Monday, August 20, 2012


Some may say speaking ill of the dead is in poor taste, but hiding behind those who have passed on and claiming some kind of good manners as carte-blanche to say anything surely is the greater of miss steps. With that in mind, and with all due respect to the family... Liberty Dispatch is mindful of the very limited report on the passing of a man shrouded in almost nothing but mystery to the average person around Liberty County.

This past week the infamous “Outsiders” reported the loss of a “Founding Contributor” to their "Work". Skipping right over the duplicitous term “Founding Contributor” and whatever post morten credit they are attributing to Cliff “Fuddy” Harold William, the few locals that know about his recently reported death from cancer are also left with some of the very first admissions of any involvement with William in local political activities at all. The press releases by his friends seem to be restricted in their distribution, bountiful in their lack of specificity, and purposefully wrapped in the flag.

Still lacking a real picture of Mr. William, the vague information provided tells us he was a war hero three decades ago and he allegedly served in some law enforcement capacity. Then his co-workers in the effort to re-elect Henry Patterson sheriff and in defending convicted felons like Harry Kelley and Eddie Shauberger, praise the great progress William made in helping Liberty County begin to obtain justice. Whoa!

What can these people possibly be trying to attach to the obituary of their fallen friend? Patterson was drummed out of office in the worst defeat of an incumbent sheriff in the whole history of Liberty County. Kelley served time in a federal pen in Kansas and Shauberger is busy wheeling and dealing in an attempt to whitewash his own alleged criminal behavior- with the very people in the District Attorney’s office William claimed were the evil core that has perpetuated the good ole boy system in this county.

The way William’s compares’ have reported his death have left the details of what sounds like an honorable service in Vietnam out of their report and decided to try and use their friend’s earlier life to justify what is still very puzzling, if not unknown activity in Liberty County. It may be that his survivors in the group appropriately self named the “Outsiders” are saving a reprint of a detailed enumeration of the people in this county they have accused of wrongdoing for the future in hopes that it sounds like something heroic they can add to their friends farewell as they hope to wrap themselves up in his former glory of years ago.

It is a sad day when enablers prepare fairy tales to justify their own behavior as they bury a man (born in 1956) who, according to their information, has a military record either in the late 1960’s or early 1970's(?). William’s claimed war hero status cannot be tarnished by the Outsider’s perverted agenda but it seems like they made quite an effort anyway. They undoubtedly expect nothing to be said because speaking ill of the dead is thought to be bad manners, but it is they who have exhibited bad manners. If the public is to believe otherwise then a picture of Cliff William and a list of the great progress the Outsiders recently brought to Liberty County should be forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

Too young for Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

"hiding behind good manners"? Yes, we have the same problem, here.

I would liken it to the theatre, saying: it doesn't matter if there's an academy award for costuming- when the script itself, is extremely poor. Such is the legacy of both Fuddy and the Cleveland mayor.

The mayor, though always well costumed, had a horrendous script, disastrous to the taxpayers:
1. Build 7 digit buildings, one after another, to give away (allowing non-taxing entities, to have full access to the taxpayer's pockets- ye olde end run, around the ad valorem tax laws!!!) examples:
a. 3 million dollar civic center- given to the chamber, (until a 45% loss of chamber members, citizen boycott of local merchants, and 40 extinct storefronts ... combined to put a STOP to it)!!! note: the chamber director still has her job... go figure????

b. million dollar fire/ems bunkhouse, living area, offices, and kitchen- given away to outside ems contractor (fire dept goes back to its old building,)

c. ball fields/sports park- to give away to the little league outside entities,

d. old city hall- given to her own personal family museum.

In addition, her horrid, crony patronizing script brought us:
2. a $250,000 sales tax shortfall in 09-10,

3, a $175,000 operating loss for the civic center in '11, and

4, a projected city deficit of $450,000 for 2013.

5. the worst maintained streets, in the city's history

6. monumental civic waste:
a. half of the department heads have their own receptionists- the one at the civic center, sits idle tens of hours, per week!
b. thousands in guns, stolen from the pd property room-
1)the sole person charged, is already out of Leavenworth,
2)accomplices- got off Scot free!
c. millions of water gallons, leaked into Tarkington bayou, because public works is too darned lazy to read their gauges, notice pressure drops, nor drive/eyeball their 4 square mile city! (and they all kept their jobs, too.)
d. public works, with dozers and backhoes... = public danger number ONE- don't go near a gas main, or pipeline, when they're out.
e. still waiting, for full accounting, and public disclosure of the red light camera funds...
f. never did get full accounting and disclosure of the stolen fire funds...

"Let's all get down on our knees, down on our KNEES, I say, and thank God" for term limits, next June!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ spoken about a true democrap.
All ye voters: take heed, or suffer the same fate... at all levels of government

Anonymous said...

already happened at LC, at the hands of Hunt, Groce, Fontenot, and Fitzgerald

Anonymous said...

The rest of the losers time is nearing the end when election day arrives.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ about those true democraps, using the mentality from Field of Dreams, in reverse- they build them, and they still won't come!

Laughably, now they're building a new housing area for doctors... thinking, (however loony) that there's a medical doctor on the planet, who wants their family in Cleveland, or their kids in Cleveland schools!

Anonymous said...

that's nothing, look at their latest hairbrained scheme, the photo contest to "capture Cleveland." Notice the second entry (and by far the most accurate) a rail line and sidetrack to nowhere.

Translation, to the oh, so clueless council, museum, visitor's bureau, and hysterical society: this is WHY a visitor's bureau won't work- there's NOTHING there!