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Sunday, September 27, 2009


It appears the Liberty Hospital District is trying to scheme against the IRS action and reopen the Liberty Hospital, with itself as the new owner- ALL TAXPAYER FUNDED.

The Liberty Hospital district has opened a new corporation with TI Group in an attempt to 'pyramid' the Hospital's prior fraud and to circumvent the IRS levy. The new owner of the hospital would be the taxpayer funded Liberty Hospital District. In that same respect, the Liberty County Taxpayers will have to pay the defaulted tax owed by original liberty hospital owner, 'Frontier'. Attorney C. Bruce Stratton and cohorts are attempting to pull a fast one on the IRS and use the Liberty County Court 75th of Carroll Thomas "Rusty" Hight to perpetrate. The real question is, how can the Liberty Hospital 1, create a corporation to defraud the IRS and shift the fraud debt/collection to Liberty County Taxpayers? 2. Open another corporation with private entity as a partner which is not a taxpayer approved entity, and fill their pockets with cash?

The actions of C. Bruce Stratton, TI group and the Liberty Courts appear to be a strong case by the IRS for real constructive fraud, tax evasion, pyramiding and conspiracy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IRS Investigators decend upon Liberty County

09/22/2009- Liberty, Texas- Investigators and collectors for the IRS have come to Liberty County to investigate the Liberty County courthouse claims to assets of the Liberty Hospital. The non-paying of 941 trust monies to the IRS were monies allegedly diverted into the pockets of the directors, is the same crime alleged against IHHC, Signature Health Care who are in Liberty County Courts to prosecute a jurisdictional illegal claim in the 75th Judicial Court of Carroll Thomas "Rusty" Hight. Signature Health Care was closed down and levied by the IRS owing IRS more than four million dollars. The directors of Signature are Karie Spell, Albert Palmarez and Robert Palmarez. Their attorney, John Fason is alleged to have been receiving the subject IRS 941 Trust money for the past three years as legal fees.

The IRS is thought to have a superior claim to funds and assets held by the "Frontier Group Corp." and Liberty County. The allegations are that Liberty County Courts are fast becoming the place to come and file illegal actions to attack persons without merit or beat the IRS.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Liberty Hospital Seized by Liberty County, to beat IRS- C. Bruce Stratton's Pet Project Collapses

Liberty Dispatch and Ray Akins foretold the eventual collapse of the Liberty Hospital years ago. Liberty Hospital's financial fraud, tax fraud, payoffs, lack of oversight, profiteering, kickbacks and lack of accountability doomed the hospital long ago.

09/18/2009- Liberty County Tax collector, Mark McClellan filed documents with the Liberty County 75th Court to seize the Liberty Hospital. Taxes, along with electric bills have been unpaid for several years. Unlike the typical consumer, Liberty County has allowed the hospital to operate unhindered and without oversight.

It is believed the Liberty Hospital owes the IRS more than $1.5 million dollars in back taxes and is in the process of being levied. In an attempt to take control of Hospital assets before the IRS, Liberty Tax Collector, McClelland and Judge, Carroll Thomas "Rusty" Hight of the 75th along with others decided to seize the hospital and the associated assets.

The real question is, where has all the Liberty County and Hospital district tax money we have paid, where has it gone?

It was apparent, the fraud and waste of money at the Liberty Hospital would soon amount to the current claimed four million dollar loss - all unpalatable and unaffordable debt for a county already in budget trouble.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Luck Officer Harkness!

Cleveland Police Officer Zack Harkness began a one-year leave of absence on Monday, September 14. Harkness, a five-year member of the Coast Guard Reserves, learned he was being called to active duty last month.

Harkness expects he will be stationed at the Air Station in San Francisco until January at which time he will be deployed to Kuwait for six to nine months. He has been told he will be part of a unit performing port security in Kuwait and the Bahrain area.

