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Monday, November 23, 2009


Mrs. Kathy Dagle resigned as board member of the Liberty Hospital Taxing District. Mrs. Dagle was the only honest and respected member of the Hospital District who kept the original mission of the Hospital District in focus. Bruce Stratton and others have used the Liberty Hospital Taxing District for personal power gain and illegal expansion of the taxing entity.

The Liberty Hospital Taxing District has illegally schemed a way to transfer collected taxes into an illegally formed LLC and Corporation- to funnel tax money into TI Group Hospital Management, an alleged corrupt foreign Malaysian Government owned entity.

Mrs. Dagle was the figure which brought what respectability the Hospital District retained. For years Mrs. Dagle struggled as a board member of a totally dysfunctional and corrupt taxing entity. Her hard work and principles will not be forgotten...

Ray Akins, Contributor

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Wheels of Justice Move Slowly

We have received many e-mails regarding the investigation of possible wrongdoing by Chambers County officials involving FEMA clean-up contracts, disaster relief related contracts. We have now learned that some high ranking county officials made false allegations against private relief organizations in an attempt to divert attention away from themselves. We can assure the public that our sources tell us the investigation is ongoing and widening. We have been told that Chambers County is doing everything in its power to stall, thwart and delay any efforts to look into these alleged activities.

As in any public corruption case, the general public can play a vital role by coming forward and giving authorities leads that will help them move the investigation along. Especially needed in this case is any information showing the parties who were involved and who directly contracted to do the work. This would especially include anyone who was used to secret the real owner's of the equipment used, specifically in Chambers County where it is alleged that county officials used others to shield their ownership of equipment used. Our sources tell us some used their children or other relatives and created fictitious companies to secret their involvement.

The latest shocking allegation is that Chambers County, working in concert with Theresa Barrett of the Anahuac Progress, conspired to defame and make slanderous allegations against a local religious organization in order to take the spotlight off themselves. This is a cowardly act and, if proven, those involved should be made to pay for their disgusting actions.

This story will go on for some time and we will continue to report as things unfold.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Republican Commissioner Candidate, Marcus Brand- Press Release

The overwhelming positive responses I have received has humbled me. Thank you to family, friends, and people I have yet to personally meet. In these trying times a person needs all the support he or she may receive.

I would like to give my reason for running for Commissioner, Pct. 2. I believe in the past, politicians have acted above reproach. I am not perfect, no one is, and it is not humanly possible to always make the right decisions alone. That is why, if elected, I will rely on the citizens of Precinct 2 to do the right thing and let their voices be heard. I will always listen to their concerns and be their humble servant. Representation of the people seems to be meaningless in our government today. It should be the most important factor. I will work tirelessly for the residents of Liberty County. I will always answer or return all phone calls, e-mails, etc. from my constituents. Your voices will be heard. I plan to hold public meetings to discuss issues and concerns important to the people I represent. I will be a hands-on official. No issue or job will be too small that I am not personally involved.


Marcus Brand
Candidate for Liberty County Commissioner, Precinct 2

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Palin Slams Obama for Bowing

By: David Patten

In an exclusive Newsmax interview, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Tuesday sharply criticized President Obama's deep bow to the emperor of Japan, and charged Democrats are 'purposefully' holding back details on their health care reform proposals from the American people to avoid an open debate.

On tour promoting her bestselling book, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” the former Alaska governor also told Newsmax she was so embarrassed by a Newsweek magazine cover depicting her in short running shorts that she sent an e-mail to her family saying "I almost feel like I have to apologize."

Palin compared Obama's comportment in bowing to Japanese royalty to the leadership style of former President Ronald Reagan.

"There is where his steel spine strengthened our entire nation," she said of the Republican icon. "The leadership he provided, where he allowed us to believe in ourselves as a superpower – not in an abusive way as a superpower, but as a power and a light and a hope for the rest of the world.

“That allowed us to be a healthier, safer, and more generous nation to help other nations. So those things that Ronald Reagan did … he said on national security issues, he said you know: 'We win. They lose.' Leadership like that we need today. [It] allows a very clear path in front of us we'd be foolish not to follow."

In criticizing the bow, Palin contrasted Reagan's view of American exceptionalism with President Obama's efforts to cast America as but one member of the community of nations.

"That [bow] made me and many of us uncomfortable, and I don't think it was just an accidental breach of protocol, because we've seen it before with one of the Saudi leaders too," Palin tells Newsmax. "I think it goes along with that same mode of operation that was apologizing for who America is. In order to build relationships with other countries and strengthen our allies and allow more alliances across the globe, we don't need to apologize for who we are. In fact, I think we would be respected to an even greater degree if we exerted more of the diplomatic power that, again, Ronald Reagan did."

