Friday, January 13, 2012

Where is the Liberty County Media? Afraid of Henry Patterson's Cult Connection?

What the heck is going on around here! Last election we had a man from Kingwood work on what appeared to be an upgrade on a hunting camp and claim Liberty County residency so he would be qualified to run for County Judge. This election we have a man renting a garage apartment in order to establish residency in order to run for county attorney. His landlords say he has never spent one night in the apartment.

Where is the media? It is not like we have not given them all of the facts to report the news to their audience. Why is James Farmer not buried in news stories about him never actually living here but trying to make it appear he does? Is the county attorney position not important? Do the local media think voters do not want to hear about this immediately?

For people new to Liberty County we must post a disclaimer about the subject of residency. Ray Akins, a political activists associated with Liberty Dispatch, was signed up a couple of years ago to run for the hospital district board. The local media went nuts. After reviewing the residency laws, Akins was in a much more defensible position to claim residency than Ken Morrison (2010 candidate for County Judge) or James Farmer (2012 candidate for Count Attorney). Akins never fought against the onslaught of media over running for a hospital board position even though he clearly owns property and resides part of the year in Liberty and frequently stays in his residence within the hospital boundaries.

Why the silence from the media? People in this county may or may not be fans of our politics, but if the media want to find people almost all of us agree need to stay out of Liberty County politics, it is people who are the (Cult) Outsiders. Recently, local media reported that an outsider filed a complaint on technical failures of one of our judges. The judge (and almost every Liberty County politician in the last thirty years) needs to be more careful, but Liberty County’s media needs to answer a question the rest of us want to know the answer to: “Who is this Tom Curry, and why is he all up in Liberty County’s business?”

Tom Curry, according to Montgomery County Presiding District Court Judge P.K. Reiter, has a “fraudulent voter registration to vote and (his) votes were fraudulent”. And there is a strong possibility he is tied to Henry Patterson’s re-election/political team.

Is it not newsworthy that another outsider is weighing in and siding with Sheriff Patterson’s team to undo what the voters did in the Republican landslide of 2010? The up for a lowly unpaid media jumped on a man who lives here for signing up to run for a hospital district position, but gives Patterson’s people to weigh in on much larger matters without a peep?

Is the local media afraid of the Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson's Cult connection, "The Outsiders"? Are they afraid these people will go back twenty years to trump up "accusations" against people?

All that has ever been leveled against Ray Akins is ALLEGATIONS and NOTHING has ever been proven against him by his political opponents either civil or criminal EVER in a court of law.  Ray Akins stands firm in his resolve to help Liberty County elect the best candidates as does Liberty Dispatch.  Akins political opponents think by attacking Akins with allegations that have been made against him it will help Henry Patterson, it will not...

Come on, what are you afraid of Liberty News Media, all they can do is accuse. Do you have the courage to report on this cult? Do you have the courage to report Henry Patterson and James Farmer's connections to this cult?  I guess we shall all see...


Anonymous said...

I am not sure the localmedia is afraid as much as they are confused. They are very reluctant to report on people Ray Akins does not want elected. Nomatter that the facts are clear, they are uncomfortable being on the same side as Ray. It is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I am hoping everyone is looking into these people and this community will know who walks among us and hwat they are up to before the election.

Anonymous said...

the libertycounty media are a bunch of chicken shits

Anonymous said...

everyone picks on you ray because you are the voice of truth