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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Early voting totals for Liberty County, Texas

The overwhelming tide of anti-corruption sentiment in Liberty County has brought out the voters in large numbers.

Exit polls in Liberty County also note the fact most voters are voting anti-incumbent.

The number totals for Liberty County County voting are... Republican votes 2461 and Democrat votes 818.

There still may be hope for Liberty County...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Shifting From Deflection to Dirty Politics? The 2010 Race for 253rd District Judge

75th District Judge- CT "Rusty" Hight(D), perceived controller of judge candidate- Michelle Merendino(R), poison pill candidate

For those who have asked Judge Cain to consider running in the Republican Party over the years, it has been amazing to watch the “win at all cost” politicians go after him. Some Democrats and some self serving Republicans have made it their business to throw mud at him in the form of exaggerations, rumors, and just plain ole lies. Most people would expect that if anyone could switch parties and not be the victim of a mudslinging smear it would be a district judge because they generally stay clear of most of the public politics. District Judges across the state generally try to maintain a low profile in order to assure people of all political persuasions that the courts are not about politics. With that said, it is amazing that Judge Cain, one of the top vote getters in the last twenty years, inherited so many enemies among the persistent political operatives as they exaggerate, fabricate, and spin nasty lies about someone that public has known for years.

If the only deception local politicos tried to smear Judge Cain with was their response to Judge Cain’s declaration that he could no longer stand by quietly while Judge Fitzgerald manipulated taxpayer money during the storm recovery that would be one thing. But after Cain stood up in commissioner’s court and voiced objections to the way FEMA money was being distributed, those who didn’t like Cain opening up the courthouse to questions of integrity and corruption tried to deflect the public’s attention. They tried to get people to look away from the discovery of hundreds of thousands of FEMA dollars going to individuals connected with Fitzgerald to talking about several thousands of dollars being paid to people who work for the county and Judge Cain. These politicos were hoping Liberty County citizens would be distracted and question salaries being paid by two different counties because the 253rd District Court is shared by Liberty and Chambers County. But all of the questions were answered and there was no scandal. Citizens have been informed that all of this a matter of public record and all of the decisions have been part of the budgeting process that Fitzgerald and every other County Judge get to vote on every year. Recently all of this has been dismissed as just mudslinging politics and the media reports have confirmed everything has been done correctly. But questions about the distribution of over a million dollars of FEMA money by County Judge Fitzgerald continue to be asked. So it looks like these people will continue to try and deflect our attention and the public may have to endure more attacks on Judge Cain as authorities and the courts decide County Judge Fitzgerald’s fate.

The rumor mill is the next place the people wanting Judge Cain’s opponent and this team of candidates elected have decided to try and defeat Judge Cain because of his public comments about Fitzgerald’s misuse of FEMA money and his lack of a proper bidding process. Even though Cain’s opponent has almost unquestionable ties to the Democratic Party as she practically advertises that she is teamed with Democratic Judge Rusty Hight, Democratic County Court at Law Judge candidate Zack Zbranek, and Democratic County Judge Phil Fitzgerald, the politicos are spreading the rumor that Judge Cain publicly visits with several of the Democratic candidates and appears to have friendly enough relationships with them that he might not be upset if they win the position they are seeking. People on this team are trying to convince Republicans to punish Cain for agreeing to switch parties; and they are wanting us to reward his opponent for just now joining the Republican Party. Again, these people are practicing deflection and deception. But they are not very good at it. Judge Cain has been a Judge in the courthouse for almost two decades and people know him and he has many friends – Democrats and Republicans. What kind of human being would shun his friends and colleagues just because he switched parties? Cain’s opponent has no real bonafide connection to either party and she has no record of how she would serve as Judge. If anything people from both political parties ought to wonder who this newcomer is and if she is just saying what she thinks they want to hear. Cain, like several famous conservative Texas Democrats over the years ( i.e. Governor John Conally, Governor Rick Perry. Senator Phil Gramm), switched parties and has a long record of serving as a Judge. Like these famous men, people know Cain is a great person to have on your side, but he not only has a strong pro law enforcement record, he has a solid record of fairness and nonpartisan jurisprudence.

