Friday, December 2, 2011

John Otto- Change is good...

Many here on Liberty Dispatch are wondering why we have changed our opinion of local Texas State Representative John Otto.  There is a good reason why we now support Texas State Represenative John Otto.  We looked back at Representative Otto's voting record in Austin so we could formulate his conservative or non-conservative voting record.  What we found was a recent record of a man who now votes with the party and conservative ideals.  Otto's voting record was a surprise and we believe he finally gets it.  If you are a Republican you vote like one, you promote the conservative philosopy and Republican Party platform.

People can change and its appears Otto has changed for the better. It is never too late to be a good Republican.

Representative John Otto's voting record

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Anonymous said...

Ok. So because he votes along party lines you think that he "gets it." You have no idea what the Perry, Dewhurst era of Texas Government has done to our educational system. Our educational system is now ran by a company called Pearson. They make the standardized tests that our educational system is a slave to. And at a time when budget constraints are limiting schools and the quality of education our schools get Mr. Otto and the rest of the people in Austin who "get it" gave Pearson a nearly $500 million dollar contract. Yeah, he "gets it" alright. He "gets it" from the lobbyist groups in Austin. Just wait and see what he does after he leaves the Legislature. He will be working for a lobbyist group.