Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dear Liberty Dispatch.

In a world full of irony and in an election year full of deception, I must say we have some folks here in Liberty County that have some nerve to ask voters to believe their crazy nonsense. The most recent nonsense they are promoting is that this website has constantly aimed its criticism at the deputies in the Liberty County Sheriff’s department.

Liberty Dispatch has written and written and written about Sheriff Patterson and what they have called a cult-like group of men that are influencing him and they have not once in the two years I have been reading pointed their writing at any of the deputies in the Liberty County Sheriff’s department. They have talked about the morale in the department created by an almost endless investigation of their own department by Sheriff Patterson and Steve Green. They have questioned and poked at the decisions made to hire captains from outside the county that already have problems on their work records.

Is he serious? Is Sheriff Patterson actually going to sit quietly and allow his campaign team to deflect the criticism many of us have for him and his leadership and his choices towards the men and women who risk their lives daily to protect and serve? Is he going to push the complaints about him over to the men and women who make less than half of what he is paid and who are just trying to put food on the table for their families and keep their bills paid?

And is he going to allow this crazy attempt that passes on negative implications about the department to the lowest rookie deputy on the totem pole so his political team can try to sell him as their defender? You have to be kidding me. The deputies in the LCSO have a pretty good reputation these days. I have gone back and looked at Liberty Dispatch’s articles about the LCSO and they are almost all zeroed in on the leadership.

So here is a suggestion to our sheriff. Stop the politics. Show up for work. Show up at crime scenes. Show up to things that show your deputies you care. Tell your media consultants to take a break. Talk to the public yourself and let us know what is happening in the criminal world. I can see why you probably don’t like Liberty Dispatch, but please realize real live people write into and read this website and you have a whole lot of changes you need to make to earn the support we freely gave you last election.

Name withheld due to possible reprisals by Henry Patterson and his cult group supporters.


Anonymous said...

This really is a strange world when politics bottoms out and things like this happen. Henry has made his deputies feel like they have been under the gun since the day he was elected. He is rarely heard from and has pointed most of the positive attention the department receives toward Rex Evans and his special crimes unit. Now he is willing for his campaign expert to cast him as the defender of the deputies in the department. they have not been attacked by anyone but him, but he is now their protector. Sad!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Sheriff Deputies. There will be a new SHERIFF in town, come next election. You follow the rules your boss (Sheriff) lays out for you, just like anyone else on any other job has to do. So,it is not your fault that your boss doesn't show up or want to talk to public and the voters that elected him. Pack your things Henry. Your outta here.

Anonymous said...

Due to the contining misconduct and threats of his supporters, Henry needs to start practicing the speech: ""We respect the decision of the voters. I, and all of my staff, will work together with the coming administration to achieve a smooth and orderly transition...""

Anonymous said...

is there any possibility that the above post meant 'continuing'? lol