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Friday, January 29, 2010

Letter to the Editor, in support of Marcus Brand

Letter to the Editor

Most candidates competing for election or re-election will state what they WILL DO if elected. Marcus Brand, candidate for Liberty County Precinct 2 Commissioner is no exception. He promises restored integrity, honesty, respectability, and openness to Liberty County government. These attributes have not been seen in this precinct for ages. Marcus will have an open door policy, be available to all constituents, and genuinely consider all suggestions concerning the best direction for Liberty County. During this election year campaign, Marcus has been tireless in his efforts to contact and meet as many Precinct 2 residents as possible. He is entirely committed to Liberty County and Precinct 2. Many of the residents have noticed his trailer mounted sign parked on the roadside. He is not relying on people to come see him. He is reaching out and taking his campaign to the people of Precinct 2.

Marcus Brand WILL: Be a proponent for and do his best to establish a more efficient Unit System to fairly represent all precincts.

Marcus Brand WILL: Work with the Judge and other Commissioners to establish a more efficient drainage system for all of Liberty County.

Marcus Brand WILL: Also work with Congressman Kevin Brady to convince Union Pacific Railroad to alleviate the drainage problem caused by insufficient trestles in the track from Hardin to Hull. The railroad track serves as a large dam and blocks the North/South flow of excess water resulting in severe flooding during heavy rains.

Marcus Brand WILL NOT: Vote to spend taxpayer dollars without completely gathering all information available.

Marcus Brand WILL NOT: Vote to approve subdivisions adjacent to a highly TOXIC WASTE SITE such as the ones approved west of Dayton.

Marcus Brand WILL NOT: Vote to approve subdivisions in an active oil and gas field such as the ones approved west of Dayton.

Marcus Brand WILL NOT: Vote to accept inadequate subdivision roads for Liberty County maintenance.

Marcus Brand WILL NOT: Vote to purchase property with an extreme toxic mold issue and completely stripped by copper thieves such as the old Wal-Mart building even after being advised of the issues.

Marcus Brand WILL NOT: Subject himself to scrutiny by the FBI. A completely open policy will assure that he is in compliance to all public actions.

Please remember three things this election, voter registration, early voting and Election Day voting. “YOU” CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE THIS YEAR

Voter Registration Deadline-------------February 1, 2010

Early Voting--------------------------------February 16, 2010 to February 26, 2010

Election Day--------------------------------March 2, 2010 Tuesday


Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Brand know that if a unit system is established in the County, his pay will be cut in half because he has less job duties...probably not..lets see if he wants it then. Does he even know what the unit system is?

Does Mr.Brand know anything about

I bet the other candidates wish they did not have jobs so that they could go around and visit with people all day. Its easy to promise things when you dont have a clue.
Oh, by the way Mr. Brand, Kevin Brady has no jurisdiction over the railroad.

Anonymous said...

I believe some posters are from outer space! The unit system would only transfer the road and bridge funds to the county as a whole. County decisions still have to be voted on. The unit system will have to be voted on by the people. Drainage? Ever heard of the Army Corp of Engineers? Let's see, yeah, water drains from high areas to low areas. Yeah, drainage lanes have to have upkeep. Man that was hard to figure out! And what I understand, Mr. Brand has a job that he is highly successful at. I know it is hard for you to understand someone getting out and speaking with the citizens the elected official will represent. And if you believe Congressmen have no power over railroads you are a moron. Tell me the truth. Are you an illegal alien from Mars? Get back to the tv, you might miss something on Jerry Springer!

Marcus Brand said...

First I would like to congratulate the above poster for exercising their freedom of speech. It is apparent that they have not had a chance to meet me. I do apologize for this, for I do have a job and have little time to get out and meet people.

When looking at drainage issues you have to look at the whole picture. You can’t alleviate a problem upstream without looking at the possible side effects downstream and other areas. In the past, drains have been opened up and caused land owners properties to become lakes during times of heavy rain due to blockage issues downstream.

As far as the unit system goes, I do think it would benefit the County as a whole, but it is not up to me, it is up to the people of Liberty County. Without concern for the salary of a Commissioner, I will educate the people on the advantages and disadvantages of a county wide unit system. Then the citizens can make their choice.

As far as the comment on Kevin Brady the jury is still out on whether he will help even or can. I was there yesterday when the information was delivered to his staff.

If you would like more information on my views then please visit my website:
or email:

Anonymous said...

A commisssioners salary can be cut in half because of job duties? I didn't know that!!! Where is that rule written?

I believe he is very familiar with the way a unit system functions.

Drainage is removing excess water quickly. Even I know that.

Ever hear of after hours work? Talk about clueless.

The railroad is heavily subsidized by our government and can be convinced to solve the Hull flooding.

Anonymous said...

Lee, you better stay off here running down Marcus. If they cut your salary in half, will you still want this job?