Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Slimey Cult Still at Work in Liberty County With LCSO

Outsider leader dead or just another "Outsiders" - Henry Patterson scam?


(10/12/2012) Liberty Dispatch has learned that "Clifford Fuddy William" or whatever false and fake name he went by- used the name "Charlie Mills" to create multiple false government documents with the help of LCSO Steve Greene and Sheriff Henry Patterson.  William and the named actors along with other actors (Robert Fransisco Valdez and Edward Shauberger) illegally and fraudulently investigated and then used that illegally obtained information to indict Liberty County ADA Joe Warren and to target and manufacture false allegations and supposed charges against Philip "Chip" Fairchild and his family.

As expected, today we received our answer from LCSO Captain Steve Greene and no information responsive to our request concerning "Charlie Mills" activities at LCSO was given.

There will be more news forthcoming in this Sheriff Henry Patterson - Liberty County Sheriff's office coverup.

Stay tuned...

As you may or may not already know, Liberty County has a kook cult who sends out PIA request  trying to prove non-existent crimes who claim they are working with Liberty County elected officials, with their blessings.  This is the story of one of their leaders and a broad coverup.

This story includes a fake ID or fake death of an "Outsider" leader and the subsequent coverup by "Outsider" mouthpiece and Tax Evader Robert Fransisco Valdez, Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson and his sidekick Steve Greene to cover up their and the "William" crimes.

1. William dies?

2. False information disseminated about William at his funeral by the "Outsiders" and Henry Patterson?

Neal Funeral Home Cleveland, Texas.
Obituary for Clifford William

October 22, 1956 - August 12, 2012

Clifford ????? William DOB?
"Clifford (NOTE MIDDLE NAME) Harold William, 55, passed away Sunday August 12, 2012 at the VA Hospital in Houston, TX.  Clifford was (NOTE YEAR DOB) born Monday October 22, 1956 in Cecil County, Maryland to Lee Murray and Catherine Louise Dixon, both of who precede him in death. Left to cherish his memory is his companion Shirley Thomas; children Traci Williams and Juan Roque, Stephanie William and fiancĂ© George Cortez, Sarah William, John William, Anna Piper and husband Joe, Monica Thomas and Scott Fields; brothers Charles H. Williams and Jane, Gene Spurlin ,Jeff Bell; sister Cathy Hannas; grandchildren Isabel Cortez, Juan Roque, Jr. and Natalie Earl. Visitation for Clifford will be Friday August 17, 2012, 9-10 am with service following at 10 am at Neal Funeral Home Chapel. Reverend Aubrey Vaughn officiating. Clifford will be laid to rest Monday August 20, 2012, 1 pm at Houston National Cemetery, 10410 Veterans Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77038."

3. Legal information acquired by the State of Texas for the "William" drivers license. Is his year of birth 1955 or 1956?

Public Data information Texas Drivers License Data:
NOTE YEAR DOB: Oct 22 1955   
License number 009464347
Address 19785 HWY 105 W   
MONTGOMERY 77356       

4. An 18 years old Vietnam war veteran/hero? Clearly lies spun by Robert Valdez to generate a positive characterization of their cult- through their supposed dead leader and cult.

According to the new leader of the KOOK Cult group The Outsiders, Robert Valdez:

“After over a year long battle with Cancer, Cliff William, a long time supporter of The Outsiders died suddenly of complications Sunday morning.

Cliff William was awarded a Silver Star in the Vietnam theater of operations along with two purple hearts and bronze star and is qualified to be buried at Arlington Nation Cemetery.  However, his service will be in The City of Cleveland, Texas on Friday morning.

As a retired Police officer and Vietnam vet, Cliff William taught many of The Outsiders how to fight for justice and will forever remain as an inspiration to us all.”

5. Who is "Clifford William" middle name "Harold" or "Fuddy"

We are not sure of who "Clifford William" really is/or was but we do know he is married to Ms. Shirley Thomas, oddly enough with no connection to the "William" in name.  Even more odd is that his brother uses the name "William{s}".

Is it "Clifford Harold William" as listed above in his obituary or is it?:

There is no way someone 55 years old could have been in Vietnam long enough to get a Silver Star, two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.  We are used to Robert Valdez’s fantastical lies and weird anti-government rhetoric but this one takes the cake and proves what a liar Valdez and his kooks are.  These wild claims by Valdez of US Army medals supposedly given to "William" are irresponsible and are obvious outright lies that smack of disrespect of every soldier who fought and died in Vietnam.

