Friday, March 16, 2012


Continuing to differentiate herself from the other traditional longtime media, Editor Vanessa Brashier should be complimented for covering the continued saga and downfall of longtime Democrat and former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald. It is not her job to prosecute him or to defend him (like the local radio station seems to think is there job), but the paper is fulfilling the role traditional media around here has been found lacking in heretofore.

To read her paper’s story on the most recent ruling in federal court please go to:

Liberty Dispatch is left wondering if stories about Fitzgerald and former Commissioner Lee Groce demanding that all of their attorneys’ fees be paid by the taxpayers of Liberty County had an influence on the feds handling of the most recent negotiations with the Fitzgerald. Whether it did or not, I hope some of our public officials are standing guard against further injury to the taxpayers in this case.


Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell Dennis S. to grow up? Whatever his beef is with Vanessa, there is such a thing as equity even when you are devoted to revenge. 99% of the time Vanessa does her job in a way nobody should complain. Dennis complains all of the time. Who is the person who needs to change their behavior the most? Grow up Dennis!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the FEDS are not thru with Phil,yet. Who would have thought this plea deal would not be accepted since Phil had already been before judge Giblin. I am wondering what the deal is, that Phil is now before this other judge after the dael w/ Giblin was already made.

Anonymous said...

Dennis has been obsessed with Vanesa for years. He is her personal stalker. People in the community have witnessed him following her around, even showing up at places that arent related to work or Cleveland. No Dennis..this isn't Vanesa so don't get a boner over there thinking she's wasting a thought on you. I'm just explaining to the previous post. And I still think you resemble Captain Kangaroo's long lost bipolar brother. Look in the mirror, you'll see it...I promise.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to know how crazy he is? He is driving around town with a highlighted newspaper telling people that Vanesa is telling people how to make meth. How is that? Just because I tell you that flour is in bread, that doesn't show you how to make it.

Anonymous said...

fuss away, bubba-ettes.... my 'crazy'-ness just took that 'wierd little van' (which geto over 24 mpg, and went to San Marcos' state gymnastics meet and back today, on a single tank of gas).
However, as a result, that 'little son' just took another gold and silver at the state meet (to match last year's double gold and a silver.) That makes this month's haul a mere three golds and a silver, for the Houston National Invitation, and the state meet, combined. Yes, can you see what a touch of 'crazy'ness, a 'little son', and a 'wierd little van' can do? (note: the secret is simple- excluding all of the local cliques, as well as the jackasses, from the above posts)!!! lmao

dennis s

Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB, at the state meet, to Danny!!! You've punched your ticket, TWICE, to this year's nationals (qualifying, by judges' scores, in both tumbling and double mini tramp.) You've now stood on the podium, taking state gold or silver (5 of them), in three different levels- IV (2011), V & VI (2012). There's a five-pack of state medals that only the best can boast.

In fact, Danny: your entire level IV team from 2011, retired last night, to go into cheerleading. Only you, remain!
Good luck cheering, and best wishes- to Abi, Madi, Alan, and Paige. It was fun! We'll miss you.

You've MORE THAN EARNED your reward trip to Disneyland, along with nationals in Long Beach... What a July... all this and your Disney cruise. Go get 'em, kid. Congrats!!!

Now, who says that it's not a sport, if it ain't got a ball? (the sour grapes crowd)
Heads up, gymnastics has been in the Olympics for decades. Watch it this summer, in London.

Special shout outs, to the coaches who got him there: His new coaches, from team Basel: John Basel, Jeanette, Coach Merrell, and Tabitha. You guys have four gyms, lined with years of state and national trophies and team championship banners, for a huge reason... you bring the expertise, you paid tons for the equipment and facilities, and you put in the phenomenal number of hours- all for the kids. The carpool and commute is always a time of anticipation. In short, you went first class, and it SHOWS, (as kid after kid stood on the podium at state, receiving gold and silver medals- wearing the red and black)... you're the BEST! Many, many thanks.

oh BTW: James? Good luck at state (band's State solo and ensemble contest) in May. oopsie... both kids at state, in totally different endeavors, in one spring? Say it isn't so! lol)

and the clique wants me to give up all this.... to 'grow up'???
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Take a wild guess whose kids, whose teachers, whose leaders, and whose coaches... have a ton of growing to do, to match mine...
and I'm not showing them how it's done, either. They can read about it and wonder... (there's three kinds of people: those who MAKE things happen, those who WATCH things happen, and those who stand around, wondering- what HAPPENED?)

