hinch has used the influence of his office in an attempt to silence anyone who speaks out against him. We also see that his lack of court room experience seriously hampers the ability of the courts where he is required to represent the people of Liberty County from effectively operating. If not for Assistant County Attorney Karen McNair, nothing in the Liberty County Attorney’s office would be getting done.

We understand that Mr. Hinch comes from a well respected Liberty family but his actions reveal that he lacks the honesty, character and judgment to effectively do his job. The people of Liberty County should demand more of their public officials. People should call the courthouse and ask Mr. Hinch to explain his actions.

It should be alarming to all of us that he is about to represent Liberty County in the prosecution of the minors being tried in the Cleveland rape case. Many folks in and around the courthouse believe that Mr. Hinch is in over his head and is not capable of handling these cases. Liberty Dispatch has been given information by reputable sources that Wes Hinch intends to help Liberty County DA Mike Little prosecute the Cleveland rape case defendants and then Wes Hinch gives his juvenile defendants probation. All this in an attempt bamboozle defense attorneys arguing cases against Mike Little and Joe Warren- being told “there will be no probation”. This should be a wake-up call for the adult defendants and defense attorneys in the Cleveland rape case.

We will continue to run stories on both the DA's and County attorney's offices in the future with the understanding that in Nov. of 2012 we will be electing people to these respective offices. It is not too early to be looking for good honest attorney's to run for these positions.

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