So far everything discussed here may sound like typical election time rhetoric and just part of the junk we all have to endure when politicians are involved, but this seems to be falling quickly to a much lower level than mere deception to what are just simply lies and even possible illegal behavior. Those who want to sour Republican primary voters on Judge Cain may have recently committed a crime to try and obtain mud to throw at the Judge. In addition, it is highly likely that some may have even taped Judge Cain (without telling him) as they tried to get him to say his switching parties was really just until after the primary when he would switch back. Not only are these actions meant to perpetuate lies and to give the public a false impression of the Judge so people will vote for his opponent, but some of this could be prosecutable. Beyond all of that, it is all just plain stupid. Committing Watergate-like crimes, or at the very least behaving in an unethical manner, only hurts the campaign whose supporters act out in this kind of manner. And by the way, no one in the history of elections has done anything as stupid as these mudslinging deceivers want us to believe with their “switching back rumor”.

While Judge Cain may want to stay out of all of the mudslinging and malicious lies and rumors and maintain the image he feels best serves the public and while he may want to remain someone who doesn’t get so involved in politics that he cannot serve as effectively as possible as Judge, some of us are not as inclined to be quiet. We believe Republican primary voters, as well as fair-minded independents and Democrats, should know what is going on so they can reject this kind of politics. And while we are not so inclined necessarily to point a finger at Judge Cain’s opponent to blame her for all of this, nevertheless the misinformation and the lies are meant to benefit her and those politicians she has decided to associate with.

If Judge Cain’s opponent wants to engage in some kind of class warfare and try to appeal to voters to reject someone who has made over 10,000 rulings with about as close to no complaints as any judge in Texas, that is more in the range of what politicians do, but if she wants to stay above the lies and the illegal activity, she needs to publicly disavow and discourage this kind of smear campaign.

Victim of PERVERT Houston Attorney, John Fason


Sex Offender Stories

Houston Attorney John Stewart Fason, was arrested March 2008 for indecently exposing himself for purposes of sexual gratification in the Rice University area. Following his arrest, Attorney John Fason was convicted in March 2009.

The victim of Fason's crime is college coed Priscilla P. Perme, who lives at Aberdeen Forest, Sage Road, Houston Texas.

In our next story, stay tuned for the interview and statements of Ms. Perme surrounding the circumstances of John Fason's crime, the trauma she has suffered, along with future legal action against John Fason.

Update: John Stewart Fason has a special relationship with the Texas State Bar.  Because of his special relationship with the Texas State Bar he has been able to keep his bar license.  John Fason shows us how the Texas State Bar has been infiltrated by sexual deviants able to practice law in Texas.  The bar in Texas is not a model for any state when they allow people like Fason to practice law in Texas, who knows what else they are allowing.  The Texas State bar appears corrupt and wholly ineffective. 

John S. Fason Texas State Bar Link and Photo

Notice on his Texas State Bar link the corrupt coverup by The Texas Bar stating: "No Public Disciplinary History" after he was found guilty of showing his penis to college coeds at Rice University. -OUTRAGEOUS- Proof the Texas State Bar is in fact corrupt!

Corrupt criminal pervert freak as approved by the Texas State Bar!

State Bar of Texas President, Mr. Buck Files
State Bar of Texas
Texas Law Center
1414 Colorado Street
Austin, Texas 78701 

Main phone: 512.427.1463
Toll free: 800.204.2222
Main fax: 512.427.4100

John Fason's current websites and

Current photo of John Stewart Fason:

Texas Attorney John Fason found guilty of sexual deviancy by Harris County Court.

Don't get suckered into Fason's rigged online reviews all a front to hide his his sicko perverted acts. Report this pervert to the Texas State Bar, let the bar know they shouldn't allow perverts like this to practice law in Texas or any state.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Liberty County Early Voting Totals

Liberty County Republicans have come out in force for early voting. According to Liberty County voting totals, Republicans are voting in record numbers as opposed to a lackluster showing by the Democrats. The Republicans are voting almost 3 to 1 as compared to the Democrats.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gridlock: Isn’t it Great!

I continue to hear the pundits and Democrats push the talking point that the Republican Party is the “Party of No”!

My feeling is that the “Party of No” is exactly the remedy that the people of the United States are looking for. We are tired of the Government trying to be the all-seeing all-powerful Big Brother relative who takes our money and then funnels into programs that they deem appropriate. It seems that their outlook towards the American people is that we are all individualistically challenged. They do not believe that we can make good personal decisions and live our lives without their oversight.

The “Party of No” should not be sucked into the political pit that BHO, Pelosi, and Reid have fallen into. Conservative Republicans, you have won the argument.

