Sunday, January 15, 2012

Farmer's Fight

(01/13/2012 Liberty, Texas) In anticipation of Henry Patterson and his political team/quasi rogue investigators trying to give traction to their candidate for one of the public prosecutor positions, we decided early on at Liberty Dispatch that though we would gather as much intelligence as we could about “The Outsiders”, we would also inform certain public officials of some of their plans early on. We did this so they could not make up some cock and bull story.

We also chose Richard Pegues to be our liaison with the Outsiders. We did this for several reasons. First, it was evident to us that Eddie Shauberger was no longer focused on trying to elect Republicans or better conservatives or any other of our original goals. His goals had changed to save his rear at all cost. He was more concerned about his legal troubles and about building some kind of political hit team run through Sheriff Henry Patterson and whoever else they could add in the next election. Second, Richard has no legal problems, has not sought any paid elected position, and is well known for having one goal (electing the best Republicans that can be found and giving them the political support so they can be left alone to do their jobs).

With the evil twist and spin and diabolical plot of the outsiders in mind, Pegues left an e-mail trail clearly telling these people to go jump in the lake early on. The e-mail trail makes it clear that it is Eddie Shauberger whose ambitions cause him, and him alone to slobber all over any power he can access through Henry Patterson and the Outsiders to save himself.

Pegues was pushed by Shauberger to meet with these people under the guise of “how helpful they could be to getting Republicans elected”. Pegues met with them and was asked to help find an apartment for a friend of Henry Patterson’s who would begin taking cases in the Liberty County courthouse in May of 2011 in hopes of possibly running to defeat or remove District Attorney Mike Little. It was Shauberger’s idea that Farmer could either run against Mike Little or remove Mike Little via a petition from office so that Farmer could be appointed.

Subsequently, Farmer has not, to our knowledge, taken one case in the local courthouse. Neither has he spent one night in the apartment he rented. In fact, our readers have suggested there is not one piece of furniture, not one dish, and not one shred of evidence anyone lives in the apartment James Farmer is claiming as his residence.

“Residence is considered ‘a state of mind’ by some courts”, according to a statement by Richard Pegues. “I told these people when they pointed that out that it did not make a difference, Liberty County would not vote for people who were not part of this community and I told them Farmer had way too much personal baggage to run for office anywhere. I also made sure to tell a few public officials about them months ago just in case Eddie started projecting his crazy plans off on me like he has Ray Akins,” Pegues continued. “Eddie has taken his gift of gab and abused one person after another. Knowing he leaves a trail of destruction, I tried to stay clear of this deal he has with the people Patterson has brought to Liberty County.”

Pegues went on to point out that Shauberger was plotting something long before he knew anything about it and that Shauberger became very angry and unreasonable the minute he heard Bobby Rader was running for sheriff.

“I am just one more casualty in what I can only guess is Eddie’s reaction to years of stress and what he now perceives as failure after failure. Regardless, he can forget about trying to make up enough stuff to get James Farmer elected here. Patterson would have a much better chance of getting re-elected if he had just done his job and stayed away from Eddie and left these outsider people where they were. If Patterson believes smearing my name is going to help get him and Farmer Republican primary votes, he underestimates the intelligence of Liberty County voters. It is a stupid strategy. If Farmer wants a job here, fighting everyone the minute he commutes into town is not the way to get one.”

What’s even crazier is how Shauberger and his Outsiders cant and wont defend any of their candidates, only attack people who aren’t even running for office… a sure formula for a stunning stupid loss. Shauberger’s apparent guilt has caused him to take control of the Outsiders and Patterson as protection for crimes he has committed and currently under indictment for. Apparently “they” think by having Patterson re-elected, they can arrest more of our justice and even judiciary who they have already zeroed in on.

They will have to get past Liberty Dispatch first… the fight continues.


Anonymous said...

Farmer is a scam artist just like eddie shauberger

Anonymous said...

Eddie Hamburger has been sucking people into his scams for the past 20 years.

Anonymous said...

These outsiders are p-ing me off.

Anonymous said...

just keep the ballot boxes honest, and the good people will vote down this rabble.

Anonymous said...

So now you people are ashamed you mouthed off about Wes Hinch?

Richard Pegues said...

The short answer to the question about Wes Hinch is "no". My editorial was the kind of honest and valid criticism needed in a democracy. I have always liked Wes Hinch and the Hinch family, but good people can easily lose their way when they get in politics ofno one challenges them. I think any friend that had the conversation I had with Wes would be trying to persuade him to think differently. Having said that I still like Wes Hinch. I am more comfortable being "for" him rather than against him. With Farmer as his opponent it is easy to be "for" Wes and just hope he learns while in office. He has the potential to be as good of a county attorney as Liberty county had ever had. On the other hand, Farmer is part of a plot to set up a new good ole boy network run by Henry Patterson's imported friends.

Anonymous said...

yes, Hinch is a likable guy. He just can't get it through his head that slush funds aren't ""his""!!! (or, that anybody/anywhere else's slush funds, aren't ""theirs""!)