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Saturday, January 2, 2010

City of Liberty Police Department, blood stained...

The Liberty Police Department as headed by Chief of Police, Billy Tidwell, Head Detective, Philip "Chip" Fairchild and information officer Hugh Bishop has been alleged to have indirectly contributed in the death of Liberty Proprietor, Naushad Virani. While Tidwell and others in the Liberty PD have voiced outrage about the killing, the real true outrage is the mishandling of the accused murderer by the Liberty Police Department.

Liberty Dispatch readers have expressed great outrage over the mishandling of the accused murderer, Stevie Walder by the Liberty Police Department prior to the murder.

According to Harris County records, there was an active 'failure to appear warrant' against Walder when he was in the custody of the Liberty Police Department (shortly before the murder) but... "slipped away" according to self proclaimed Liberty Police Department information officer, Hugh Bishop. Where is the alleged great investigations team of detectives at the Liberty Police Department? Answer: Chip Fairchild- Res ipsa loquitur...

Chief of Police, Billy Tidwell should resign immediately to mitigate any further damage to the City of Liberty and the public trust thereof. (But he wont because he really don't care!)

This action or inaction by the Liberty Police Department is yet another example of the corrupt and inept public officials at work in Liberty County. Watch how the cover-up deepens and local corrupt Liberty County news outlets rush to hide the blood stained hands of Liberty and Liberty County Officials.

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