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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Same Old Tired Liberal Message

During his Presidential tribute, at a church, Barack Obama could not help but to tie the Health Care Debate into his presentation.

President Obama also compared the plight of the American economy to the struggle that Martin Luther King led in his quest to bring about change in the area of race equalization. President Obama set out to reiterate his liberal agenda by saying that all should join in individual suffering for the betterment of the whole.

This came across to me as the continued message by the extreme-leftist liberals that the only way to bring about economic change in our country is to allow the government to tax people at whatever rate necessary to equalize and redistribute wealth; all of this at the discretion of the Democrat Majority Government.

I am elated every time that President Obama preaches this message because it paints the real picture of his agenda and why the Democrat Controlled Congress is pressing so hard to pass the unwanted and un-popular Health Care Law.

It demonstrates the difference between the Liberal/Socialist beliefs and those of the free-thinking freedom-seeking Conservative mind-set that includes a large percentage of the American people.

The craziness of the Liberal/Socialist is that they preach a message of tolerance but do not want to include thought processes and opinions of people who do not fully agree with their message of fundamental constitutional governmental change.

Why do they hide in the backrooms of Congress when making deals and imposing Health Care Laws on the American people? Why do they guard the door to transparency?

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Anonymous said...

Same Democratic message. Same Republican message. But we have a couple of longtime folks switching parties? Why? Why are they switching and why should we embrace them?

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that Rusty Hight is Liberty County's Martha Coakley. Like the shocking defeat of the Democratic Senate candidate in Massachusetts, if any Democrat can lose that judgeship it is ole Rusty. He lost in his first race and he is well capable of losing in this his third race. If you know ole Rustaroosky you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

If you care about the Republican party you will reject Norman Brown and Chap Cain. When longtime Democratic officeholders simply switch parties because the other party is getting stronger and the party accepts them, it demeans their party. PrincipleLESS switchers can grow a principleLESS party.

Anonymous said...

Well from Allen Youngblood's point of view I guess it looks like there are as many ignoramuses in Massachusetts as there are in Texas!

Anonymous said...

Obama must have read Allen's comment about the auto accident, where he brought up the Healthcare issue, which had nothing to do with the actual story.