Palin, who was a lightning rod for criticism during the presidential campaign, warned that America is in "a dangerous place economically" because Congress is debating health care reforms that would affect up to one-sixth of the U.S. economy, without keeping the public informed about exactly what provisions are being proposed. And she doesn't think that void of information is accidental, either.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Personal Note: I have been persecuted by the RINOs, corrupt Democrat element, Wisegerber's friends, and his relatives in the Liberty County Courthouse for being vocal... But, as I have done my whole life as a Republican, I stand true to my party and platform...

Political Contributor, Ray Akins

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Local Democrat Candidate Drops Out - Turncoat - Retaliation

Local Liberty Democrat candidate, Frank Jordan, who was set to run for Liberty County Judge, has backed out of the running after his formation of campaign treasurer several days ago. The allegations are that Jordan's business dealings became the subject of attention after Jordan came up on the proverbial radar. In addition, it is said that Jordan was not "blessed" by the local Liberty County corrupt Democrat element. Jordan was advised that it was in his best interest not to run because Democrat leaders have other Democrat candidates handpicked to run. The continued "Democrat curse" seemingly continues to befall the Liberty County Democrat Party.

Likewise, the "Republican curse" still haunts the local Republican Party because of the party Chairman, Lester Ray Wisegerber. His fake smiling face hides the truth about his careless attitude towards our Republican party. His demeanor is reflective of a time that has come and gone, along with the resulting damage to our party in Washington and locally for many years past. If our party is to survive, we need to rid our party of RINOS and people who use our party for their own means, without regard for the party platform and ideals. A classic example of this selfish motivation is the recent Democrat turncoat, Norman friend of the Liberty County Republican Chairman, Lester Ray Wisegerber, and proposed Liberty County Republican Vice Chair/President. The cancer of corruption has infiltrated the Liberty County Republican Party through Wisegerber and now, Norman Brown, each almost a century old.

Lester Ray Wisegerber doesn't appear strong enough to fight his own battles, as shown by his choice to retaliate against his political enemies through his District Judge son-in-law and the Liberty County DA. The wheels of history have been set in motion, his weakness, corruption and influence peddling... that will be his legacy.

It's funny how Wisegerber and Brown don't think party affiliations mean anything until its time for a power grab. As outrageous as it sounds, listen to the Liberty County Republican chair talk down his own party. Lester Ray Wisegerber is heard in the recording telling the person he is talking to... that a "D" and/or an "R" in front of your name means nothing and that people who that means something to are "crazy". Its "crazy" unless you want to make a power grab. Wisegerber, you just don't get it, the PARTY CHAIR of a county is the FIRST to promote his party. If he isn't there to promote his party, what is the REAL reason he is in that position???

Listen here...

With those who are corrupt in our local and national political scene, party and change means everything.

Friday, November 6, 2009


IHHC (Immanuel Home Health Care) of Baytown, Texas was levied by the IRS back in May of 2008 for tax fraud dating back to 2003. In an apparent attempt to defraud the IRS out of over four million dollars in owed taxes, IHHC Director Karie Spell of Mont Belvieu/Baytown, Texas and Bob Palmarez of College Station, Texas and Klint Bush of Hardin, Texas changed and transferred all IHHC assets namely, “DBA Signature Health Services” into their own names. IHHC had originally owned the DBA "Signature Health Services" since 08/14/2003.

Back in May of 2008, Karie Spell and Bob Palmarez fraudulently signed and filed documents with TDADS (Texas Department of Aging) that- 1. Robert Palmarez didn’t have a criminal record, 2. Robert Palmarez and Karie Spell were owners of DBA “Signature Health Care“ when in fact IHHC is the owner of DBA “Signature Health Services”. The subject TDADS fraudulent filings were notarized by Klint Bush. Court records, affidavits and documents filed with the State of Texas show that the owner of IHHC and its DBA’s were 'in fact' IHHC- until the IRS initiated collection actions. IHHC Directors, Karie Spell and Bob Palmarez filed fraudulent documents over 22 times with the State of Texas and Harris County DBA records (see below) to evade the IRS. Karie Spell's and Klint Bush’s names and signatures are all over the documents with TDADS, Harris County DBA and affidavits filed in Liberty County Courts, a Liberty County Grand Jury and Harris County court documents. Collectively, these 22 documents filed constitute 22 counts of “filing of a false government document” which were designed with intent to harm/defraud IHHC and stockholders.

The sum of the fraudulent documents signed by Spell/Palmarez and notarized by Klint Bush were done so within only a few days after the 2008 IRS levy. The actions of Spell, Palmarez and Bush were taken so that the IRS would pursue IHHC while the fraudulent activity and tax evasion could continue under the DBA, “Signature Health Services”. IRS has filed garnishments and levies against IHHC but doesn't realize they and the taxpayers have been duped via more fraud by Karie Spell, Bob Palmarez and Klint Bush. Additionally, Spell and Bush have made false statements to a Liberty County Grand Jury, law enforcement and prosecutors.

