Saturday, March 31, 2012


In the middle of the political season all kinds of interesting things are going on. It is an exciting time for everyone involved in reporting the news, everyone who loves to discuss the future, and everyone who loves to express an opinion. Newspapers, radio stations, and the internet are very dynamic and very busy just trying to keep up this time of year.

Allen Youngblood and his i-dineout are an exception however. He has some extra time to focus on the most trivial of things. Case in point – his blog, the local liberal site most people go to in order to check on the latest car wreck, has all kinds of goofy nonsense, but one in particular will be on the top of the list for 2012’s most ridiculous things put on a blog.

In an interview with a citizen from Devers Texas, KSHN owner and reporter Bill Buchanan made a quip typical of many Texans sense of humor. The Devers resident referred to Devers as “God’s country” and Buchanan quickly questioned that – it was very obvious it was a light hearted joke. I doubt anyone that has been around long hasn’t heard a little humorous banter like this in the course of everyday life.

But Allen Youngblood must not have. And he must not be very focused on the current political environment. Far be it for Liberty Dispatch to be defenders of the local disc jockey, but get a life Allen! Buchanan was obviously kidding.

If you want to post things you disagree with Buchanan about… talk about the FEMA/Fitzgerald court case … or the hospital district… or one of the local races.
We all have plenty of imperfections and Liberty has plenty of scandals, but acting like Buchanan actually believes Devers is Godless?

Stick with the car wrecks please.


Anonymous said...

Youngblood, another local media person that denies he has a point of view. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

I use to look at the car wrecks. Now I assume someone will call if my daughter or wife is in a wreck. It is not worth looking at the rest of the man's website.

Anonymous said...

Watch out now, remember they both want 30 year old Logan Pickett with the least prosecutorial experience among the staff to be the next DA. They will team up with Sandy to get Fauntleroy elected.

Anonymous said...

Akins you have hit an all time low. You're standing up for BB tells me you and Eddie have had a real spat. Eddie hates BB with all of his being. You should have learned even Eddie a thing or two. Why don't you both move to Afghanistan and have your spat from there. Take KSHN Bill with you.