Monday, December 19, 2011

Liberty County 2012 Republican Candidates

December 19, 2011 (Liberty Dispatch Support)

County Tax-Assessor Collector- Richard L. Brown
County Tax-Assessor Collector- Debra Glenn

Liberty County Attorney- Wesley N. Hinch
Liberty County Attorney- James Farmer

District Attorney 253rd District- Karen McNair
District Attorney 253rd District- Logan Edward Pickett

Sheriff- Henry Patterson
Sheriff- Bobby Rader, Jr.
Sheriff- Will Cox

Constable- Pct 1 Timothy Allison
Constable- Pct 1 A.W. Bowdoin

Constable- Pct 2 Juan Alfaro

Constable- Pct 3 Danny Frankum
Constable- Pct 3 Tommy Koen
Constable- Pct 3 Darrell Wayne Elliott

Constable- Pct 4 Robert Earl Thornton
Constable- Pct 4 Chad Pafford
Constable- Pct 4 Leroy Hanel

Constable- Pct 5 L.W. Despain

Constable- Pct 6 John Joslin
Constable- Pct 6 James McQueen

Justice of Peace Pct 1- Darla Smith Diaz
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Lawrence Wilson Wagnon
Justice of Peace Pct 1- John Wayne Wilson
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Roy Dwain House
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Libby Simonson

Commissioner Pct 1- Herbert Oreschnigg
Commissioner Pct 1- Mike McCarty

Commissioner Pct 3- Chance Ward
Commissioner Pct 3- Eddie C. Lowery
Commissioner Pct 3- David S. Whitmire
Commissioner Pct 3- Bobby K. Lum

County Chairman- Ken Coleman


Anonymous said...

Business must be pretty bad for Wil Cox to run for office, funny how all his business advertising looks like he is running for public office. Isnt that illegal?

Anonymous said...

James Farmer is a carpetbagger.

Anonymous said...

I hear Logan Picket likes to knock his wife around.

Anonymous said...

I heard the same about Juan Alfaro that he likes to beat his wife too.

Anonymous said...

the Pct 6 Constable list (JJ) has a sheriff's breakfast cohort, with one of the deputies, as a campaign member.... WARNING, WARNING...

Also, two of the sheriff's candidates are from the same church, that keeps trying to monopolize and control-

* the city council,
* mayor's office,
* county commissioner's office,
* the school board

(though, they're having trouble, of late, keeping school board households, and relatives of deacons and prominent staff members...

* sober
* fully dressed
* out of LCSO squad cars
* away from sex offenders
* off the 6 O'clock news
* out of arraignments, and
* out of bail bond offices)!!!

Such a WHOLESOME, pious church!

On another note: I just checked my cupboards, and I'm low on toothpicks (anybody know how to AIM a tornado?) just asking...

Anonymous said...

James Mcqueen cant keep a wife or a job. cleveland pd fired him for beeing drunk on duty and crashing a patrol car. then rice campus police fired him for being drunk on duty. NOT WHAT I WANT LOOKING AFTERR MY FAMILY.

Anonymous said...

doesn't leave a great option at Pct 6, does it? Next candidate, please.

Anonymous said...

I support Royce Wheeler.

Anonymous said...

yes, Wheeler could win be default, if these are the only two alternatives. So much for getting control back, over the gun range slush fund!

Anonymous said...

sad day, when the dem's field a slush funder, and we can't field its better or equal... Might as well go to a one party, one news source system... Hellooooooo socialism, queer nation, enviro-wackoism, and global welfare. Goodbye, sovereign nation, founded on Christian principles.

Anonymous said...

so...the car wreck has D.F. running for constable as a republican you show he is listed as dem just curious which is it Democrat or Republican?

Anonymous said...

they're totally interchangeable, as long as we allow the RINO group...

Anonymous said...

Farmer must be really bad for LD to move its support to Hinch...or has he straightened up enough to gain your support??? I'm a little confused.