How to beat the IRS and Make Millions: Through the use of a simple DBA fraud, Karie Spell and Robert Palmarez have eluded the IRS and been able to receive over $100,000.00 into their bank accounts just in the past week. This fraud is only able to exist via the use of the IHHC 'E.I.N. number' and funds directed from Medicare and Palmetto GBA medicare payment provider. All this while Spell and Palmarez laugh at the IRS, The State of Texas, Harris County and Liberty County. The fraudulent tainted money they have received has knowingly been accepted by their attorney, John Stewart Fason, for legal fees since July 2007. It's interesting to note, John Fason has used court documents to help Spell and Palmarez perpetrate tax fraud against the IRS, but has kept his name off of filed state forms, effectively setting the fraudsters up for a fall he can walk away from. Its alleged that Karie Spell and Robert Palmarez are part of a group known and associated with the Irwin Schiff's tax protest group. Spell, Bush and Palmarez have a long history of problems with the evasion of taxes dating back into the 90's. Investigators also believe Karie Spell, Palmarez's and Klint Bush are in the process of transferring or selling the patients used or held by Signature Health Services.

The Noose: Because Karie Spell and Robert Palmarez have transferred the company into their names via a DBA, they have sealed their fate. Whatever money and joy they may have obtained will be short lived due to the fact they have effectively assumed all IRS liability and exposed or proven themselves as tax evaders due to their deliberate acts.

An investigator for the IRS states that "Signature Health Services" directors and employees more than likely will have to return monies paid to them by "Signature". The money paid to employees for the past two years will be levied and collected from the "Signature" employees to help pay the mounting tax fraud of over four million dollars.

By now you might ask why the IRS would allow this tax fraud to continue? That is a very good question which should be directed toward IRS (C.I.) Investigators.

Additional note:

Klint Bush of Hardin, Texas has run a candle making business out of the back of his Liberty Texas family businesses- 1st. Dollar store and then, 2nd. Party Store located in Liberty, Texas in an attempt to hide income from the IRS. He and his family have also run a concrete figurines business out of their back yard in Hardin, Texas under the IRS radar.

Signature Health Services
606 Rollingbrook, Suite 2F
Baytown, TX 77521


SIGNATURE HEALTH SERVICES 233940194 08-14-2003 10

SIGNATURE HEALTH SERVICES 238980740 05-27-2008 10

W SIGNATURE HEALTH SERVICES 238980746 05-28-2008

SIGNATURE HEALTH SERVICES 238980747 05-28-2008 10

To report Criminal Tax Evasion like "Signature Health Services" or public official financial corruption, contact:

1919 Smith St.
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (281) 721-7021

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Benefit for BriAnne Lebouef, November 13, 2009- 6:00 PM- Liberty VFW

BriAnne was injured in an ATV accident on Sunday 9-06-09. She is 11 years old. Her left leg was completely mangled. She has had 5 surgeries and may still need more. She will need further medical attention and long term physical therapy. Her medical needs require more than what insurance will cover. We are having this benefit to cover further medical expenses. Any donations would greatly be appreciated. We will be having an auction beginning @ 7;00pm, BBQ plates for $7, a live band and other entertainment Donations can be made to:

BriAnne Lebouef Act # 405706
Liberty County Teachers Credit Union (936)336-7236
3712 North Main St. Liberty, TX 77575
Call (936)298-2812 or (936)668-9267 for more info!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear Editor,

I am retired and a long time conservative and local taxpayer. I have observed local politics and local politicians for years and years ago was excited to see someone stand up and run on principle as a Republican. I helped Judge Prater back in the day and was proud when people in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s began to proclaim that they “ were not leaving the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party had left them.” That was so true back then when almost every true conservative in Texas began to bail out of a left turning Democratic Party. Governor John Connally, Senator Phil Gramm, Rick Perry, etc. etc. etc. I gave a little money and put up a few signs for some of those men and Judge Prater.

I was very disappointed that very few people joined the Judge here in Liberty County at that time. Some said they were Republicans at heart but they would have to run in the Democratic Party to win. But I was glad to see the Republican Party in Liberty County began to field candidates to run against incumbents. When people like Bob Rader decided to run as a Republican over in Liberty, I admired their consistency and their integrity in running in the party that had their principles instead of just trying to win anyway they could.

I am writing to you sir because I now see the kind of stuff that really makes politicians have the bad reputation they have. Democratic Commissioner, my commissioner, Norman Brown is announcing he is switching parties and saying what men (real men) said THIRTY YEARS ago, “I am not leaving the Democratic Party, they left me”. Brown is nearly eighty years old and he knew what the Democratic Party was three years ago and he chose to run as one of them. In fact I have heard him extol the “many virtues” of his party. He has been proud of his party affiliation. Nothing has changed in that party in the last three years. The party changed over a quarter of a century ago. If someone wants to change parties, that is fine. But this is a phony politician making a phony claim. Brown saw his party rejected in the last election and he is changing parties for personal gain, not because of the bogus reasons he gave.

True conservatives better get ready and sign up candidates to run against people like this in the Republican primary unless they believe a leopard can change his spots.

Tired of Politicians Who Lie