Sunday, April 28, 2013


Northside Courthouse wall, new drainage and bushes cut back.

There is no getting around it. We live in a dangerous world. Liberty County is no exception. With that in mind, Liberty Dispatch, in response to several positive comments and one negative one, has looked into what our public officials are doing to make our courthouse safe.

What we found was very encouraging. Gated and locked doors keep any predators from entering through the basement. The trees are trimmed high around the courthouse grounds and bushes have been removed so there is no place for some malcontent to hide.

These changes are judged to be necessary and are all part of multiple security evaluations. In the future, as the budget allows, radios will be added to the security system. Currently new technology in this area is being reviewed, as county leadership tries to be good stewards of taxpayer money as we try to recover from the tax and spend policies of past administrations.

Liberty County Judge Craig McNair is plugged into the courthouse security and also making sure the drainage around the courthouse works to impend the growth of mold, something that was paid for and should have been done years ago.

Westside Courthouse cleaned and new drainage.


Anonymous said...

Some people may notice in your pictues that we finally have a group taking care of the mold problem by adding an excellent drainage systemtoo.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure if our County Judge directed this effort or if it was an undertaking by our new Precinct 1 County Commissioner, but I must applaud Mike McCarty on his efforts at getting the Courthouse shaped up and more aesthetically was very much needed after years of neglect! Kuddos to you, Mike...keep up the great work!!!

LD said...

Yes Mike McCarty played a big role in the courthouse dress up.

Anonymous said...

hope you don't end up needing all that greenery, which gives off the oxygen, that you breathe.

Anonymous said...

north wall: Addams family school of floral arrangement?