Saturday, September 1, 2012

UK Ian Rowcliffe and Blackpool Victoria Hospital Crimes

+Ian John Rowcliffe, UK National

 Below is a criminal complaint as filed in the USA State of Texas and with the US Department of State, as follows:

Complaint as follows:

UK National Ian John Rowcliffe AKA- JAMES SMITHSON - Address:  NORBRECK RD., THORNTON CLEVELEYS FY5 1QG Rowcliffe’s employment is Blackpool Victoria Hospital as Senior Network Technician, Address: Whinney Heys Rd, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 8NR, United Kingdom Phone:+44 1253 300000.  Rowcliffe has used the servers, equipment and email server at his employment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital to perpetrate his crimes which complainant believes Rowcliffe was fully and duly authorized by his employer and hospital Chairman Ian Johnson and Facilities Manager Robert Bell to commit crimes in TEXAS.
Complainant has evidence from many recent multiple emails of Rowcliffe admitting he posted information and admits to motivation of intentionally causing harm to complainant all which constitutes violations of TEXAS PENAL CODE TITLE 7. OFFENSES AGAINST PROPERTY, CHAPTER 33. COMPUTER CRIMES. The crimes are the 33.07 (A,1) (B, 1,2,3) SEC 32.51.
The crimes reported are concerning the domains and domains as admittedly created by Ian Rowcliffe, herein offenses TEXAS 33.07 (A,1) (B, 1,2,3) SEC 32.51.
These sites are websites as supplied by a companies.  Google Removals has been contacted and notified of the offending domain names/web sites and TEXAS PENAL CODE 33.07 (A,1) (B, 1,2,3) SEC 32.51 and have failed to remove the offending websites.  After full and acknowledged notice, complainant believes and Removals is knowingly suborning the illegal websites and is now complicit in crimes related to TEXAS 33.07 (A,1) (B, 1,2,3) SEC 32.51 with Ian Rowcliff, Ian Johnson, Robert Bell and Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Complaint request that after investigation and authorization- Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Chairman Ian Johnson, Facilities Manager Robert Bell and Ian John Rowcliffe be criminally indicted for knowingly suborning, conspiring and helping to create the offending websites herein in violation of TEXAS PENAL CODE 33.07 (A,1) (B, 1,2,3) SEC 32.51.

Ian Johnson

Robert Bell

The Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was established on 1st December 2007. The Trust then gained teaching hospital status and became Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 2010. In April 2012 the Trust merged with community health services from NHS Blackpool and NHS North Lancashire as part of the Transformation of Patient Pathways Programme.
The Trust now serves a population of approximately 440,000 residents across Blackpool, Fylde, Wyre and North Lancashire.
The Trust comprises Blackpool Victoria Hospital which is a large busy acute hospital, two smaller community hospitals - Clifton Hospital and Fleetwood Hospital - three elderly rehabilitation hospitals - Wesham Hospital Rehabilitation Unit, Rossall Hospital Rehabilitation Unit, the National Artificial Eye Service and Blenheim House Child Development Centre.
Bispham Hospital is now a social enterprise and has its own website.
The Trust is also responsible for the provision of Community services such as District Nursing and Midwifery to an large geographical area, extending from Lytham St Annes in the South as far North as Morecambe and Carnforth.
We employ more than 6,000 staff and our budget is approximately £335m per year. We have around 830 beds across all sites and see more than 56,000 day-case and inpatients, 250,000 outpatients and over 91,000 A & E patients every year.
We are also one of four tertiary cardiac centres in the North West, providing specialist cardiac services to heart patients from Lancashire and South Cumbria.

+Ian Rowcliffe

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