The American people have had their eyes opened and we did not like what we saw”; and that being the purest form of Socialism-Marxism being sublimely forced on our country and into our lives.

Republicans why would you place your hand near the snake’s mouth when you have already been bitten once.

It’s kind of stupid, if you ask me.

Andy McCreight

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Press Release Circulated by Steve Green of the Liberty County Sheriff's Office

On February 18, 2010, the Cleveland Advocate printed an article titled “Sheriff’s captain target of ATF investigation.” In the article, the writer states that calls to Sheriff Patterson for comment were not returned. That statement is not true. Had the Advocate engaged in fair, responsible journalism and given the Sheriff’s Office an opportunity to address the allegations, the public would have learned that state law requires a signed complaint, an investigation, and evidence to prove the allegations in that complaint before a peace officer can be suspended or terminated from employment.

It appears an inexperienced ATF Agent has been enticed by alleged corrupt Texas Ranger, Frank Huff and entourage to investigate and indict LCSO Captain, Harry Kelly and LCSO Sheriff, Henry Patterson.

More on this story, later...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Republican Party Platform

The following excerpt was taken from the 2008 Republican Party stated platform.

“Republicans will uphold and defend our party’s core principles:

Constrain the federal government to its legitimate constitutional functions. Let it empower people, while limiting its reach into their lives. Spend only what is necessary, and tax only to raise revenue for essential government functions. Unleash the power of enterprise, innovation, civic energy, and the American spirit- and never pretend that government is a substitute for family or community”.

If you agree with this powerful statement of what and who the Republican Party is, get in your car and go as fast as you legally can to your voting box location and send a message to the Socialist Liberals in the Democrat Party. Tell them we are no longer going to lie down and allow their over-reaching Party Ideology to have negative effects on our lives.

Andy McCreight

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Neil Diamond Ike Relief Funds Still Non-Existent

As of this date, there is still no record of supposed Neil Diamond relief funds. Neil Diamond is accused of using relief money pledges and notoriety gathered to be voted entertainer of the year in 2009.

Either one of two things have happened as related to the Neil Diamond alleged money.

1. The money in question has never surfaced from Neil Diamond;


2. The money was defrauded from the Ike Relief fund who was suppose to take receive and administer the supposed funds.

Today a local Houston attorney has filed and sent demands for payment and is filing liens against the much touted "Neil Diamond Homes" properties in Chambers County.

The well meaning Houston Chronicle was 'used' in a recent attempt to cover up questions about the whereabouts of the "Neil Diamond" money. The Chronicle was given an elaborate story and was 'had' by Neil Diamond's people and Chambers County officials.

The FEMA fraud in Chambers County continues...

Check back for an update on this breaking story

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bill Just Can’t Help Himself!

As I was forcefully making myself listen to Bill’s Party Line this morning, the hair began to stand up on the top of my head. Paul Kelly was more or less calling Bill a Liar!

Apparently before the program began, a deal was made that there would not be any personal attacks thrown at Paul concerning a legal issue that he had dealt with in the past.

Paul’s response was that it was a personal issue and that he was not going to address the question.

Then at the end of the program, Paul took Mr. Bill to task. Paul let us all know that the arrangement was that Bill would not hit Paul with questions pertaining to the personal issue.

There are two things that people in this here part of the country cannot stand: One of those things is a LIAR!

Also during the program Paul made reference to the Wal-Mart/Court House Annex/Hospital building being a waste and/or part of poor planning by the County.

Immediately after the program, one of Bill’ on air personalities gave a spill about the Honorable Liberty County Judge having made a statement saying that the county had money already secured for the Wal-Mart project: Including the pending approval of a couple of million dollars in grants.

It was very obvious that Bill and company were poking at Paul Kelly…and it is a further demonstration of the local media bias towards candidates that are outside of the Old-School political loop.

Andy McCreight

Sunday, February 14, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: The New Republican Party

I listened to Meet the Press this morning and now understand why the American people are so anti-establishment.

The Argument seemed to be which Party spends the most money and who is to blame for the economic situation that the United States is in.

The obvious answer to these questions is both Parties. That is why the American people are rising up in revolt. That is why the Tea Party movement has so much support. That is why people are rebelling against the monumental spending that has occurred this year. That is why people are tired of being taxed unmercifully and their money redistributed by politicians who are trying to buy votes in order to remain in political power.