Story courtesy HCN- Cleveland

Comments to Editor

(D) Mike Little, Liberty County D.A. = (F) Head of the snake- CORRUPTION in Liberty County... Lives in sudo sicko world of revenge, selective prosecution, intimidation, trickery and tyranny, old school style.) (Revenge against Ray Akins)
(D) Mark Beausoleil, Asst Liberty County DA = (F-) (Dumb Head and inflated ego)
(R) Wes Hinch County Attorney = (B-) (Good man but sheepish against others in the Courthouse)
(D/?) Tommy Chambers, Asst Co. Atty = (B+) (Cool as a cucumber and professional, should be DA)
(D) Chap Cain = (B) (Good man, wrong party)
(D) County Judge, Fitzgerald = (D) (Poor Phil, never enough money)
(D) Commissioner Pct 4, Norman Brown = (F) (He wanted trains in Dayton, but he missed his)
(D) County Auditor, Harold Seay = (A) (Man of great integrity, should be County Judge)
(R/?) County Treasurer, Kim Harris = (B) (No party loyalist)
(R) Justice of the Peace Pct 1, Bobby Rader = (B-) Should be more proactive for party and help conservatives from local corruption)
(R) Justice of the Peace Pct 2, Ronnie Davis = (B) Good guy, needs to join with Rader to upset corruption applecart)
(D) Republican Party Chairman, Lester Ray Wisegerber = (F-) (This man is the worst republican chair in history of the party, only helps himself and give retarded advice to candidates) link to Son-in-law Judge -Revenge against Ray Akins.
(D) Frank Huff, Texas Ranger = (F) (witness tampering, manufactures evidence, hides evidence, trades evidence, works in consort with Mike Little to manufacture evidence and lie to juries.) Pimple on the rear of an otherwise distinguished group of historical officers. (Revenge against Ray Akins for getting Greg Arthur booted from office)

The grade sampling is based on a formula of several factors including, lack of ethics, full of themselves, judicial misconduct, corruption, greed, lack of party affiliation, lack of party contribution, retaliation, political persecution, malicious prosecution, tampering with witnesses selective prosecution and civil rights violations -or lack there of!

Sent in from JD

IHHC, Signature Health Care - Shut down by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

IHHC Inc. dba Signature Health Care has had its bank accounts levied by the IRS. The directors of IHHC Inc. dba, Signature Health Care are Karie Spell, Albert Palmarez and Robert Palmarez. In addition, sources close to LD state that the above characters are also under investigation by the the "CID" Criminal Investigative Division of the IRS for 'Tax Evasion and Conspiracy to Commit Tax Evasion'. In addition, sources state the IRS has questions about Signature's attorney, John Stewart Fason for 'knowingly' and 'willingly' receiving over $100,000.00 (one hundred thousand dollars) in 'IRS Trust Funds Money' as legal fee.

The Palmarez Brothers have made criminal allegations against Ray Akins and Edward Shauberger, Signature majority shareholder. Karie Spell, Director of IHHC- Signature is said to have made false statements to a Liberty County Grand Jury in order to contrive criminal charges against Ray Akins and Edward Shauberger, Signature majority shareholder for purposes of retaliation and to cover-up her and the Palmarez brother’s crimes.

Karie Spell and Klint Bush have allegedly been evading depositions by Ray Akins' attorneys for months.

Robert Palmarez is under indictment in Denton County Texas for two counts of financial document forgery, which were financial documents based from IHHC- Signature Health Care.

In an alleged fraud against the court, attorney John Stewart Fason has fraudulently changed the style of a civil case in the Liberty County 75th court under the eyes of CT Height, a case already being heard in the Harris County 55th Court. Attorney, Fason has illegally filled a case in Liberty County, a case now being heard in Harris County, all in an attempt to get a different ruling on a failed summary judgment decided in the Harris County 55th court.

As reported by local media, because of the outrageous lies Karie Spell told to a Liberty County Grand Jury, and at Texas Ranger, Frank Huff's insistence, and the resulting trumped up indictment pushed by political opposite, Liberty County DA, Mike Little- Mr. Ray Akins' Investigations Business was forced to close.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


You may remember several months back when Liberty Dispatch broke the national story of singer Neil Diamond who was accused of not giving money he raised in the name of Ike Relief, to the Ike Relief Fund. It is further alleged that Mr. Diamond used the unsolicited public relations interest in Oak Island/Ike relief to create a place for himself as "Music Entertainer of the Year".