6. The coverup by the "Outsiders" - Henry Patterson - Steve Greene and Liberty County Attorney Wesley Hinch.

Obviously the leader of The Outsiders played a ruse on everyone by slipping out of sight from people he wrongfully accused creating a new beginning through the death of someone else or we have a total fraud that used false fake names and used those fake and false name on government documents and ids.

Either way, alive or dead, we have yet another example of a bunch of fraudsters and kooks coming into Liberty County to defraud and harass people like Joe Warren and the Fairchilds.

We even have Steve Greene and Henry Patterson attempting to hide "Clifford William" and the work he did and was paid for to go after Joe Warren and the Faifchilds.

Then this email to Greene from Liberty Dispatch:


You are playing games... We also asked for copies of any documents responsive to payments from the LCSO in any form to Cliff William.  You are attempting to split hairs.  Quit playing games and tender the payment information as regards monies paid to Cliff Willima or the alias you and Patterson created for him and/or his company.

Liberty Dispatch

After appealing to Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch and him trying to white wash our PIA request' effectively saying he was siding with Steeve Greene that the LCSO didn't have any documents related to "Cliff William" we finally got something.

Liberty County Sheriff's Department Captain, Steve Greene: 

from: steve greene steve.greene@co.liberty.tx.us
to: Liberty Dispatch Corruption Watch
cc: wesley.hinch@co.liberty.tx.us,
date: Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 4:16 PM
subject: RE: FW: Your PIA Request regarding "department intern fund" records

If there had been other documents, I would have sent them to you.  There aren’t any.

Then Captain Steve Greene again:

To Ray or whatever alias you’re using at Liberty Dispatch,

1.       You made the request using the term “department intern fund”, not me.  I follow these requests to the letter of the law, your request was forwarded to the County Attorney for him to review, he advised me to ask the Auditor whether there was such a fund, and if not, to respond in the manner I did, so you only have yourself to blame for the manner in which you requested any such records.
2.       I don’t know you from Adam and I’m a little bit tired of your false accusations against me.  If you want to accuse me of something, be a man and do it to my face and we can deal with it in person.
3.       I have not created an alias for anybody, so see # 2 above.
4.       I have taken your request to my supervisor, asked if there are records of any payments to a Cliff William or any possible aliases and have been advised that there are no such records.
5.       Go crawl back in whatever hole from which you exited.       

Steve Greene
Liberty County Sheriff’s Department

After more repeated PIA request by Liberty Dispatch asking Steve Greene and Henry Patterson for anything in their possession concerning "Clifford William or aka", and after two denials by Steve Greene that anything related to "Clifford William" was in the LCSO we got:

7. Our Lucky Charms...

Then magically we got emailed a lone picture and nothing else from Steve Greene.

Obvious LCSO ID Photo
The lone picture we got was accompanied by another document that looked like it had been copied over of all information, only a blanks page with a sliver of some unintelligible writing at the top.

After we got the lone picture we sent this email to Greene:

From: Liberty Dispatch Corruption Watch [mailto:thelibertydispatch@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 11:49 AM
To: Steve Greene; W. N. Hinch
Subject: Fwd: FW: picture


Please be clear on who advised you this is the only document in the Sheriff's Department?

There had to be documents or connected information related to this photo, where are they?

Why does this picture exist?

How was it used?

Liberty Dispatch

Then we got this response from Captain Steve Greene:

You have received what is required by the Public Information Act and that Act does not require that I, or any member of the department, answer your questions.

Steve Greene
Liberty County Sheriff’s Department

After two more attempts at sending PIA request to Patterson and Greene then summarily being denied anymore documents we sent the following email to the LCSO:
From Liberty Dispatch:
Steve Green and Henry Patterson,

Obviously there are records connected to this lone picture.  It’s obvious someone has destroyed records or is suppressing records regarding this person/picture.  The records are being suppressed because of the illegal activities of this person and/or the Sheriff.  If this person worked at the LCSO under your instruction, you many have also committed an offense and continue to commit an offense by suppressing and/or destroying related information.

As you, Sheriff Henry Patterson and The Outsiders know, this (Clifford Harold William) person was instrumental in the targeted and questionable investigation of Philip "Chip" Fairchild, his brother and his wife Terri.

Please comply with this PIA.

Liberty Dispatch

On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 9:33 AM, steve greene wrote:

"A search has been done and there are no other records." 