In the past, the Democrat Party was conceived to be the Party of the working person.

In the past the, the Republican Party was conceived to be the Party of the rich.

These conceptual views are no longer what I believe and I think many Americans will concur.

The Democrat Party has morphed into an organization that focuses more on tearing down what America once was and it seems that they will do anything to transform the country into a Socialist-Marxist style of governing. This includes bankrupting the American dream and apparently it does not matter that this movement has and will cause severe economic damage to the average working person in this country.

The Republican Party is changing in the following sense. The average working person is looking for a Party that represents their views. They are looking for a political home. The Republican Party is changing because there is a political upheaval occurring. We the working class are beginning to demand a government that has the central message of Less Government, Less Taxation, and a Strong National Defense.

The working class realizes that in order to have a strong Economy, businesses must grow and prosper. If businesses grow and prosper, we will have jobs thereby providing a financial avenue of personal growth. The working class does understand the basics of economics.

We know that if taxes are levied to the point of taking large percentages of profit from the business world, the economic slowdown that is occurring will continue. We are not stupid and we do not want the government to be the economic engine of the country because we also know that the main object of government is to grow government!

I also am not saying that the Old Republican Party is accepting change out of the goodness of their hearts. What I am saying is that the average everyday working person realizes that the Republican Party most closely represents our views and we are demanding a place at the table.

Conservatives, Tea Party Supporters, Business Leaders and the Working Class are transforming the Republican Party into a coalition of Americans who love this country. We will not allow a transformation of our Capitalist way of life into an economic system that rewards complacency while at the same time penalizes the working class and the business world.

We are the New Republican Party.

Andy McCreight

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Questions- Liberty County DA, Michael Little

We recently posted a story concerning a case filed in Liberty County Courts by a Plaintiff named Mr. Michael Blue- who claims homosexual abuse/rape by Liberty County DA, Michael Little.  Mr. Blue claims Liberty County DA, Michael Little effectively raped him and officially oppressed him.

Some questions from our readers:

1. How many times in Michael Little's career has he voluntarily or involuntarily used sex for trade in his official capacity?
2. Whom else in Michael Little's office has used defendants/prisoners for sex?
3. If the people who work for Michael Little know about his crimes, does Little give them a free pass in their criminal activities? (example- Joe Warren's reported criminal conduct)
4. How many times has the current Liberty County District Clerk, Melody Gilmore rigged grand juries for Michael Little? (Gilmore has illegally refused to comply with current LD open records request)

More questions are coming in and alleged victims are coming forward.

Blue's Liberty County Filings Link

Liberty County Assistant DA, Joe Warren Story


People of Liberty County we have a chance to change the political world of Liberty County and to make an impact on State and National politics.

Recently, at the last Republican Party meeting that I attended there were many people in attendance including Congressman Brady. He answered questions from the audience and to the best of my recollection made the statement that “this whole Region is watching what is going on in Liberty County”.

I think everybody understands that the Obama debacle is what has led all of us to get up off of our rear-ends and pay attention to what is going on in this country. This is a national occurrence that we are involving ourselves in and we (The Conservative Republicans of Liberty County) are going to play a major role in sending a message to BHO, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Landrieu, Nelson, Maxine Waters, Weiner, Boxer, and the other Socialist Leaders of the Democrat Party that we will be sending them walking-papers in the near future. [By the way, I like repeating all of the Socialist Democrat names because we need to remember who they are in upcoming elections.]

One of the last Democrat Party Strongholds in Texas, Liberty County, is being dismembered as we speak. There is talk throughout the county of the rise of the Conservative Republican Tide. The old paradigm that says “I have to run as a Democrat in Liberty County because I cannot win as a Republican” has become nothing but a myth. It has become a Tall Tale of our recent past.

People of Liberty County, it is time for you to step up to the plate. It is time for you to assemble at the voting box, retake your country, and send the Socialist Democrat Party to the political grave yard. It is time to end this Frankenstein-ish experiment!

Please remember that the County Chair Position is decided during the Primary Election Only. So please take the time to go to the polls and cast your vote for the pursuit of Conservative Republicanism in Liberty County during the Primary Election.

Andy McCreight: Candidate for the Liberty County Chair Position.