Dennis s,
proud dad, of Danny and James

Anonymous said...

oh oh. The clique got outclassed again. No surprise, there. I noticed that the clique was doing career training, yesterday- cleaning trash from ditches!

Anonymous said...

All I got out of that long boring post up there is that Dennis' son is one bad ass cheerleader. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Chelsea Clinton gives the appropriate response to the ones above, who are stalking LD and attacking Dennis s.

"I do also believe that if you have the right type of enemies, you're doing something correct."

now, explain WHY you sleazebags think that a meth lab instructional, and step-by-step how-to, belongs in the paper, and in front of our schoolkids????

Then, explain WHY the lone, school superintendent, who wouldn't expell you educational lunatics, for this.... suddenly has his house for sale????

Anonymous said...

I saw the newspaper at a local school today (not cleveland), so I think you might be wrong on this one. Maybe tehy just humor you while you are there and then go ahead and do what tehy want when you leave. Have you ever thought of that?

Anonymous said...

Whoever is moving is probably attempting to get away from your crazy ass Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Good, I'll help him move, and empty my gas can into his tank, too. I hear that his puppet kiddy cop chief, is being shown the door, as well. Good riddance to both. WHY, you say? (glad ya asked)

That's the pair that criminalized hundreds of school kids, giving out over 1000 tickets in two school years (2009-2010, and 2010-2011.) That system held sway, until I, personally, researched it and publicized it- until enough folks teamed up, to put a stop to it. (which included voting out three of the clique's school board members, taking two years of elections)! Allowing the meth lab instructional, in the March 21st papers, to stay in the schools.... that was the final straw. It's swan song time, for the Cowart years.

Again, good riddance to both of them. Naturally, the corrupt local paper, has yet to print a single word about it... yet has been totally ineffective, in silencing me! Au Contraire, my allies are numerous, and anonymous. lmao

So, it all begs the obvious question: when are YOU going to get off the fence and start making a difference??? There's too many schemers, locally, and only a few of us- to watch and expose them all.
and YES, he's quite welcome, for having to move (if, in fact, it was "to get away from my *ss"). How satisfying, if that were even 70% of the reasons.

Now, let's see... WHO's next? Suggestions? Rogues lists? Send 'em my way... I just had a spot open up on my calendar! rofl

somebody notify the songwriter... this needs to be enshrined in song and verse, doncha think???

Anonymous said...

oh really, here's the list: Coldspring and Shepherd schools- now take the San Jacinto News instead. Splendora schools- use the East Monkey County news instead. Tarkington, will only distribute the paper- if the newly appointed censorship/proofreading person passes it (unknown, if bowels are involved for the "passing", and... school board to have an agenda item, as to its retention, this month!!! (multiple local officials spearheaded the Tarkington effort)!
In all cases, multiple days of parent "what the HELL" calls, were received!

Anonymous said...

oh, you're right about the paper being in 'a school', not Cleveland. We intentionally omitted day cares (whose clientelle can't read anyway, though they DO... have play kitchen sets) including my two local favorites: FBA (future bubba-ettes academy) and ""TUCUS"" (tushies under construction, unaminous school)! lmao.

Also, you'd be interested to know that your own HOME TOWN, won't carry, or read your drivel!!! That's right, Moss Hill's infamous Fitzpak store.... carries the Liberty paper, not yours! WHATTTTTT? Too corrupt, for even FITZIE to carry it??? Say it isn't SO!!! (Do they KNOW YOU, or what)??? ROFL