8. Questions- no answers...

The real questions are, who really was "Cliff William" and is he alive or dead?  Why is Steve Greene and Henry Patterson willing to lie and destroy documents connected to "Cliff William" and his work at the LCSO?  Since William was used to giving false information on government documents, what name did he give Henry Patterson and Steve Greene when they hired him?  Why would Greene and Patterson also create a false government document for "Cliff William"?  Why is Greene and Patterson hiding the investigation "William" performed without a license on Joe Warren and the Fairchilds if the investigation is over and "William" is supposedly dead?  Is it true vis information given to Liberty Dispatch that others close to "William" like Robert Valdez and Edward Shauberger also helped and were part of the "William" illegal investigations?

We are used to this bunch of liars and malcontents like their great legal mind James Farmer running for Liberty County attorney through a legally fraudulent address of a rented empty Liberty, Texas garage apartment- so we aren't really surprised by all their horse crap and personal attacks.

These and many more questions linger... What we know for sure is that this cult group of kooks have never been able to bring any claimed corrupt public official down in Liberty County, only perpetrate more crimes behind the scenes while they pat themselves on the back for naught.  Its time they answered for their criminal and civil wrongs.

9. The coverup continues in life and in death///


Anonymous said...

Patterson is a liar and a criminal just like his Outsiders

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful I no longer work anywhere in that corrupt county anymore! It's an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Steve Greene and Wes Hinch, typical arrogant corrupt public figures. Its us who pay their sorry asses too.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe Aubry Vaughn is associated with these creeps.

Anonymous said...

I saw Eddie shauberger at a Baytown barber shop with a teen age boy. Thought he moved to San Antonio. He sure likes young men. A real head case.

Anonymous said...

The Two photos appear one of the same. The uniformed photo is a scam. This guy must be a mental case. I am a Vietnam vet and was born in 1950. There 1969-70. I have never seen a uniform photo like that. He sure looks older than 18. How could anyone believe this especially a Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement NEVER has a photo, and only a photo, in a file on someone. They are stonewalling you guys.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH: Cleveland ISD's latest screwup (consequently, they're looking for a physics teacher, without which, the class of 2014 cannot graduate)!!! Recently, TEA brought in Pearson publishing's (London, Engl) latest battery of tests, the End of Course exams (12 of which are required to graduate high school, three in each core department.) The three for science are: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. So far, so good, right? Guess again.
Next, Cleveland decided it would be just "lovely," if all of those courses could fit into the first three high school years, leaving the seniors a final, stress free, blissful year. Good again, right? Not so fast.
The readers need to understand that Physics has a huge math/equation component, and comes in two types: calculus based, and trig based. So, looking at the math sequence for grades 9 and 10, shows Algebra and Geometry- no calculus, no trigonometry (no bubbas, it ain't "trigger-nometry")! So much for the idea of meeting pre-requisites.
Wait, how about CO-requisites (would it be feasible to take the math simultaneously with the physics year)? Technically, yes, if the physics course alters the sequence, to do the math sections later in the course, until the math department solves the deficiency. So, let's look at the 11th grade math course: oops, it's algebra II. Again, no calculus, no trig. (for the more advanced readers, the trig functions can be used in Physics to use sine, cosine, or tangeant values- to calculate the force on an object, that's delivered at an angle. Likewise, the calculus (and that's the only physics type that university engineering schools will accept) is used to calculate the integral of a function from one point to another.)
The result? Cleveland's physics teacher saw this- an entire graduating class dumped in his gradebook, none with the math skills to perform the course (with his tail on the chopping block, over next spring's end of course exam results.) He QUIT (no sense fighting a totally clueless administration corps, most, still having whistles around their necks)!!!

As of October 5th, Cleveland shows a vacancy for a physics teacher, who did chemistry the other half of his day. It's posted on both clevelandisd.org and tasanet.org (the Tx Assn of School administrators website, and its statewide job board.) Suddenly, both the class of 2014, and the class of 2015 are without a science instructor. Yes, just try doing THOSE course in virtual school, online- where's there's ALSO, no instructor (only a facilitator.)
Yes, this author hold the composite science license, for both chemistry and physics. Will I apply? In CLEVELAND? Don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

Steve Greene is a piss poor excuse for a Police Officer much less a Captain. One thing for sure is that almost every deputy he has fired has appealed their case and won the appeal.
Hurry up January 1 and get here so our new Sheriff can take office and clean house.