Thursday, December 29, 2011


32 year old Linda Chapman worked in the Cleveland Annex Tax Office from March 2005 to October 2011. She worked there until she felt like policy changes were unfair and then she quit.

Mrs. Chapman left just a few weeks after longtime Democrat Mark McClelland retired and Republican businessman Ricky Brown was appointed to complete his unfulfilled term. Though the courthouse along with the tax office is by all accounts a better place to work in with a more positive cooperative spirit, Mrs. Chapman decided very quickly that she would quit and protest one of Brown’s ideas of how to improve the way the office served the community.

What upset Mrs. Chapman so much that she would turn in her resignation? What new idea would she be willing to pay a filing fee and several thousand dollars in election expenses to challenge? Was she offended that Brown’s methods would cause the taxpayers of Liberty County to receive fewer services or poor service?

No... Mrs. Chapman was offended at the suggestion that employees try and avoid missing work at the first and last of the month. Ricky Brown knew the community tended to come into the tax office more at the first and the last of the month and he simply asked employees to be mindful and to consider the customers and fellow workers when making decisions.

Brown never said come to work no matter what. He told employees to be mindful and respectful of each other and the community and if they have a choice, try to make it to work those days.

Ricky Brown has been part of a revitalization of the courthouse’s public image and its cooperative spirit. He has made positive changes for the employees, and at the same time he has been an example of how a public servant should always be mindful of working to make things better for the community. His race with Mrs. Chapman is a classic Republican vs Democrat race. The Democrat thinking the “position” taxpayers were paying her to fill had certain unspoken privileges and that she should not even consider being inconvenienced – after all she has rights. And the Republican working to make things better for everyone.

We urge voters to tell their friends to vote for Ricky Brown. We also urge Mrs. Chapman to always be self employed so any inconvenience she aims at her customers effects her performance and not everyone else. She was asked to be considerate and it resulted in her quitting. How could we expect her to work and sacrifice on our behalf if she were elected. The answer is simple. She has already showed us she wouldn’t.


Anonymous said...

Bah humbug!

Anonymous said...

The most amazing thing about the District Clerk Donna Brown, the County Clerk Paulette Williams,and Tax Assessor Ricky Brown and the people working in those offices is that there are two years of pay freezes and still the atmosphere and the service fromtheir departments has greatly improved. When Liberty County straightens out the economic mess made by the Democrats, these worker bees should get a nice thank you/pay raise.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Linda Chapman needs totake a happy pill. The courthouse has.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Brown is a Godsend.

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER worked in a place where bosses didn't tell workers the best and the worst days to take off. This Linda Chapman must not know how it feels to have several people out on the busiest days.It is hard on employees and the people standing in line waiting.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Brown, You have our vote. I wouldn't worry too much about Linda Chapman. I have been to the Tax office since Ricky brown took over. It is a whole lot better place to do buisiness now.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the line well over a dozen people (and in excess of an hour,) especially when the car dealers come in with a stack of title transfers to process. All you can do, is come back later.

This is the same one, Linda Chapman, that had so much ""knowledge and training"" at daddy's little store, that she felt qualified to be a judge!
She was soundly rejected by the voters!!!

Same lousy attitude. Same "also ran". Next losing campaign...

note: With this thing as the lone democratic election offering/opponent, Ricky Brown must have a huge smile! There's NOTHING like a landslide election!

mug shot question: that thing's campaign/news release picture looks decades older than age 32... is this a bar culture denizen???
(just what we don't need, running the tax assessor's office)!!!

Anonymous said...

LD: we need your assistance...

Seems that the Aggies are coming to sing, next week (see:
BTW: It should be a fine, university quality, vocal music performance. (but it's hardly a concert hall level venue... Tarkington MS's auditorium would have been a better choice)

Could you ask your readers, as a hospitality courtesy, to remove all M & M's candies from the stores, during their visit??

(seems that Aggies find them ""to hard to peel"")!!!

Anonymous said...

too hard to peel! lmao dbl

Anonymous said...

It is rare to see someone 30 something able to run an office with mature and wise decisionmaking. Mrs.Chapman may have some good ideas,but give her a few years and I bet she would agree with what Mr. Brown said.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Logan Pickett is running for DA and I would not be surprised if he wanted fifteen minute breaks during the day to play video games.

Anonymous said...

hey, what's wrong with bar culture?

Didn't they train Cleveland's infamous 11 year old?

Didn't they start out as a bar's children's recruiting arm?

Didn't they have a sex offender sign the kids in, for that children's music festival?

Didn't another bar culture bunch in Cleveland, make November's news with another rape, another drinking party, and another sex offender(s)???

Again, what could POSSIBLY go wrong... with elevating another bar culture denizen- and this time, to decide your taxes, in an elected office??? Such logic...

""Beam me up, Scotty... There's no intelligent life on this planet""!!!

Anonymous said...

I read the article about Linda Chapman.She said she was a 32 yr Liberty County Resident her age
was not revealed,I met her in the tax office we conversated about
children and if I remember right
she was older,in her mid 40's.She was also very knowlegeable in assisting me.

Anonymous said...

""disgruntled and quits""!???
Are we talking over-the-top, 'flaky', here???

LD: So, what's our backup plan, if we make the mistake of electing her, and she gets ""disgruntled"" on THAT job??? What's ""plan B""???

What if she's ""disgruntled"" with the commissioner's court, school boards, city councils, state comptroller, TxDMV,- and the various personages of those agencies, who are the recipients/dependents of the tax assessor's efforts???

Let me put it another way....
is there ANYBODY that she can work FOR,...... (or with)???

I don't see any problem here, that a brand new set of BRAINS... won't SOLVE!!! It's simply, too important of a position, for a flake.

Anonymous said...

A flake is right, I worked with the _itch. She couldn't manage as dog catcher. Are you guys sure she isnt the outsiders candidate?