Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reader Letter to LD

Liberty Dispatch readers need to read this letter we received and decide for themselves what to make of of it. We will let our readers decide whether this is the little pro Patterson people trying to plant inaccuracies so they can come back and point their finger at us or if the letter has legitimate complaints. Neither can we speak to the accuracy or truthfulness of the letter to Liberty Dispatch.  If the story is true, the actions of Sheriff Henry Patterson should be a real concern to the people of Liberty County.

I am only a citizen and I live in Cleveland Texas in Montgomery County area,  but I am concerned about the neglect going on with Liberty County Sheriff's office. This specific issue concerns a missing person's case. Larry Baker of Cleveland Texas, missing in Liberty county Texas since Jan 29. 2010. It came to my attention that 2 informants have reported to Sheriff's investigator Brian Bortz that they had specific knowledge that Larry Baker was killed and was buried at his residence at 400 Co. Rd. 325 Plume Grove Rd.,  Cleveland, Texas. Informants gave the name Kelly Nickerson as the one who committed the murder of Larry Baker and afterwards buried his body at the above residence. Kelly Nickerson (alleged murderer) was the brother in-law of missing man Larry Baker and Baker lived in a trailer on Nickerson's land so the they shared the same address. Kelly Nickerson has since died in Pa in a traffic accident and these informants waited until Nickerson left for his home town in Pa. before they reported what they knew. This was back in Sep. 2011 when it was reported to investigator Brian Bortz and it has been totally ignored by Liberty County Sheriff's office. I see no other way to do anything more about this except to expose the neglect of this case and maybe that will serve to get them moving to dig up the grounds. That's why I am contacting this media. I have also contacted Fox News of Houston but so far not heard back from them. I want to share the below story with you from "Missing Person's Of America". There has been little media on this story other than the first few days after he went missing. No other follow up.

I want these law enforcement officers exposed for their neglect on such important issues and I want them to do their work so I beg for you to expose this to the public.



Anonymous said...

Are guys sure Henry Patterson and his campaign committee haven't been smoking some of that weed they arrested????

Anonymous said...

Probably waiting on Miss Cleo or another psychic to chime in on this one.

Anonymous said...

I know Allen Youngblood and LD have their differences but here is a quote from that I bet LD, The Cleveland Advocate, and The Dayton News all see eye to eye on and the public is also learning is true:

"When you read the press releases from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department praising the work of the elite Crime Suppression Unit you quickly learn to take what you read with a large grain of salt. They are full of miss leading false statements and exaggerations that are quickly spotted…"

Anonymous said...

We need more citizens like the one that sent this in to Liberty Dispatch. This community can insist on better government. In fact we see it has insisted thing get better as our local government has improved greatly in the last couple of elections. It is obvious that this website has played a role in the positive changes and it is obvious they and their readership are pointing to two necessary changes still needed. Replacing Henry Patterson with either of his two opponents and replacing Mike Little with someone who is not currently one of his team (more specifically electing Karen McNair or someone else if they sign up - anyone except the Pickett boy or his co-workers who work for Little).

Anonymous said...

There was another Liberty County man that was missing around December 31,2011. We have not heard anything on the investigation of Clark Rodgers. I am wondering what our Sheriff Dept is doing to find this missing person. I have not heard any news news of this since he was missing.

Anonymous said...

the first problem, that I see, is the address: 400 county road 325 Plum Grove road? Not exactly, one and same, street... At least, some of us have a problem alligning those numbers: CR 325 and 1010.

It's awfully hard to find a grave, at a non-existent location!

Secondly, the media are a tad gun shy, of Liberty County grave tips!
The commenter jested with good reason, about the tip from Vanesa's psychic.

The tipster needs to get their act together, before calling dispatch again.

Anonymous said...

Vanesa's psychic? You mean the sheriff's office's psychic. She never was in contact with a psychic and the sheriff's office was on the record talking about the psychic. Whoever made that comment is just bone-headed.

Anonymous said...

how much does it cost to drain a pond and scoop some dirt. if someone says they seen someone put a body in the pond and someone is missing then i think it is only fair to dig it up. how much is the question?