Now, sources close to Liberty Dispatch claim that no money allegedly raised by Mr. Diamond can be found. The claimed amount of money raised by Mr. Diamond through the sale of concert paraphernalia is said to be around two million dollars.

When Liberty Dispatch first broke the story, threats were made to Mr. Akins who was then investigating the story. Its is further alleged that Mr. Diamond's people contacted Liberty County DA, Mike Little in an attempt to quiet Mr. Akins through pressure of an indictment and loss of his Investigations License.

More later...

Letter to the editor- KING CAIN

King Cain?

While I was not present at Tuesday’s Commissioner’s Court meeting, I was able to view the video feed found on another county website. To say that I was astonished by Chap Cain’s total disrespect for the position of County Judge would be a huge understatement. Even when realizing that there has been some bad blood between these two judges in the past few months, the impertinence shown by Cain surpassed his normal arrogant self. His actions and behaviors in that Court were nothing short of insolence, pure and simple.

I have been present in hearings in Cain’s court in the past years when he has rapped his gavel many times interrupting a party’s tirade as they were trying to get their point across. I have heard him threaten to have his bailiff remove the party from his court if they failed to heed his warning. The actions by Chap Cain as he tried to get his point across in Tuesday’s meeting superseded any outbreak, any tirade, any outburst that I have ever heard him allow in his courtroom. I strongly suggest that Liberty County constituents not try to mimic Cain’s behavior in his court or you will be held in contempt and jailed…which is what should have happened in Tuesday’s meeting.

Let me also say that the actions by Judge Fitzgerald were not without blemish. He, clearly, was using his position as budget officer for the county as a means to retaliate against Cain for disagreements between the two of them as they related to Fitz’ monetary gains during the clean-up after Hurricane Ike. However, Cain’s refusal to provide budget requirements for his court and personnel, as requested of each department head, gave Phil leeway to do just that.

One of Cain’s arguments against having the salaries of his personnel cut was “It’s always been that way!!” (Whine, Whine) Perhaps, having been in politics for these many years has caused Chap to forget that just because something has been wrong for all those years, does not mean that it should stay wrong. It has always amazed me that Chap’s court, the 253rd District, received the same pay as Judge Hight’s court, the 75th District, when Cain’s personnel only worked for Liberty County 75% of the time. Cain chose to cry foul stating that his court is assigned the same number of cases as the 75th District, which is true. However, he failed to acknowledge that he and his court only work for Liberty county 75% of the time, while working for Chambers County the other 25% of the time.

Bottom line…Cain is ticked off that his personnel will now only make the same salary as the 75th personnel rather than the 25% or more that they were receiving when combining the 100% salary from Liberty County with the additional 25% or more salary from Chambers County.

Can anyone say “It’s time for a change”?



Monday, September 14, 2009

IHHC, Signature Health Care - Shut down by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Sources close to LD state that Signature Health Care (IHHC, Inc.) has been levied by the IRS. All company records and bank accounts have been seized.

The owners and officers of Signature Health care are Karie Spell, Albert Palmarez and Robert Palmarez. Owner Robert Palmarez has been indicted on two counts of financial document forgery in Denton County, Texas stemming from his dealings in Signature Health Care.

More later...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Janet Harrelson Case Appeal sends DA, Mike Little's office scambling

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a request for briefs in the last of Harrelson's cases yet to be overturned.

More later...

KTRK - Dolcefino Probes Chambers County

Investigative reporter from KTRK, Wayne Dolcefino is investigating allegations of FEMA fraud in Chambers County Texas. The allegations surround the financial dealings of Chambers County Judge, Jimmy Silvia and others.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

FBI Probes Liberty County Officials

09/10/09- Sources close to Liberty Dispatch state that today, the FBI made visits to the Liberty County Courthouse. The FBI is investigating allegations of official misconduct on the part of several county judges and prosecutors.

The FBI is a professional group of investigators who investigate official misconduct by public officials and law enforcement along with other crimes.

We will keep our readers posted.