Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fellow Republicans,

I endorsed Stephen Takach on June 25th. I was going to stay out of this Congressional Race and quietly vote for the candidate I thought would best represent our District but after taking a good long look at both candidates, I decided that I would support Stephen Takach. After vetting this candidate as a good family man, a good business man, a conservative, and a Christian, I felt comfortable having made my decision.

Thank God, I made the right choice.

I just received the “Times Free Press” put out by the Stockman Campaign and was appalled to find such blatant lies being told about an innocent man and the award-winning company that he works for.

Anyone who has any investments knows the information in that rag that was sent out doesn’t work. Can you imagine telling your financial advisor to do something with your money and him refusing? Give me a break, anyone that believes this nonsense either does not have any investments or doesn’t realize the control one has over his own money.

I have been a client with Edward Jones for years (Stephen Takach has never been my financial advisor) and I know how these things work. Consider this, Mr. Takach has hundreds of clients, he is ranked in the top 1% of his company, has won numerous awards, is very successful in what he does and has hundreds of satisfied clients. Seems strange that there was just one person, Fleet Capt. Fischesser, that he wouldn’t listen to.

For those of you who are convinced that Stephen Takach is not pro-life and is anti-Second Amendment, please stop and consider what you are being asked to believe. I refuse to believe you are this gullible. Mr. Stockman is used to running against a liberal, Mr. Takach is not a liberal, he is conservative – you can take that to the bank!!! Stockman is using the same arguments that he used against Jack Brooks.

Time and time again, Mr. Takach has stood before our meetings (many times more than Stockman has) and told you he is pro-life (and he has proved this statement in his own life).

Time and time again, Mr. Takach has stood before our meetings (Stockman was here once on the 16th of July) and told you he is for upholding the Second Amendment (he is also a member in good standing of the NRA).

Surely you don’t believe that Mr. Stockman, if elected, is the only man that can keep our guns safe, that he is the only man that can get a tax break for home-schoolers.

But stop and consider this, what about economics? Don’t you want someone who understands how to balance a checkbook, don’t you want someone to represent you who has been successful in his own life, handling his money and hundreds of other peoples successfully?  This is why Stockman has introduced this Fleet Capt. Fischesser into the picture, he wants to get your attention away from his own failures when it comes to finances and get you to believe a lie about his opponent. This reminds me of Obama and the way he has gone after Romney and Bain Capital.

I’ll tell you what I see, I see a LIAR that is out to win no matter what he has to say or do – and this is scary – if he is lying to his base now to get votes, how will you ever be able to believe anything he tells you?

For all those of you who are concerned about “one” issue in this election, whether it is a tax break for home-schoolers* or gun control issues, why do you think that Stockman is the man that can make a difference?

He has a record in the US House of Representatives relating to the bills that were passed during his tenure in office; look up what he did (or didn’t do); it is a matter of record.

My name is Sue Cleveland, and I approve this message.


Anonymous said...

Stockman is desperate. At first he thought his nRA endorsement would win it for him, but Takach's team proved Takach is in as good of standing with the NRA as anyone. Now Stockman is outr for blood and he is making up stuff.

Anonymous said...

A pre-recorded telephone call made by Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America in support of congressional candidate Steve Stockman claims an endorsement for Stockman by US Congressman Ted Poe. On Congressman Poe’s reelection website, there is a statement that reads “Congressman Ted Poe has not made an endorsement in the TX-36 Congressional race nor will he make an endorsement in it”.

Anonymous said...

Right on, I will vote for Takach.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Cleveland, thank you for your taking a position on this very important race. My family and I will like you also support Mr. Takach.

Anonymous said...

It is looking like Takach is going to be my choice.