Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We warned you...

Eddie Shauberger said, “We can get you elected”. This summer The Outsiders were analyzing the chances of getting their potential candidate for Liberty County District Attorney elected and they seem to have a very high opinion of Shauberger’s political acumen. Though there are many reasons obvious to most why Shauberger may not be the best person to ask, his thumbs up for James Farmer seemed like all they needed to set their plans into motion. Months after Farmer announced at a political meeting that he was running for D.A., Shauberger and The Outsiders have decided they could help Sheriff Patterson in his efforts to overthrow the judiciary more by obviously running for County Attorney. We warned Liberty County… these people, these Outsiders, are serious about “Taking Liberty County” (Ironically the title of a series of articles they wrote several months ago).

The large thick glasses and the curly, almost wild hair and scruffy facial look may not be what Liberty is use to when lawyers run for elective offices, but his looks may be the least of James Farmers obstacles. Farmer’s odd rhetoric covering a wide range of topics may not be something voters ever get a chance to hear on the campaign trail because of Patterson’s, Shauberger’s and the Outsiders’ tendency to hide out from the public with the exception of hundreds of early morning breakfasts.

One minute Farmer apologizes for having a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, “I know they are bad for me and I have been meaning to quit.” The next minute he is talking about he is not a Christian but he is “real close” to becoming one (he even “went to a Jewish Passover dinner with friends not long ago”.) To add to his bizarre rhetoric in the same short conversation he intermittently refers to various court cases on topics no one in the conversation mentioned. He also goes into a weird legal rationale of why he shouldn’t have to pay taxes or file income tax forms. James Farmer is a knowledgeable person and we can see how perfectly he fits in with The Outsiders, but his intellect is misplaced. His charm may be disarming, but his goals (and the goals of Shauberger and the Outsiders) are alarming.

But all of this description of brief encounters with this man is not the most troubling things voters need to know about James Farmer. His bankruptcies and money troubles and the long list of “companies” he is affiliated with are troubling, but the effort of what many might call a failed Houston businessman to come and help with the Patterson takeover is most troubling.

Farmer has the same problem the last Democrat that ran for County Judge had. He is not from here. Remember how Ken Morrison said he was building a cabin right on the county line and that was his proof that he intended to be a county resident? Farmer rented an upstairs apartment near downtown Liberty approximately six months ago (six months is the residency requirement to run for this office). The owners of the garage apartment say Farmer has never spent one night in the apartment.

Eddie Shauberger and his Outsider friends boast that keeping Patterson sheriff and getting Farmer elected is just the beginning. They are eyeing the 2014 election and putting black robes on people they hand pick.

Candidate James Farmer has officially signed up to run for Liberty County Attorney with odd credentials, odd history and candidate qualifications apparently based in fraud. Does Liberty County need a prospective public official already trying to pull a fast one on Liberty County before they are even elected?


Anonymous said...

There's another loony, or two, that are regulars at those breakfast meetings. One of them ran for JP (losing handily,) and spouts off some of the looniest legal opinions (supposedly, laws of the land) that you could imagine. Another, a rancher, is famous for getting ousted from city council for his radical comment: as long as you work for me, you'll do what I say.
Kick in the idiot son-in-law, and you have three of a kind. Add Fuddy, and it's a foursome.

Black robes? On this crew? Sober up, folks, and vote it down!

LD, thanks for exposing them. (though we, the readers, long doubted your sanity, for catering to the Outsiders.) Some of us will take more convincing, that you're completely free of them.

Anonymous said...

To the prior poster, cant you read? Haven't you followed anything that's been written on this site the past couple of months?

Liberty Dispatch reported the news and that meant posting the outsiders stories. They (the outsiders) were curiosities kind of like circus freaks. They were good for a laugh while its lasted. Now the outsiders are trying to take control of the county attorneys office so they can get their political enemies in Liberty County and block others from pursuing legal claims.

Its safe to say Liberty Dispatch and its people oppose the outsiders on most every count.

Anonymous said...

I agree the outsiders have outed themselves. They ended up being so kooky LD had to even pull some of their bizarre stories as written by an illegal alien.

Anonymous said...

This guy Farmer has a campaign predicated on a lie. Lets see how he answers that in a forum. I guess Farmer wasn't in Liberty County when Ken "carpetbagger" Morrison ran. Farmer has something else in common with Morrison, he votes democrat. His campaign is all smoke and mirrors with Fuddy and Showbooger running him.

Anonymous said...

Farmer, the latest "Outsider" carpetbagger.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Hamburger and Fuddy made a big mistake on this one running an outsider.

Anonymous said...

Why don't Robert Valdez go back to mexico and take his outsider with him including James Farmer.

Anonymous said...

Shawburgler is an idiot.