Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What an unlikely hero. A man who is not a Liberty County resident, claims again and again he is a member of a group calling themselves the Outsiders and he is here to get rid of all of the corruption in Liberty County.

Someone needs to tell this man he is late to the effort. Voters have already taken care of 90% of what this man says he is here to do. Newly elected officials and most of the old ones left have already changed the direction of Liberty County. Most have steered us toward a more conservative philosophy and are much more respectful of the taxpayers in their approach to providing services and pursuing justice.

But the man declaring himself to be our savior is here nevertheless. His name is Robert Valdez and, though he squeaked through some school, any claim he has to “expert status” is difficult to find. It doesn’t appear he has run for any office or held any position in the any political party or earned a college degree in political science or any other subject or held any law enforcement credentials. Regardless of his lack of formal training, he does have experience as the most prolific writer in the Outsider’s gang. And, by his own self-congratulatory back patting, our hero is very impressed with his own writing and the trail of “evidence” he and the Outsiders have already presented on people they describe as corrupt.

Even though they are in tight with their sponsor-like associate, Sheriff Henry Patterson (who could investigate and arrest and charge people LD or anyone else claims is corrupt), charges have been filed on only one person in Liberty County. Those charges were filed on Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren because of an investigation the Outsider’s Pied Piper Cliff “Fuddy” Williams and associates conducted. Those charges and Robert Valdez’s story first appeared on this website (it no longer appears on Liberty Dispatch), and though we think Joe Warren should have been (at a minimum) required by District Attorney Mike Little to take an anger management class, our goal has been to try to gain enough trust with them since the first time we heard of Valdez and the Outsiders so we could form an opinion about how to deal with them. We were not surprised at all that the Outsiders’ and Sheriff Patterson’s all out effort to get an indictment failed. (Note: We have, however, been surprised that one of the people we asked to help discover who these people were and what they were about switched his allegiance to their side. That was longtime political activists and former Liberty County candidate Eddie Shauberger. In the coming days the public can judge his decision. He has, however, called and cursed us every time we publicly mention his connection to Patterson or the Outsiders. I guess we missed the memo and didn’t know Eddie’s close relationship to the Outsiders and to Patterson were suppose to be kept secret from the public. He has threatened to destroy us and our families.)

Side note- Shauberger: 

*Recently Eddie Shauberger tried to join the Masons in Anahuac, Texas but was soundly and immediately run off from the Masons and advised not to apply again. 

*Also, recently Eddie Shauberger's wife and young daughter suddenly moved away from Eddie in the middle of the night, all the way to San Antonio, Texas.  A complaint of sexual abuse was filed against Shauberger  shortly thereafter and investigated by the Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) for sexual assault on his special needs daughter.  Since Shauberger has been kept away from his daughter in San Antonio for almost a year while he lives alone in Oak Island, Texas- questions mount as to what actions CPS have taken to protect Shauberger's adopted special needs daughter.  Prior to the most recent complaint filed against Eddie Shauberger for sexual abuse of his young special needs daughter, another daughter leveled the same or similar allegations against Eddie Shauberger.  The alleged child abuse claims go all the way back to Shauberber's time in Liberty, Texas.

*Eddie Shauberger is currently under indictment in Liberty County, Texas for filing false government documents and Grand Perjury along with Organized Crime and Theft.

*Eddie Shauberger is "the campaign adviser" for Incumbent Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson.

*Eddie Shauberger has serious credibility issues as does his "outsiders".

*Seemingly anyone who Eddie Shauberger gets near becomes his victim.

So let’s answer the questions we can answer. Where does Valdez live and what does he do for a living, what does he believe in, and why does he say he is motivated to “help” us here in Liberty County? Valdez is from Fresno, Texas. He is fifty (plus) years old and has never been married and lives with his mother. It is unclear whether he has a full time job or his mother takes care of him, but he does tinker with engines at least part time. He is a self-proclaimed atheist and a Libertarian. He has indicated the most important immediate goal he has is to get Henry Patterson re-elected sheriff. He says he is motivated to do what has to be done to elect Patterson because that is the lynch pin to rid the county of corruption. And the Outsiders’ list of the corrupt is much longer than most Democrats and most Republicans, and of course, according to them, Liberty County will benefit by them interviewing and choosing replacement public officials.

To put it plain and simple, Valdez is quite the con artist. He will say anything to get what he wants – right now that is to help elect Patterson. He will say anything to discredit anyone that tries to elect anyone other than Patterson. His web of friends weave stories and use open records acts and affidavits (some affidavits within their own group) to confirm lies that they want told. The one time they went to a Grand Jury with any of their mess, the case was no-billed.

It may be that the Outsiders’ work leads to a winning case in court, but they are not likely to be the winners.

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