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As we promised, we'd like to share a little historical reference to our past here in Liberty County and while the times may change, the names remain the same. Remember our past and our old Democrat guard now alive and well in Republican clothing as you vote in the the runoff elections. Unfortunately for Mr. Beausoliel, Liberty Dispatch has not forgotten his past. 

(Liberty Dispatch-2013) Forty years after the Watergate scandal, we can all be reminded of how what happened was all too much like politics and how some people decide what is right and wrong based off of how their party or their friends are effected by it. We can be reminded a local crime and its cover up.
The Watergate scandal was a political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June 17, 1972 burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. The scandal was worsened by the Nixon administration's attempted cover-up of its involvement and its attempts to stop any legal actions concerning the crimes. It changed the nation as Nixon resigned and it jaded generations of voters’ views of how honest government was.
Of course, Liberty County has nothing that is comparable to Watergate in many respects. But one local crime and the way it was handled has plenty of similarities. Unfortunately one of the differences is that the local crime was covered up much more successfully than Watergate.

The crime written about here is of course the mail theft case. The case involved political enemies illegally tampering with mail and then attempting to use the mail to damage a political enemy’s re-election bid. The facts of the case also involved a brief case full of  cash being paid to someone in the courthouse who could have been a potential witness.

In the Watergate scandal, Nixon tries to neuter anyone who was too vigilante in pursuing prosecution. The local mail fraud case is just the opposite. The federal investigator left the case for local District Attorney to handle when it was determined that the mail was not stolen from an official U.S. postal office. It is fair to assume the video showing one of the key perpetrators faxing copies of the mail from an out of town Kinko’s and other FBI evidence would have been readily available to Liberty County’s D.A., but the District Attorney never got an indictment.

A few months ago the statute of limitations ran out and this case appears to leave no way for law enforcement to pursuit. For a short time late in 2012 rumors abound of a grand jury pursuing this case and the Phil Fitzgerald case, but the rumors were followed up by news that the grand jury that was suppose to be looking at the evidence was suddenly and inexplicably dismissed.
The dismissal of that grand jury and the subsequent passing of the statute of limitations, should not only leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, it should leave people wondering what would have happened if Liz Beausoliel and Mark Beausoliel and Phil Fitzgerald and D.A. Mike Little would have been forced to testify in front of twelve Liberty County jurors. In the future Mike Little and others will be called as witnesses where there has been selective prosecution in Liberty County and have to testify and explain their actions and inaction during the tenure of D.A. Little.
Watergate ended with a slew of people going to prison and Nixon being the first and only President to resign from office, but some Nixon haters were still not satisfied. That leads Liberty Dispatch wondering if some of these same people are just as angry because this mail case never gained ground enough to be reviewed by a regular jury.
While Nixon successfully fired a few people that were pursuing prosecution, he was unsuccessful at beating the system. He resigned in shame. We have heard of no effort to bring justice concerning alleged effort to squelch a local grand jury and the charges law enforcement filed are in a closed case file in the Liberty Police Department.
Where are those who were so indignant about Nixon on this case? Does justice have a different standard because the case involved a D.A. some say is the Godfather of the Democratic Party? Was Nixon hated by some for being a Republican more than he was hated for his bag of dirty political tricks?
The answer is clear. Unfortunately, it confirms that not only can the D.A. indict a ham sandwich as he has claimed, but he can also give criminals a pass too.

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Anonymous said...

This is just a part of some of the scams that have gone on in Liberty County. There is no telling at the amount of scams that have not been brought to light for everyone to see. This will probably never go to a jury now.