Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tommy Koen Running for Constable Pct. #3

Tommy Koen

Tommy Koen has announced that he will run in the Republican primary for the position of Constable of Precinct #3.

A lifetime resident of Precinct 3, Koen knows his community as well as anyone. He attended school in Hardin and graduated from Hardin High School in 1971. He is a lifelong member of the Hardin Methodist Church. Tommy is married to Rebecca Carter Koen. Having his roots in the Hardin area for many years, Tommy has made a lifelong commitment to the area.

Koen is also committed to his profession. After graduating from high school in 1971, he began his law enforcement career working for Liberty Police Department as a Patrol Officer. In the 33 years of his experience in law enforcement, Koen has attended many specialized classes dealing with (i.e. terrorists, evictions, family violence, etc). 24 of those years of service have been as a full time officer. Koen is a Master Peace Officer and currently works for Liberty County Sheriff’s Offices as a Patrol Sergeant. He is responsible for the supervision of five deputies that take calls for service in Liberty County.

Koen carries certifications by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education as an Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Field Training Instructor, and Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor.

On his days off, Koen works security at the Hardin Chambers Center, also known as the Alternative School, in Liberty. He has done this for the past 8 school years. His job there allows him to work with children from all of the school districts in Liberty and Chambers counties, including Hardin Jr. High and Hardin High School. This experience has given him valuable knowledge in dealing with juvenile problems.

“I think that the citizens of Precinct #3 deserve a Constable who has a vast experience in law enforcement and will work full-time for the voters of Precinct #3. I have handled hundreds of calls for service in my tenure as a peace officer everything from homicide to goats loose on the roadway. I am experienced in serving warrants and handling civil issues. I would appreciate your support and vote in the March Republican Primary."


Anonymous said...

Koen is more qualified and more available.

Anonymous said...

Our current constable works a minimum of 40 hours a week at another job. One of the other challengers claims he will work at another job during the daytime and do the constable's work at night. I don't know if it is just me, but I am not worth a great deal after a days work. These men are offering their leftovers and expecting full oay. I will vote for Koen. I have checked into his extra work and it is usually only 16 hours a week and some of it involves dealing with Hardin teenagers. He will do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Koen has dedication...he loves his profession and cares about the community. In my opinion he is the only person running that is qualified and committed. Therefore he should be the only choice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy, watch out for Patterson's goats... lol

Anonymous said...

yeah, the two-legged goats, that is.

Anonymous said...

You mean we have a Constable in Pct3.O yeah he runs radar and catches fast drivers around Moss Hill.Easy money.Catching crooks is hard work and dangerouse.

Anonymous said...

Pct 3 Constable's job?

1.He guards news editor's houses from all the unknown demons, that her psychic warned her of (while ignoring the drug abuse/misuse on the same properties.)

2. He also has temporary blindness, every time an illegal truck drives through.

3. Finally, the job entails looking the other way, every time gov't money, materials, or equipment gets misappropriated to the private interests of Fitz or Groce.

So easy, that any simple-minded CROOK can do it!

note:(why bother to go through the farse of electing someone? Use it as a half-way house: Just appoint the nearest family or LCSO parolee!)

BTW: it could be a good job for Patterson and Chris Minx, some day. (but they'll have to wait in line behind Harry Kelly, who is due out next August!)

Anonymous said...

I have been gone from Liberty County for several years, but was born, raised, worked, married and divorced in Liberty. I have known Tommy Koen longer than most and probably better than most people around the county. When I think of an honest and good man, I think of Tommy Koen. He may not always say or do what is popular, but you can bet it is the RIGHT thing. He is the most decent, sometimes, brutally honest man I have ever known. He has persevered, through the years,and deserves all the credentials he has acquired in law enforcement. Tommy is the best choice and most qualified man to be the Constable for Precinct 3. Get out and support him!