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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Teflon" Phil- Fitzgerald (1), Liberty County (0).

Courtesy HCN Online:

At Monday’s hearing regarding the Jessica Vickery Irrevocable Trust, 75th District Court Judge, the Honorable C.T. “Rusty” Hight, removed Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald as trustee.

Fitzgerald had sought to remain as trustee even though the beneficiary of the trust, Jessica Vickery, the daughter of Glenn Vickery and Helen Green, had asked for his removal. The young woman’s parents were split on who should act as trustee of the estate. Glenn Vickery was in support of Phil Fitzgerald and Green and her daughter had asked that First Liberty National Bank be appointed the trustee.

As he announced his ruling, Hight admitted that he could not remove Glenn Vickery’s ability to name a trustee; however, he ruled that Glenn Vickery and Green must jointly name another trustee. If an agreement cannot be reached, First Liberty National Bank will be appointed.

The other terms of the ruling are that Vickery must pay his daughter’s trust in the amount of $75,000 for lease payments that were never made and $38,000 in back taxes. Vickery was, however, given a $25,000 credit for lease payments due to the money he spent on a drainage project, which was performed by Fitzgerald’s Hard Rock Construction Company."

It seems Liberty County Judge, Carrol Thomas Hight wants the Liberty National Bank to manage the Vickery trust like they are managing the phantom Liberty Hospital District corporation. This is an obvious attempt by Judge Hight to reward Liberty National Bank because of its bail out of the Liberty Hospital District. Liberty County residents should think twice before opening an account at the Liberty National Bank or keeping an account there.

Phil Fitzgerald really lost nothing in this court battle and Judge Hight effectively blessed Fitzgerald with no worries. Judge Hight gave the real win to Fitzgerald after Fitzgerald made millions from the county and the Vickery Trust.


Anonymous said...

Its obvious, the fix was in on this deal. The judge and Fitzgerald scripted this one perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its obvious they were just going through the motions.
What a bunch of criminals running our county.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Vickerys can hire Russell Fairchild to go into Liberty County Clerks office, Delia Sellers to destroy property records just like he has done for his property/lien records. Just because he has a corrupt brother (Chip Fairchild) in the Liberty PD, he can walk into the courthouse and destroy any records or extort any county official.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious this deal was noting more than a show trial. Cindy Horsewell from the Chronicle got it too.

Anonymous said...

I am proud that we have SOME local media standing up to the establishment. Why are the OTHERS so silent though? Are they afraid of alienating some of their advertisers?

Anonymous said...

Horswell is no dummy. She knows alot about Bill Buchanan and Mike Little and Liberty County.

Anonymous said...

What role did John Otto play in all this? I heard he was taking all kinds of responsibility for this fraud.

This whole hospital district stinks of corruption big time.

Anonymous said...

Small town politics reap of under the table cover ups. Money talks and BS walks. How true!!!

Anonymous said...

Ray, Please let me begin by PROUDLY saying I am a REPUBLICAN !
Secondly Ray let me say how much my family and friends and myself enjoy your webpage.
Reason being is simple: THE TRUTH
You are the only one who will publicly stand up and say "If it walks and talks like a duck, well it must be a duck"!
Your site does not hide the truth, like dineout.
You point out the truth regardless of who it is.
You do not hide nor cover up the "SIMPLE TRUTH".
You open the eyes of everyone who is NOT in the know and bring them up to the current situations in Liberty County.
I have never once heard you slam the current Sheriff or his administration.
dineout seems to focus on what the Sheriff's department is doing that dont meet the approval of the Democrat party.
I would just like to say to those who keep hammering at LCSO at what they are not doing. "If you dont like them, dont call them when you have a problem. Call a Crack Head".
The Democrats sure dont mind calling 911 and asking for Republican help.
Ray its funny how they all stand around with their hand out but never offer to help.
The solution is in front of you ! VOTE !!! Vote out Little,and the rest of the idiots at the courthouse along with the commissioners. The only way the Liberty County Sheriff's Office can be more productive is for the Commissioners to Be Pro Police and give the Department what they need to better serve Liberty County and stop focussing on a "personal parking spot" and how to increase their salery and GIVE where its needed !
Ray, Do you remember Earl Pitts "Wake up America"? Well Im not Earl but PEOPLE, YOU NEED TO FOCUS ! Wake up citizens of Liberty County. When is enough enough ? Hold the Commissioners and Judges and DA accountable for their actions. Stand up and VOTE and be heard!
Ray keep up the good work.
One funny in closing. That pic of the sick "Sex Offender" you have posted has to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Is that a Halloween pic or is that real ? Tell the truth Ray, is that ole chipper in a scarey mask ?