Friday, January 20, 2012

CEC guard pleads guilty to smuggling drugs into Liberty County facility

A Community and Education Centers guard has plead guilty to smuggling drugs into the Liberty County Jail, according to a story in the Cleveland Advocate ("Liberty County jailer guilty of smuggling drugs," October 18th).

"James Allen Roach pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Thad Heartfield on Tuesday, Oct. 18, to attempting to provide a federal inmate with a prohibited object.

According to information presented in court, on Feb. 24, 2011, Roach, a correctional officer for the Liberty County Community Education Center (CEC), was arrested for arranging to deliver marijuana and tobacco into the Liberty County CEC to a federal inmate in exchange for money. Roach was indicted by a federal grand jury on March 2, 2011 and charged with federal violations."

This is not the first time that CEC's Liberty County Jail has had problems.  Earlier this year, the facility failed its Texas Commission on Jail Standards inspection for multiple violations.  The Warden Timothy New, Sheriff Henry Patterson's buddy wasn't even licensed at the Jail facility in Liberty, Texas for years- he was not licensed as a jailer at the time of multiple torts and civil rights violations committed by him and his leadership at CEC against prisoners. (from early 2009 to late 2011.)

    This company is criminal and out of control- they have made Liberty County Texas an international laughing stock.  The problems at CEC in Liberty County start with Warden Timothy New and end with soon to be ex-sheriff Henry Patterson.

    You wont believe the offenses, truth is in fact stranger than fiction.

    Stay tuned for more as we look nationwide at CEC's activities.
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    Anonymous said...

    they sound like an absolutely perfect match, for those LC criminals that need some tough love. Keep them. Besides, Patterson and Rex Evans aren't nearly mean enough, to take over the jails.

    There's no more sobering thought, to a criminal, than the fact that the jail's operators are more degenerate than the criminals!!!
    What a deterrent, that is. The only reason to replace CEC, is that a tougher bunch comes along!

    Anonymous said...

    I read some of the CEC Rap Sheet (it surely was a long one- lol.) Now, let's get employee of the month awards, to all of those accused CEC folks.

    Put the criminals in their PLACE!

    Every complaint they file, gets the full government run-around. Red tape, and more red tape- always somebody else to meet with (who doesn't give a rip), and NEVER ripe for adjudication (all other avenues, never being exhausted.) Keep those criminals fully dejected, and constantly cognizant that they really DONT MATTER to law abiding society. We're TIRED of them (that's WHY they're where they are...)

    Anonymous said...

    I hope that his sentence is a wrist slap, a warning, deferred adjudication, PR bond, full restoration of duty, with back pay, and self supervised probation- of say, four seconds...

    ATTABOY!!!! Here's your promotion and commendation medal....

    Now, get back in there, and FIGHT for the good folks on the OUTSIDE!
    We stand behind you, all the way!

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    This totally unacceptable and Liberty County is still paying these criminals? We need to elect Rader and take back our county jail.

    Anonymous said...

    er, when we start "taking back" places, let's at LEAST find places that are worth having...
    Dens of robbers, thieves, muggers, rapists, con artists, murderers, and drug dealers??.... those don't qualify!

    The only reason that I need Bobby Rader, is to replace the Patterson regime. The jail's denizens can have the worst custodians that we can find. (as long as they have their OWN liability insurance)

    Anonymous said...

    I dont care how much insurance CEC has. Prisoners or even dogs deserve to be treated better. There is no excuse or reason for human rights violations. We need a jail operator who is ethical and just in their behavior of people in our jail. BTW not all people charged or in jail are guilty. How would you feel if you or one of your loved ones were innocent of charges and were being abused by CEC Warden Timothy New. This guy is a shit bag, he isn't an opportunist, he is a predator.

    Timothy New and CEC are a refection on Liberty County. One my family and I don't appreciate or want our tax money being used for.

    Liberty County is getting stirred up about this and against CEC.

    Anonymous said...

    ok,last year the med. person was cought, bringing pot in the old jail. just before that a guard shop lifting at wal-mart
    in cleveland, in inform.
    the so call person over the security was fired when cca had it. for abusing guard , then one had a baby with him. he went to cain court, for few years , now he's back over the security at the jail what a bunch of bull s---

    Anonymous said...

    No matter how you feel about how prisoners should be treated, taxpayers need to avoid lawsuits. Lawsuits cost money win or lose and losing a lawsuit could cost megabucks

    Anonymous said...

    Liberty County will continue to get sued until they get rid of Mr. New. 99 out of 100 prisoners in the jail are lying. The only problem is we have 150 prisoners. I support law enforcement but a rare few do stupid and illegal stuff. Mr. New is a bottom line money guy but his money sense does not cover lawsuits.