Dear Editor

I have noticed over the years how Nancy “Pelosi” Archer and John “Edwards” Archer have been big advocates for all that is Democrat, including everything from abortion to big spending and from Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama and everything Democrat in between and their candidates whisper in the corners of public political meetings how there is no relationship between the local Democrat party and the state one and the national one. As absurd as it has been they have actually been able to convince some people …… they are snake oil salesmen and probably could convince people that the foundation of their house has no relationship to the well being of the roof.

I have noticed how they have given a thumb down to trying to clean up election fraud by requiring a picture ID and how they have been quick to minimize discovery of any wrongdoing by those running our local government and they have had their pals in media help them with damage control rather than fix areas that are corrupt.

Over the last 15 years I have noticed how they were very successful at promoting straight ticket party voting until recently and now that Republicans are for the first time outpolling them in straight ticket voting they don’t seem to be as big on it. They now seem to be finally allowing their partners in the media to inform the public about how you can vote for the individual candidate even if you didn’t vote in their primary.

I have noticed, and I hope others have noticed, the Archer’s cozy relationship to their counterpart Lester Wisegerber, and how Republican County Chairman Wisegerber promotes some of their candidates behind the scenes.

You have made a believer out of me. I will vote straight “R” in November. I see no other way to get the people out of the system that are trying to rig the elections to get all of their picks in office.

Awakened Citizen Ready to Vote

Friday, February 12, 2010

Send a GOP E-Card

Dear Fellow Republican,

This Valentine's Day, show the most important Republicans, Democrats and Independents in your life how much they mean to you by sending them a GOP Valentine's E-Card.

Pass along a special message from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi that they didn't craft this Valentine's card behind closed doors like they did with their government-run health care experiment.

Or let President Obama extend your sincerest wishes to a loved one by claiming he's saved or created millions of Valentine's -- just like his party has claimed that the wasteful, pork-filled stimulus bill has created or saved thousands, 1.5 million or 2 million jobs depending on which Obama Administration official you ask.

Choose from 18 different Valentine's E-Cards that the Republican National Committee has creat ed for this very special day. Share them with all your family and friends, especially those Democrats who need to know how you feel about the wrong direction their party is dragging our country.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Democrat Candidates, Sour Grapes...

In a recent edition of the HCN/Cleveland advocate, two candidates have been accused of living outside of Liberty County but signed up to run as 2010 candidates.

One is Democrat candidate, Les Hulsey running for Pct. 2 Constable and the other, Democrat candidate Kenneth Morrison, running for Liberty County Judge.

The following was excerpted from The Cleveland Advocate:

Both Morrison and Hulsey believe that the attempts to de-legitimize their campaigns by saying they don’t meet residency requirements are simply rural politicking.

“It’s my understanding that the Republicans are saying this because they don’t want to face me in the election,” said Morrison.

Hulsey stated that an e-mail that has been circulating accuses him of purchasing his house “simply to meet residency requirements” and that he is being called “a carpetbagger since I’ve only lived here from ‘04.”

What a couple of amateurish and delusional comments, almost a trademark of Democrat candidates. Are these really the type of people we need as elected officials and leaders?

Mr. Morrison, let me help you with your delusion, the Republicans are "NOT" the least bit worried about facing you in "ANY" election..!

Ray Akins, Contributor

*Pervert Texas Attorney, John Stewart Fason - Harris County Sheriff Department Mugshot

In the last two years, convicted of exposing his sexual organ to College Coeds at Rice University in downtown Houston, John Stewart Fason has practiced in Harris County and surrounding counties in the State of Texas.  Fason has complaints against him as he has allegedly used theft, fraud, blackmail, intimidation, lies, extortion, and misrepresentation to get people and has caused himself and his clients to be sued by this behavior.  If you become his client there is a good chance you will be sued by his illegal actions or even criminally indicted.

At this point we are awaiting a statement from the Chief Legal Disciplinary Counsel for the Texas State Bar. We are awaiting a statement concerning the securities fraud of Fason and local courts, attorneys and the indecent exposure conviction of Attorney John Stewart Fason.

Update: John Stewart Fason has a special relationship with the Texas State Bar.  Because of his special relationship with the Texas State Bar he has been able to keep his bar license.  John Fason shows us how the Texas State Bar has been infiltrated by sexual deviants able to practice law in Texas.  The bar in Texas is not a model for any state when they allow people like Fason to practice law in Texas, who knows what else they are allowing.  The Texas State bar appears corrupt and wholly ineffective. A TEXAS CONVICTED PERVERT, PRACTICING LAW IN THE STATE OF TEXAS. 

