Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We can all be sure he will not say it, but one must wonder if some of the crazy schemes Todd Fontenot still endorses indicate he longs for the days of County Judges like empty-headed Tookie Kirkham or Phil “FEMA” Fitzgerald. The days of digging us into a deep hole of indebtedness are not remembered fondly by those who watched the spending and borrowing of what one commissioner referred to as the “evil empire”- Fontenot, Fitzgerald, and Groce.
The long time commissioner for the southwest Liberty County area tries to sound like he thinks voters want him to sound when it is election time. This infamous local “tax and spend”, liberal, Obama-backer’s effort to sound “conservative” has made numerous ridiculous statements ignored and unprinted by the local media but none more revealing than his effort to try and push the county to double down on the failed effort to use the old WalMart building.  Fontenot would rather the county pour taxpayer money into the money pit project than cut our losses and look into better ways to build public buildings he believes we need. The WalMart building has been so stripped down that it would cost a King’s ransom to prepare it for anything useful, but Fontenot knows the public is aware of his part in the scheme so he wants to use taxpayer money and spare no expense.
Like many of the ideas of the good ole boys, there are all kinds of theories and rumors as to how they benefited personally, but we will not pile on in this article based on rumors so close to election time. The facts are bad enough. While his fellow Democrat running a local liberal gossip site geared to bash conservatives tries to hold first term elected officials for trying to deal with misguided projects like the WalMart debacle or the hiring of a private company to come here and reside over scandal after scandal in our jails, Fontenot acts as if he is a neutral critic with no responsibility for one after another bad decisions. In the words of preacher Jeremy Wright, the longtime spiritual advisor of Fontenot’s political hero Barack Obama – “the chickens have come home to roost.’
The cleanup crews have been elected to try and come in and straighten out Fontenot and company’s many mistakes. He and his campaign will surely criticize his opponent, but there is one thing they cannot say about him or us voters who have watched him dig the hole we are in now. He cannot say his opponent or anyone else has made as many bad and damaging decisions for Liberty County as he has.


Anonymous said...

How are any of us supposed to earn a living, with seven levels of government, all with an endless appetite for more money?

Anonymous said...

Fontenot has always been the kind of commissioner that is like a woman at the mall at Christmas. He loves to spend money.

Anonymous said...

Melvin Hunt was always right beside Lee Groce and was always a promised vote for whatever Lee wanted. Hunt has always been known as the "squirrel" but now he is a complete dick with ears. He is nothing but a liar and back stabber. I hope Eddie beats him like a drum. It could'nt happen to a better person.

Anonymous said...

The Commissioners we have in office now, are not backing Todd on all of his stupid ideas. Todd has paved every road in His Precinct that favor his people but has left some of these roads a disaster area. I am ready for a change and I LIKE MIKE.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ that's only because it's the season for election month posturing and voter deception (translation: these are POLITICIANS, and their LIPS are moving.) All will return to business as usual, right after the election (translation: hang onto your wallets)!!!
Mark Twain said it best: ""there's politicians, and there's damned, LYING politicians... but I REPEAT myself""!!!
(note: cleveland's dennis s says it second, third, and fourth best: 1. there's seven levels of gov't (school, city, county, state, federal, one world gov't, and EPA,) all with an endless/insatiable appetite for MONEY!
2.They're all in bed with the lying, liberal media and insiders- conspiring against the citizens, and covering it up.
3. George Washington was an idiot- he had two percent taxes, no representatives, and didn't have SENSE enough to leave that ALONE. Look what seven levels of them... costs us now)!

Anonymous said...

I have personally worked with Commissioners Blake, Hylton and Fontenot. Commissioners Bobby Blake and Harry Hylton were always accessible to the voters and employees of Liberty County. They were sincere with their dedication to make Liberty County, in its entirety and not just Precinct 1, the BEST and Safest place to live. Speaking with hands on knowledge, I can HONESTLY state that I have approached Todd Fontenot as a commissioner and he has no time for discussion of any matter, in fact he does not want to hear what you have to say and will quickly dismiss you and tell you he does not have time. Being of above average intelligence, I can tell you he does not like to be informed of information he does not know and will quickly stomp out in anger. He has certain obligations as Precinct 1 Commissioner to the people, to the county, to the state and to the federal government concerning FEMA matters as well as other concerns and for these concerns, HE MUST LISTEN, RESPECT, and FOLLOW the requirements and duties of his office.

Yes, he does have Connie Paintsil and others pick up people on voting and she and others instruct them on how to vote and yes they are paid. I have seen the stack of ballots in the floorboard of one of the vehicles and they were marked in ink on how to vote. I have been informed this is legal. I find it to be an insult to those he does this to because it INSULTS their intelligence.

WE NEED A CHANGE, please try to use your honesty, intelligence and integrity in the next election. We need to see Liberty County in the news when it is not negative and our elected officials need to be responsible for the entirety of Liberty County and its residents.

In the process of asking for a change in Commisioner, a quote from a wonderful lady and friend comes to mind.

I quote the late Bonnie Ward (who I loved dearly) when she said "We want it, we need it, give it to us!"