Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It remains to be seen if the projected one BILLION dollars that President Obama’s re-election team is predicted to rise will by some miracle get him re-elected. It remains to be seen whether or not the millionaire supporters Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson’s re-election team has bragged will fund his raise will result in his re-election. But what is a certainty and what we have all already seen is President Obama’s headstrong belief that the government spending more and more taxpayer money has just made his re-election less and less probable. And what is certain is Sheriff Patterson’s Sergeant Shultz’s “I know nothing!” strategy of running the sheriff’s department has made his re-election team’s biggest challenge is how to do a makeover so people won’t recognize the Henry Patterson who has had three years to improve his performance.

What can money do for failed politicians? Two very similar things we can all anticipate we will see as both Obama and Patterson throw money at their races:

1) Exaggerations and distortions and spin making them sound like they have been successful since being elected in 2008. They will need a great deal of money to prey on the minds of even the less informed of the electorate to sell voters that they deserve re-election.

2) Exaggerations and distortions and spin making his opponent sound like someone who doesn’t even deserve their own Mother’s vote.

It will be an interesting year to watch. Can money, record campaign spending, make people forget that a politician has failed and that a new person needs to lead us so we have a chance to improve our government?

2012 should be a great year for us all. We are coming to an end to a very tough transitional time, both nationally and locally. We have seen some success and we have seen some failure. With hindsight, the chances of us choosing to embrace people and policies we have seen fail are near zero. Our community and our country are not for sale.


Anonymous said...

to "My Darling, Clementine":

Got a gun room
Got a gun range
See the slush fund
that I gained

Chamber's leaving
Civic Center
Then we'll clean their
Whoopee stains!

Anonymous said...

hey LD??? How about a campaign event (better yet, at the dem's candidate forums,) let's have a Kamikazi Karaoke event. Wherein, we ambush all the culprits, by having each of them come up to the podium/microphone, to sing THEIR VERSES of the various LD "tune of" series songs....???

The red faces and horselaughs should be PRICELESS!!!

We could get Craig McNair and Will Cox to accompany, with their guitars. (maybe Wheeler too?)

the composer (of course....I get to remain anonymous) LMAO ROFL

I wonder if being the only one that doesn't need a songsheet, will give me away??? lol

Anonymous said...

10 billion dollars SHOULD not help Obama. Mr.Patterson is a whole different ball of wax. his people are playing all kinds of tricks - even on their allies. The Outsiders claim Cleveland voters LOVE Henry Patterson and they will not stray away and vote for Will Cox or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Instead of dollars, Patterson needs some sense!

Anonymous said...

One of Henry's supporters started telling me will Cox was too old to be sheriff at age 69 and that Bobby Rader was just a part time JP. The choices of responses to such an ignorant comment are many. My knowledge of Henry's three years as sheriff preclude me caring to hear anything he thinks about a patriot like Will Cox. And Bobby Rader is for sure the hardest working and most effective JP in the county so complaining that he can't be a good sheriff WITHOUT after divesting himself from h is other business is poor political rhetoric from a failed sheriff.

Anonymous said...

The Outsiders keep picking horses to run in Liberty County races that would lose without their support and that willget blownout with their support.