John S. Fason Texas State Bar listing and photo link

Notice on his Texas State Bar link the corrupt coverup by The Texas Bar stating: "No Public Disciplinary History" after he after he was found guilty of showing his penis to college coeds at Rice University. -OUTRAGEOUS- Proof the Texas State Bar is in fact corrupt!

Corrupt criminal pervert freak as approved by the Texas State Bar!

State Bar of Texas President, Mr. Buck Files
State Bar of Texas
Texas Law Center
1414 Colorado Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Main phone: 512.427.1463
Toll free: 800.204.2222
Main fax: 512.427.4100

Current photo of John Stewart Fason
John Fason Texas Attorney web links: and

Don't get suckered into Fason's rigged online reviews all a front to hide his his sicko perverted acts. Report this pervert to the Texas State Bar, let the bar know they shouldn't allow perverts like this to practice law in Texas or any state.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Let me be the first to tell you, I am not a politician. I am a lawyer who has spent the last 33 years working hard to acquire the legal knowledge and experience required of a District Judge. Moreover, I am a conservative Republican who strongly believes that we must restore a traditional conservative approach to our judicial system; an approach that will ensure consistency in judicial decisions through strict construction and application of our laws. All citizens of Liberty County are entitled to a level playing field when they come to court.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in a small town in New Mexico; however I got to Texas as soon as I could.

My college education was interrupted in 1969 when I entered the U.S. Army. Thirteen (13) months of my service was in Vietnam. Upon my return from Vietnam and after a period of recuperation, I resumed my college work. With the help of the GI Bill and working at nights, I graduated from New Mexico State University, with honors, in 1975.

After college and while my heart was set on law school, I was broke. I worked construction, saved every dime I could save and entered South Texas College of Law in 1977. Once again, I worked my way through law school and graduated from South Texas, cum laude of my class. During law school I received various academic awards, including being named to the Deans Honor List each year.

I started my legal career in 1980 in the law office of Price Daniel, Jr. in Liberty. I have practiced law in Liberty and surrounding Counties for 30 years, and have tried hundreds of criminal, civil and family law cases throughout the State of Texas. I have also successfully argued numerous cases before the Courts of Appeal, including the Supreme Court of Texas.

The mid-term elections in November provide us, as voters, an opportunity to make a statement in support of conservative principles. This is a critical time for America, and I strongly believe that we must act to restore a conservative approach to the affairs of government, starting at the local level. If you agree with me, I am your conservative alternative for Judge of the 75Th District Court and I welcome your support.

Mark Morefield

Mr. Morefield is a distinguished gentleman, Vietnam veteran, attorney extraordinaire and true conservative. Additionally, Liberty Dispatch has endorsed Mr. Morefield as our premium candidate for the Liberty County 75th Judicial District Court. Posted by: Ray Akins, Contributor

EXCLUSIVE: According to court documents, Liberty County DA had sex with prisoner in his office.


Back in 2002 inmate Michael Lynn Blue was sentenced in an apparent plea bargain deal with Liberty County DA, Michael Little.  Blue states that Little offered eight years instead of the fifty years he was given for convictions- for a trade.  In recent filings Blue states that the eight year deal thrust upon him  has come and gone as of October, 2010.  According to Blue's statement as filed in the Liberty County 253rd judicial district court on November 9, 2010 - Michael Little told Blue that if he had oral and anal sex with him, he would receive a reduced sentence.  Next Blue states that behind a guarded door Michael Little inserted his penis in Blue's anus.  According to Blue, Michael Little performed anal and oral sex upon Blue without Blue's permission.  In court papers, Blue states he was sexually assaulted along with official oppression by Michael Little.

The case has not yet been set for the docket as of this date.  Sources state that Mr. Blue has an 85 IQ, the court documents are hand written by one person and blanks filled in by Mr. Blue.

Liberty County Courthouse records indicate Blue's case number as CR24373, Blue's attorney is Katherine Scardino. Oddly, Michael Little has appointed his first assistant district attorney, Anne Streit as the prosecutor. It is surmised that Blue's attorney will petition for the Texas Attorney Generals office to appoint a special prosecutor. There is a clear conflict of interest between Little's office and his underlings defending his actions with Little's possible criminal 'exposure'.  Additionally, a special prosecutor would make referrals for any criminal indictment/s and prosecution of Michael Little.

