Sunday, August 5, 2012

Liberty County Judges working hard for the people

Early figures coming in show our Liberty County Republican judges are saving Liberty County a great deal of money.

Since 2011 our judges have collectively saved the county over 3 million dollars in frivolous spending and needless overcrowding in the county jail.

From our county judge through our district judges Liberty County continues to be a fine tuned machine with all judges pulling in tandem.

Spending and corruption are at an all time low, but there is still remnants of the corruption and, at the very least questionable financial commitments of past administrations still lingering. Again our judges are stepping up to the plate and taking corruption and fiscal problems of old head on.


Anonymous said...

saving us ""needless"" overcrowding in the jails??? Then explain how it is that 100% of the gang rape sentences, so far (6 juvies and 1 adult-who got a concurrent sentence, equalling...nada) for the 2010 group have net sentences of ZERO. Then, you can explain the 2011 group, who not only hasn't been to trial, but don't even appear on the clerk's computer system, as even having been to grand jury and indicted for those felonies. Finally, you can explain the failure to convict any of the courthouse gang, for years of money laundering, pilfering slush funds, insider scams, and official abuses. Granted, tons of this, is also the direct responsibility, and dereliction of duty, of Mike Little, Fitz, and Hartel... The media can share a great deal of the blame, for aiding in the cover ups.

Anonymous said...

These judge we have are the best Liberty County has ever had, all in one place all the same time.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the judges going after the official corruption in Liberty County and wait with baited breath.

The time has come and is way overdue. Thank you to our judges for the courage to go after over thirty years of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Prior corrupt administrations have put Liberty County in serious financial harm, maybe with the judges we have we can balance the budget in the next ten years.

Anonymous said...

They won't be in office for another 10 years! We need true conservatives working for us to get that done and none of the 3 in office right now have the capability to do that. Letting criminals out of jail is not the answer either!

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the opinion expressed by the person who believes our current judges are not conservatives. I believe all three are full time conservatives - not just election time conservatives like Fontenot and Hunt. I do not agree with the facts expressed by the same individual when asserting our judges are "letting criminals out of jail" to save money. The truth is the judges are allowing non violent people out of jail more often while their trial is pending so the taxpayer does not have to feed and house them.