Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Left to right: Donna "For Sale" Brown, Mark "Cashing in" Beausoleil & "FEMA Phil" Fitzgerald


When politicians have been rejected by voters after their behavior and actions have been revealed, most of us expect them to shy away not only from running for elective office, but from politics in general. Since the self-serving ways of Phil Fitzgerald and Mark Beausoliel were made public they have received nothing but rejection in very lopsided election defeats.

One need only browse prior news samples of the Fitzgerald and Beausoliel bad mouthing and vilifying the Republican Party to understand why their running is so disturbing to many. The people of Liberty County witnessed firsthand the shamelessness of two men who now remain un-repented despite the very public exposure of their self-enrichment schemes they exercised when placed in a position of public trust. 

In fact, these two remind the public of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they accrued in their public positions in more ways than one. Beausoliel not only using part of his million plus he “earned” while Assistant County Attorney to purchase a garbage pick up company to “serve” this same area (oh the irony!) and then to continue to remind the public of one of the worst most scandalous periods of time in Liberty County politics, opening a law practice tangent to Phil Fitzgerald’s son. The proximity and location of their business sign forever reminding the public of shady deals and illegal contracts – Fitzgerald - Beausoliel attorneys of law. Most in this county will work for years and not get the benefit Phil and Beausoliel sacked away “on the side” as they used the courthouse and jobs we hired them to do as the base for filling their bank accounts.

But they are shameless. Do they think voters will be ignorant enough as time passes that we would hire them again? Fitzgerald’s political signs indicate a resounding “yes” is their answer to what they think of us voters:

Here is just a sample of PHIL’s slogans he tailors on his signs for different communities: 


It was incredible PHIL spent months and months with federal prosecutors and eventually just wore them out rather than being proclaimed innocent. But even more incredible is Phil using the slogan made famous recently by Houston strong will and community spirit as they endured and continue to recover from hurricane Harvey – “HOUSTON STRONG”. Phil goes further on his signs by words of encouragement to each community to work together to overcome difficulties. Interesting since Phil has been one of the difficulties we have all had to endure and overcome. Phil did not just screw FEMA – FEMA is funded by taxes from these communities. He reminds us of the storm and the illegal way he profited from it with his campaign signs!

Like Phil, it is evident Beausoliel is no less embolden by not being forced to give back money that never should have been in his hands. Beausoliel’s signs brag he will be “fair and impartial” if elected judge. As a lowly assistant, Beausoliel could not resist the temptation that opportunity presented and never has shown any embarrassment or regret for counting out hundred dollar bills out of a brown paper bag to his accomplice in the courthouse offices.  By putting “fair and impartial” on his political signs Beausoliel may think he will scrounge up some votes from people who have lost their case in the court he wishes he could wear a black robe in, but to many more people it should remind us how right we were to send him packing the last time he tried to sneak in the courthouse hoping people had forgotten his past. Shameless…


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I spewed my drink all over the computer... lmfao

Anonymous said...

I see one of your writers included Ms. Brown in the dumpster picture. Could this be because she was already saying ugly things about Judge mark Morefield before he was even elected. I have to say she is a very different kind of clerk. When you undermine the reputation of a court before it even sits for one case, well that is the kind of garbage that belongs in a dumpster. Your investigation will definitely give a green light to the other writer.

Anonymous said...

If its Brown, flush it down!

Anonymous said...


Your readers need to refresh their memories about this man.

Anonymous said...

Beausoliel is a terrible attorney. He needed a huge payoff so he could get in another business. The money was undeserved and unethical and the way it all went down in the courthouse helps to continue the ridicule we get on the news from time to time. IE. the Phil the Pill FEMA contract stories with Bubba music making Liberty County look bad for over a year on the news.

Anonymous said...

These three people think us voters are too stupid to see what they have done and thing we will vote for them. Morons...

Anonymous said...


Thanks to all the IKE refugees that bought supplies and fuel at my inflated prices. Special thanks to the taxpayers of Liberty County for supplying the generator to power my store.

TOGETHER, We got the job done.

Anonymous said...

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