According to sources, Attorneys and investigators from the ACLU have been investigating this case with great interest.  Other associated allegations have also been leveled against Michael Little.

Michael Little has been the Democrat Liberty County DA since 1983.  Little is at the center of several investigative probes both civil and criminal, state and federal.  Little is a deacon at the 1st Liberty Baptist Church, in Liberty Texas.

We will keep Liberty Dispatch readers posted as this important story progresses.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oak Island, Texas Residents Sing The Fraud Blues

In a breaking news story Liberty Dispatch has learned that sub-contractors hired to help build the Neil Diamond homes in Oak Island aren't being paid for their services. In what at first seemed to be real blessing has turned into a nightmare for the twelve families in Oak Island chosen to receive Neil Diamond homes. The homes were started back before Thanksgiving and the people were promised they would be in them by Christmas. Now no one knows when or if they will get the keys to their new homes. The Chambers County Long Term Recovery Committee were given the responsibility to oversee the building of these twelve homes along with Sarah Cerrone Chambers County grant coordinator. We have heard from one contractor in particular who hasn't received any money although his services were provided long ago. On top of that many of the recipients paid extra for his services and their money never made it to the contractor.

This is a real shame and embarrassment for the honest folks of Chambers County. It appears their elected officials are incapable of being trusted to administrate what was to be a great gift provided by legendary singer Neil Diamond. Liberty Dispatch calls on the FBI to immediately look into this situation before all the money is lost.

COMENTARY: The Party of 'No' will become the Party of 'Go'!

I continue to hear the Socialist President of the United States trying to lure the Leaders of the Republican Party into his political trap. BHO has not abandoned his dream of placing the America people under the thumb of his New Socialist Democratic Party.

The political revolution that occurred in Massachusetts would have had the effect of giving a wake-up call to people who have common sense and a connection to the American people but not this Far-Left bunch.

The New Socialist Democratic Party consisting of BHO, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Sheila Jackson Lee, Chuck Schumer- [Ben Nelson of Nebraska who prostituted himself to BHO for $100,000,000 for his positive vote for the HealthCare Bill] - [Landrieu of the Louisiana Purchase who sold her political soul to BHO for $300,000,000 for her positive vote for the HealthCare Bill] - Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Feinstein, and all of the other Democratic Demagogues seemingly are having trouble reading the Tea Leaves and will soon be leaving the political harbor and returning to private lives where they can no longer transform the American dream into a nightmarish hell.

This American voter wants the Republican Party to continue to do everything it can to delay the implementation of the Far-Left Wing Democratic Agenda upon the American people until the November Elections; allowing the New American Revolution to take root and save the American people from entering a generational political phase of governmental Rule in our daily lives.

Then after we the people take back our country and give ourselves Political Change that we can really believe in, I want the Conservative Republican Party to become the Party of Go! By Go, I mean that I want you to get the Socialist Agenda off of our backs.

I want you to cut taxes. I want you to reduce governmental cost. I want you to give self-determination back to the people. I want you to call a terrorist a terrorist. I want you to keep Guantanamo open and prosecute enemy combatants there and to not give them Constitutional Rights! I want you to provide a Strong National Defense for the people of this Country!

And finally I want you to identify and encourage a Strong Conservative Republican Presidential Candidate who can help us take back the White House.

I want this Conservative Republican Candidate to stand up and say he or she will not bow to foreign leaders and I want this person to say that he or she is proud of our American Heritage.

I am tired of the apologist attitude of the BHO administration.

If it sounds like I am preaching, that is exactly what I am doing! I am a Candidate for the Liberty County Republican Chair and will continue to advocate Conservative Change and Identification of Conservative Republican Candidates after I receive your vote of confidence in the March Primary Elections!

Andy McCreight

Monday, February 8, 2010

More FEMA fraud stories in Chambers County

More news stories will be coming this week concerning Chambers County Officials and alleged conspirators like Artie Presley, Mark Pagels, Darlene Pagels and Theresa Barrett. Chambers County Emergency Director, County Judge, Sheriff, Commissioners, Constables, County Auditor and others are officially under investigation by the Texas Attorney General's office and FBI.

Liberty Dispatch has learned that subpoenas will soon be issued to Chambers County Officials and other related parties.

Stay tuned for this breaking story.

Dear LD, a perspective of the last candidate forum.

