Saturday, February 4, 2012

THE FAMOUS MR. ED (Edward Shauberger)

A favorite TV show among some of the baby boomers was a show called “Mr. Ed”. I remember the popular show and the catchy words to its theme song just like it was yesterday:

“A horse is a horse of course, of course, unless of course, the horse, the horse is the famous Mr. Ed”.

The show was about a talking horse. And for the purpose of this article, it reminds me how valuable the gift of talking can be. How bumping your gums a certain way can make you stand out. And in Mr. Ed’s case, how much trouble it can get you in.

One unmistakable trait of a flim flammer is their gift of gab. A flim flammer is someone who deceives; tricks; swindles; cheats. A real good flim flammer can fool everyone around them, even themself sometimes. If you ever hear someone is a flim flammer, the first thing you can test to verify the label is whether or not they have the golden smooth tongue of a salesman. If they don’t, they are no flim flammer. And if they do, please realize these people may appear to make great dinner speakers or politicians, but there is ultimately nothing about them that most would consider “great”.

Tragically, the worst of worst flim flammers leaves a trail of destruction behind them, ruining other people’s finances and their reputations. They destroy lives. But sooner or later, if they live long enough, the flim flammer always ends up ruining their own life. When a community discovers who they are, when a wife and children are forced to deal with who they are, flim flammers are usually abandoned. All they are usually left with is another lie or another trick to try and convince someone, maybe anyone, that they are not what they really are. Then the lies and deception all start over again.

The IRS usually ends up after an extreme flim flammer. Hot check writing, repossessions, bankruptcies, separations or divorce, and even jail time or prison – all part of the past, present, or future of the flim flammer. He almost always moves from one set of friends to an entirely new set because it is impossible to keep up appearances at some point. If he is a salesman, he moves from one company to another. If he is a preacher, he moves from one unsuspecting flock to another taking advantage of people’s goodwill and protective nature towards men of the cloth.

But their world can be ever-narrowing if all of the people burned by them ever collude and hear the width and depth of lies that have been told.

Such is the life of Edward Ross Shauberger… aka Mr. Ed.


Anonymous said...

I have heard Eddie speak. I can see where some would say he has a golden tongue, but one act is worth 100 sermons. Like any "flimflammer" he has done some good things in order to promote his snake oil sales,but ultimately he bites many of the people who buy his sales pitch.

Anonymous said...

I can not explain why Henry Patterson is hanging out with the people he hangs out with but I guess he figures Mr.Williams'money and name will influence Cleveland to turn out in masses for him. I will not be one of those. I may vote for Will Cox, but I am leaning toward Bobby Rader.

Anonymous said...

I guess you guys know Shauberger has been using this in his arsenal of name-calling. The problem is' like you or not, you are just a handful in a whole line of people who Shauberger has flim flammed since he graduated high school in the 70's. Talk to his classmates, they are not surprised.

Anonymous said...

nice picture (you forgot to powder his nose)!

Anonymous said...

Looks like ole Eddie might have bit himself in the foot this time. He will have to move to another location where he is not known. Maybe Ausrtalia.

Anonymous said...

Someone like Eddie Shauberger who preys on peoples trust, good nature and misfortune.

Anonymous said...

He preys on people's faith too, the worst kind of con artist.

Anonymous said...

uh, how about a re-do on that picture?... Find a horse's rear, with the head turned towards the back... Super-impose a new head, half donkey, half Patterson. Then put in the sign, in the horse's middle: "Outsiders, the connection between a jackass and a horse's a**""!