Monday, May 7, 2018

May 2018 Local Election Results-Galveston Texas: by Andrew McCreight

Galveston Mayor James Yarbrough was reelected with 2920 votes.

Unopposed Council Positions:

District 1 council person Amy Bly was reelected with 170 votes.

District 2 council person Craig Brown was reelected with 294 votes.

Opposed and Vacant Council Positions:

District 3 was won by challenger David Collins with 421 votes versus incumbent Frank Maceo who could only muster 416 votes.

District 4 was won by Jason Hardcastle with 214 votes.

District 5 will require a runoff that will be held on June 16, 2018. The two top vote getters were Carol Holloway (225 votes) and John Paul Listowski (354 votes). Neither candidate garnished 50% of the vote thereby triggering a runoff election.

District 6 saw an unexpected upset. Challenger Jackie Cole received 610 votes versus incumbent Carolyn Sunseri who only managed to receive 522 votes from her constituency.

Op-Ed: Andrew Mccreight

The interesting race for me was District 6. I did not endorse Jackie Cole but I did vote against Sunseri. I felt she had been unresponsive to inquiries that I had made and also the supporters on her web page came across as arrogant and overbearing. In my eyes " Incumbency has a tendency to begat Arrogance".

Also, I would point out that Council Person Sunseri and State Representative Faircloth used questionable campaign tactics and I deplore a politician that takes the low road! THEY BOTH LOST!

Finally: I acknowledge and thank the City of Galveston web page for their public media information page. I could not have written this article without them.

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