At the Cleveland candidate forum a question concerning the unit system for Liberty County was presented to all candidates for Precinct 2. The question was: "Are you familiar with the unit system and if so, what are the advantages and disadvantages"?

Precinct 2 Commissioner Lee Groce, the incumbent, answered that he was familiar with the unit system and began to list the advantages. A more efficient system, greater accountability, better distribution of manpower and equipment, and one appointed engineer to manage the road and bridge maintenance. The only drawback was that the residents of each precinct would lose control of how roads and bridges, mowing and other maintenance would be handled. Excuse me, but the only one losing control by the unit system plan would be the Commissioner of that precinct. His "POWER" would not be as great and he is the one that would lose control. That is the main reason we
have not been able to get the unit system implemented in Liberty County.

The other candidates followed suit with their answers and echoed Mr. Groce's comments showing that they were just following his lead. This is one of the reasons Mr. Groce has stayed in power all these years, by keeping Precinct 2 residents convinced that he is the only one that can get things done.

Marcus Brand was the only candidate to answer that he would have to research the power loss of the residents and then weigh that information into any decisions.

No precinct of Liberty County would be denied any maintenance. It would simply be handled by the Road & Bridge Department engineer in a more fair & efficient manner. The County judge and commissioners would & should simply become the Board of Directors for Liberty County. This will reduce the possibility of corruption and hopefully portray Liberty County in a more positive light.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Republican Party is like a Ship Heavy In Transit.

A Ship Heavy In Transit equates to a slow moving vessel loaded with bulk that restricts reaction to critical situations and the ability to correct its course in order to provide a more streamlined and focused message. I think this is the situation in which the National Democratic Party and the RINOs of the Republican Party have placed themselves.

True believers of the Republican Party Platform and the American Way of Life do believe in Less Government, Individualism, and Personal Responsibility. If this belief remains the true base of the Republican Party, then there will be a tidal wave of new Conservative Candidates elected on the National, State, and Local levels.

The Republican Party is loaded with Republicans In Name Only. This is true of the National Party as well as the Local Party. It is time to replace office holders and candidates who are using the Party Name to further their own political and personal goals instead of attaching themselves to Conservative Issues such as Individualism, Less Government, and Personal Responsibility.

There were at least two Republican Candidates at the Political Forum held in Dayton Texas that stated or insinuated that Political Affiliation did not matter and at the end of the day we were all still friends anyway.

I agree that Friendship and Family ties matter but I do not think that taking a Political Stand on issues should be based upon feelings. I do think that Party Political Beliefs (platforms and stated beliefs) should determine where a person makes their political home.

Therefore, after hearing at least two of the Republican Candidates indicate that Party Affiliations does not matter; I have to question why they are running as Republicans. It also makes me wonder why one of the Candidates bothered swapping from the Democratic Party to the

Republican Party if Political Belief and Party affiliation makes no difference to the voting public.

Republican Party, if you have a doubt as to why a Candidate is running as a Republican, Do Not Vote for that Candidate in the Primary!

I don’t know about you but I am looking to dump the Liberal Democratic Agenda and return to core Conservative Republican Values. Allowing a Republican In Name Only to Triangulate our Party will only serve to minimize the ability to send the Party of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Boxer, Landrieu, Nelson and the rest of the Socialist Democrats back to private pursuits and rid them from being obstacles of the American Dream.

By the way, my understanding of the term “triangulate” as it refers to politics is “the political strategy of taking on your opponent’s issues and making them your own in order to destroy your opposition”.

If we allow the Local Democratic Party to take over the Republican Party by Osmosis, What have we gained?

Candidate for the Liberty County Republican Party Chair:

Andy McCreight

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Liberty Dispatch has learned the property located at 2099 Sam Houston Street in Liberty, Texas owned by Bill and Jana Buchanan has been allegedly undervalued every year for the past ten years. Allegations are that because of Bill Buchanan's influence in Liberty County, Texas with public officials, his taxable values have been intentionally undervalued by Liberty County CAD.

According to Liberty CAD, Buchanan's radio station property is undervalued by almost half that of comparable properties.

Bill and Jana Buchanan, bought the property from Bruce Stratton of the allegedly illegal Liberty Hospital District. It is easy to see the truth behind Buchanan's support for Stratton's Hospital District. He is allegedly beholden to Stratton and the Hospital District.

Cad link to Buchanan's undervalued property which is located across the street from Liberty County CAD.

Property id: 56008
Property name: Buchanan