Sunday, November 13, 2011


After posting several stories on this website for a cult like group calling themselves The Outsiders some people’s heads may be spinning if they have not kept up with what is going on. From the beginning Liberty Dispatch was very aware that these people were trying to identify with Liberty Dispatch so they could promote themselves. Because they bragged that they were working closely with Henry Patterson and had the backing of several wealthy people from the Cleveland area, Liberty Dispatch made a decision early on to play along with their sales pitch to put stories on this website.

The Outsiders called their stories “Taking Liberty County”. Appropriate as the name they gave their writing was, we gradually learned that their real plans were to either remove elected officials via indictment and conviction or to paint them as crooked and defeat them at the polls so they could replace them with their members. Early in our relationship Liberty Dispatch visited with various public officials and expressed our concern and advised them of our efforts to discover their modus operandi and how deep the sheriff was involved their plot.

What some people may have perceived as a “parting of the ways” has really been the end of our efforts to discover what these people are doing here in our county. They thought that “Taking Liberty County” would be something that appealed to us and our readers, but those of us who live here have been celebrating the results from the last two elections and we do not appreciate Sheriff Patterson waking up one day and deciding to undo the changes WE THE PEOPLE have mandated so some cult can roost in our community.

We are now dedicated to “take back” anything these people have wrestled control of and, with the help of our readers and the people of this community, to reject this kind of outside influence and purge them from their “occupy Liberty County” mentality. There may be very little Democrats would ever agree with us about, but we are hopeful that anyone who loves this community will see the necessity of prying Cliff Williams’, criminal Eddie Shauberger’s, and other Outsiders’ hands off of the steering wheel to our county law enforcement. And to send them a message that “Step Two” of their plan to replace the judges WE THE PEOPLE just elected is not something that people from outside this community will ever do.

Since Williams and Shauberger have repeatedly bragged that anything is possible when you “have the sheriff in your pocket”, we believe they could have messed up and not covered up some of their connections to Henry Patterson. This should be looked into by the remaining 99% of our public officials – including the majority of Henry Patterson’s sheriff’s department which is NOT a part of this attempt to manipulate our community and exploit past efforts to clean up the county’s government.

Specifically, as we have said before, any money Henry Patterson has access to through his official capacity should be scrutinized. The idea of “follow the money” is just a first step in revealing these people’s activity. Not only should cash, drugs, and other assets seized by the sheriff should be audited, the sheriff should be called to publicly answer about his relationship to the people in question- as we "Take Back Liberty County".


Anonymous said...

I had wondered what happen to Eddie Shauberger. I guess he resents all the bad things that have happen to him here in Liberty County and he is now striking out and friend and foe alike.

Anonymous said...

I like OPEN GOVERNMENT. Patterson should insist these accounts be audited and show all of his expenditures etc. so we know he at least has not been paying these people to come in here and try and control all of us.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work LD. We are watching!

Anonymous said...

I hope you can tell us more details about these outsiders if they continue to think that we are all stupid enough to turn the county over to them.

Anonymous said...

I hope the people that run this website are aware that the people you are outing are making inroads to the Tea Party groups in Liberty County. They never say it but my wife and I can tell their goals are more about Patterson than the Tea Party goals It is dishonest and we will not be participating.

Anonymous said...

All new groups being formed are to be watched until the original ideas gel, the leadership finalizes, and the plans morph into the final product. Lots of changes, many unplanned by the originators, occur along the way. Many such individuals, as the Outsiders, try to co-opt new movements, and capture those resources for their own ends.

It's an old business raider scheme: why start and build a business, when it's so easy to just take over somebody else's business? or...
Why think up your own patentable ideas, when you can start an 'invention submission and counseling' business, and steal everyone else's ideas- filing the patent papers in your own name?

(Sadly, this happened to small churches too- an outside denomination, simply joined their church in sufficient numbers, and voted themselves the trustees, then the deed)!

Getting 51% of a corporation's stock served the same purpose.