Saturday, February 18, 2012


Mike Jackson is running for the House of Representatives to represent this area. We hope you will read his thoughts on the issues below and begin to prepare to vote in the Republican primary.

First Principles

Every decision an elected official makes should be based on core principles. Too many of the politicians in Washington have forgotten this simple premise. As your Representative in Congress, these are the principles which will guide my every vote:

You Cannot Ignore the Constitution and Protect Liberty

As the Founding Fathers so justly recognized in the Declaration of Independence, each of us is endowed by Our Creator with Liberty and we, the people, allow elected officials to be our voice – we must never let them forget that their authority is received FROM US and we expect them to follow the Constitution.

Following the Constitution means following ALL OF THE CONSTITUTION. As an avid hunter and proud Member of the Texas State Rifle Association, I will always fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

You Cannot Grow Government and the Private Sector

Every time Barack Obama and his liberal allies call for tax increases, they are saying “We prefer a stronger government than stronger private enterprise”. If we ever hope to grow our economy and limit the power of the federal government, we must stop this misguided belief that the earnings of small businesses belong to the government.

In order to truly inspire the private sector to create more jobs, Barack Obama and liberal leaders in Congress must be defeated. Only then can we begin the process of dismantling the excessive regulations, over-bearing mandates (like Obama-care), and stifling atmosphere that has private enterprise fleeing our shores for greener pastures.

Lower corporate taxes, less regulation, and a smaller-less intrusive federal government will help us forge economic expansion that will provide more jobs, more taxpayers, and stronger businesses for all our communities.

You Cannot Spend Your Way Out of Debt

If raising the debt ceiling allowed our nation to lower our federal debt and control spending, then why has it NEVER worked? It is time to stop the spending carnival in Washington.

In Texas, we are Constitutionally mandated to have a balanced budget. During tough times, it means we have to make tough decisions and set critical priorities, but it prevents us from being bankrupt as a government. We deserve to have a Balanced Budget Amendment for the federal government as well.

While I support the budget put forward by Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, we need to have a Congress and a President who show the courage and leadership necessary to preserve, secure, and reform Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Without real reform – recognizing that these programs are going bankrupt and face trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities – we will condemn our children to a debt burden which will crush our nation and leave them utterly dependent on the federal government.

You Cannot Have a Strong Nation Without Strong Families and a Respect for LIFE

Our families are the bedrock of our nation – without strong families, America would never have grown into a world leader. I will always stand on the side of strong families and that means protecting the Sanctity of Life and Marriage.

You Cannot Have a Secure Nation With Weak Borders and Weak National Defense

I have NEVER seen Congress get serious about border control and I will make it a priority for a conservative-led Congress to stop the flood of illegal immigrants that cross our border every year.

And I have been appalled at the massive, ill-conceived cuts that are now weakening American military strength. We cannot proceed with these drastic and absurd cuts if we are to defend our nation along our shores, our borders, and abroad.

You Cannot Control Your Economic Future if You Do Not Control Your Energy Future

For too long, Washington politicians and enviro-liberals have driven our energy producers out of America. It is time Congress led our nation to a vast energy expansion so we can better control our economic future, energy prices, and stop sending hundreds of billions of dollars to unstable Middle East nations.


Anonymous said...

Hey Liberty Dispatch! Brian Babin, the man you wanted to onsider running for this seat, introduced Mike Jackson up here in Woodville at a large public meeting. Even though many of us up here wanted to see Dr. babin run, Former State Senator Jackson will carry the conservative torch well for Liberty County and southeast Texas.

Anonymous said...

""control our energy future""??
Who are you kidding? In the 'global economy'... there's huge profits, in refining gasoline in Texas, then shipping it to Europe, India, and China- to get ten bucks per gallon. It won't be long, till we're paying those prices too. After all, why SHOULD they sell it to us, for thirty cents on the dollar???

Anonymous said...

The problem with all of the international trade agreements, and the designations of favored nation status- is that, in NONE of them, is the USA listed as a 'favored nation.' If we compared them to employment agreements, (especially, the affirmative action rules)- the USA would be the 'white males'- and lowest in priority.

Likewise, for decades, we have paid several times the prescription drug prices, as the drug makers charge to other countries. 100% of the research, development, and marketing expense, gets assigned to us.

Now, (and I agree with the above post, with respect to oil and gasoline) we're seeing the same detrimental system in almost every item in our daily lives.

Welcome to global welfare, solely at USA citizens' expense!
The problem appears, that we're getting to the point that it will mostly, be paid by government employees- as nobody else will have a job or pension. (It's about time that they got saddled with their OWN bills)!

Anonymous said...

Fox news says that export taxes are the solution to the problem, however, our OWN party stands against us. What do we do now?

As for prescription drugs, I'm shocked at the extreme price gouging, done by middle-men hoarder/speculators, on vital drugs for dread diseases (heart medicine, cancer drugs, cholesterol drugs, etc.)
Yes, there oughta be a law. Again, our own 'free enterprise' republicans are the hindrance!

I feel the same way about twenty thousand dollar prices, for air ambulance rides.