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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Letter to the editor

I have questions as to the cause of our water supply contamination in Daisetter.

I keep hearing that the pukey looking water and the contamination was caused by the sinkhole.
Now the word on the street is that the problem is being caused by water that Daisetter is borrowing from the hull water supply company.

This news is upsetting because I dont believe that TCEQ allows different water suppliers to swap water without somebody saying that is ok to do it. Besides that do the people in hull give the water to Daisetter and let them make money off us by selling it to us. The people in hull are generous but I bet they dont know that.

Other questions about city spending need to be answered because our tax dollars are at stake.
I keep hearing about these great big grants that we are getting and I wont to know where all the money is going.

And what about these rumors about some underhanded land deal out there by the new sewage plant. Who bought this land and sold it to the city.

Then we get into all the grant money for the police department. Some say that the city got a lot of grant money for this project. About all I see that we got for these big tax grants is a bunch of police cars sitting around collecting dust.

We Daisetter people need to stand up and ask were all of our tax money is going.



Anonymous said...

Cat Got Your Tongues? (D.B.COOPER)

Anonymous said...

What happened to Daisetta's new water well in back of the Mobil Plant? Someone told me it sanded up. It sure didn't last long to be a new well. Can't it be fixed so Daisetta will have clean water?