Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Outsider/s Files Ethics Complaint Against District Judge

Recent HCN story:

A resident from The Woodlands has filed an official complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission against 75th State District Judge Mark Morefield, of Liberty County, for allegedly committing several campaign finance violations.

Tom Curry, a self-described Woodlands Tea Party supporter, alleges in a sworn complaint to the TEC that Morefield committed numerous violations that included accepting corporate contributions, converting campaign funds to personal use, made an unlawful contribution to a candidate/officeholder, filed several incomplete campaign finance reports and did not fully disclose the sources of political contributions.

Curry alleges in the complaint that Morefield accepted a political contribution from a corporation and cited an entry from Morefield’s campaign finance reports that listed a $200 contribution from Security Storage of Liberty. etc.

Tom Curry is more than a self-described Tea-Party supporter.  Mr. Curry is a "Outsider" and part of the coming onslaught against our Liberty County Judges.  The Outsiders have a recent history of hiding behind the Tea-Party.  In fact, they have bastardized the Liberty and Dayton, Texas Tea-Party as an apparatus to place their own cultist into office.

This baseless attack against Judge Morefield was just another delusional "smoking gun" belief of the Outsiders Cult.  The writer in the HCN story should have better been explained as an "Outsider Kook".

The "Outsiders" are trying to make Judge Morefield a victim of their political attacks to take him out with their replacement.

Liberty County can be proud of the work of Judge Morefield and its going to take a lot more than some delusional kook cultist to replace our judge.

Judge Morefield has explained the discrepancies and the minor corrections after taking appropriate action.  Judge Morefield was running his campaign and dealing with health issues during the time in question.  This further proves the "Outsiders" are nothing more than strange cult group grasping at straws to find crimes were none were committed.  The only criminals in this situation are the "Outsiders Cult" trying to take over Liberty County.

LD supports our judges and will vehemently support them against the cultist attacks to take over the Liberty County.



Anonymous said...

Here we go with a new highly qualified judge who is working his tail off to clean up the mess left himand to kep up with new cases and what do his enemies say about him? Nothing about his work on the bench.they talk about two and three hundred dollar donations not being filed perfectly. With allofthe cases this very hard working judge has filed they dig up a supposedly conservative guy from the Woodlands and file this kind of ya ya against the lawyer in this county that is known to be the longest professing republican. Nuts!

Anonymous said...

No, this was the outsiders... It stinks of Cliff William and Eddie Shauberger. This guy that sent this complaint against Morefield has previously surfaced with the Outsiders.

Anonymous said...

If you are a taxpayer i challenge you to find time to go and watch Judge Morefield and compare him to that Hight lawyer that he beat last election and you will see the people's business is now being done in a just and proper manner. The Outsiders would do well to take their boy Henry and look for another county to railroad.

Anonymous said...

Bravo on the way Morefield is handling this.No cover up, no lies. Responding to the story and doing his job.

Anonymous said...

If anyone, including Melecio Franco, would like to get the real story about the people filing the complaints then go to As a reporter, I believe you should always consider the the source when writing a story. I find it very funny that Thomas Curry would be allowed to file any kind of "Ethics" complaint.

Judge Morefield is about as honest, hard working, and law abiding as they come. Any mistake on his part looks to be a clerical error. There is no malice or attempts to cover anything up on his part. Do your own homework on this and I think you will find the same conclusion. I am honored to have this judge on the bench and these political hacks should be seen for what they are! This is simply an attempt to drag a conservative judge through the mud!

Anonymous said...

Enough Said!!

Anonymous said...

More of Curry's junk here -

Anonymous said...

This is a damn joke! There is no story here because these are technical mistakes being reported with the filing procedures. What a crock. Judge Morefield is a honest man and the best legal mind in Liberty County.

I would personally like to slap Tom Curry, William Elmer, Ricahrd McDuffie, Peter Goeddertzk, Bill Berntsen, James Jenkins, Adrian Heath, and Benjamin & Robert Allison back in to Mongomery County. If you don't know these names, well, its no wonder. they dont have anything to do with Liberty County, but they are filling these type of complaints all over Texas. Just google those names and see for yourself. These guys need to be held accountable. William Elmer is the leader and I would not be supried if the DNC is behind him!